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11 Free Music Albums: An Ode To The Saxophone [Sound Sunday]

Tina Sieber 02-06-2014

Rock, blues, jazz, electronic music, or hip hop; the saxophone gels with any genre. This edition of Sound Sunday is dedicated to this wonderful instrument. Meet the ultimate refinement to any song.


By the way, if you missed Sound Sunday last week, apologies! This edition accidentally got scheduled for a wrong slot. And so Sound Sunday missed a beat for the first time in over four years.

Rock & Blues

Genre: instrumental, rock, blues, groove, funk, reggae, jazz

You’re listening to the debut EP of Diggin Dirt. The six piece band from Arcata, California spent a week in the desert to record these blues-heavy tunes.

Jazz Metal

Genre: ambient, progressive rock, jazzmetal, progressive metal

Exit Sun revolves worlds beyond stylistic boundaries and conventions. The German band aptly named this EP Welten (worlds). The music is rooted in modern progressive metal, but incorporates elements of jazz, ambient, and rock.
Source: Bandcamp

Funk & Soul

Genre: instrumental, funk, r&b, soul

J.R. Miller, an Illinois-based composer and performer has a deep passion for his art. Drawing from multiple influences to create his best interpretation of beauty, he has developed an eclectic and ever changing style. At the root of The J.R. Miller project is dedication to originality and rhythm, best communicated through FUNK.
Source: Facebook

Electronic Jazz

Genre: electronic, experimental, acoustic, jazz


This music sounded familiar. And sure enough, when I researched the New York-based saxophone player Michael Wilbur, I found Moon Hooch. This band made it into four previous editions of Sound Sunday, including the best free music downloads of 2013, with a single originally featured in a jazz edition Free & Fantastic: 10 Jazz Albums To Download [Sound Sunday] Do you appreciate Jazz? You will after listening to the albums in this edition of Sound Sunday! And if you already like Jazz, you'll love what I have for you this week. Read More .

Genre: electronic, smooth jazz

Ghosting’s smooth jazz sounds were brought to life in Vancouver, Canada.

Genre: ambient, electronica, jazz, nu-jazz

Nu-Jazz in lofi acoustic recordings, inspired by sounds and rhythms from different parts of the world. Sometimes you will remember Miles Davis, Erik Truffaz, Nighthawks, Rob van den Wouw, Manu Katche, Kenny G, Jan Gabarek – well they are heroes – but maybe ctrl-alt-U is that specific acoustic one-shot-sound your are looking for.
Source: Bandcamp

Funky Jazz

Genre: instrumental, experimental, funk, jazz

On a weekend in Mid-October, Cole and Bob met at The Echo Project, a music festival in Atlanta. They soon discovered that they went to the same shows. Eventually, Bob figured out Cole played bass. One fateful day, Bob decided to bring his saxophone over to Cole’s house and jam. Cole brought in Jake so it could go down, and it did. The result is the music above.
Source: Facebook

Jazz & Blues

Genre: jazz, blues


Over the last 2 years, we recorded 10 albums. Music from the series has been downloaded over twenty thousand times. The music has been recorded on a NYC guitar teachers budget. That’s a pizza budget. No grants, lottery/family money, no record deals and without playing anywhere particularly famous. Just wrote a lot of music, worked and recorded it. I’m grateful to share the work we’ve done. Enjoy! And if that’s your cup of tea, you might also enjoy these blues & jazz albums 10 Free Blues & Jazz Albums [Sound Sunday] Sound Sunday is a weekly feature promoting free album downloads. Following last week's excursion into Punk Rock, we return to a more quiet theme this week. This edition explores the different shades of blues and... Read More .
Source: Bandcamp

Electronic Crossover

Genre: electronic, soulful, house, deep house, lounge

Enjoy 7 minutes and 43 seconds of soothing and soulful electronic house, enhanced with a wonderful saxophone. Perfect lounge music made at Redondo Beach, California.

Genre: ambient, electronic, blues, hip hop

Dylan Bussone, also part of the band Sound Cheetah, is a Seattle-based guitarist and producer. Takeoff is a mildly psychedelic ambient electronic music album; the perfect backdrop to relax.

Genre: beatstrumental, electronic, jazz, avant-garde, funk, r&b, soul, hip hop

For Raise It Up, saxophonist, composer, producer, and recording artist Johnny Butler orchestrated multiple digital and real instruments into a “polyphony of overdubbed horns”. Do you know these resources for finding the best jazz music 6 Resources a Jazz Fan Needs to Find The Best Jazz Music Read More , yet?
Source: Bandcamp

The Playlist

Don’t want to listen to all albums separately? Get a taste with the weekly Sound Sunday playlist, featuring only the best song from each album.


Final Question

What is your favorite instrument and do you happen to play it, too?

All comments about this week’s edition and requests welcome. You can also add music to the Sound Sunday Suggestions playlist on minilogs, get in touch with me @TinaSieber on Twitter, or email tina at this domain.

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  1. Ira B
    June 12, 2014 at 2:21 pm

    While I don't have a link, Clarence put out an album in 1985 called Your a Friend of Mine with a song of the same name. He had a great solo sax piece and sung a duet with Jackson Browne.

  2. Ira B
    June 3, 2014 at 3:32 pm

    Truly look forward to Tina's posts, but she has outdone herself with this weeks. Only thing missing is The Big Man Clarence!!!
    Thank you

    • Tina S
      June 6, 2014 at 9:04 pm

      Thank you for the feedback, Ira!

      What should we listen to by The Big Man Clarence? Do you have a link?

  3. Nahla D
    June 3, 2014 at 12:16 pm

    Ze sax sound is alwayz sexy. ;)

  4. Rj
    June 3, 2014 at 6:23 am

    Sound Sunday by Sieber is Super!

    • Tina S
      June 6, 2014 at 9:05 pm

      So satisfied s/he said super 'stead of something silly. :)