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11 Awesome Instagram Tools You Need to Know About

Angela Randall 21-07-2015

Whether you’re making a collage or just wanting to send a friend some super-awesome marshmallows, there are lots of cool Instagram tools waiting for you.


Schedule Grams For Later

So often, you get the idea to upload an Instagram photo, but it’s just not the right time to post it. Enter Latergramme and TakeOff [Broken URL Removed]. They let you set things up ready to go, set a time and get a reminder when it’s time to post.


Sadly, it’s not entirely automatic because Instagram doesn’t seem to want to allow that. However, Latergramme also lets you upload images on the web, so that’s another point in its favor.

Send Instagram Marshmallows

Seriously, this is the coolest, most useless thing I’ve ever seen that you can do with Instagram. Get nine of your Instagram images turned into marshmallows with Boomf and revel in the look on your friend’s face when they receive your gift. Weird, but strangely awesome.

Boomf Instagram Marshmallows


Add Quotes To Images For Instagram

You’ve seen it dozens of times: a blurred out image with an awesome quote over the top. How to get a great one for yourself? Download Instaquote (iOS). Sorted.

Find Nearby Instagrammers to Chat With

A neat use of the Instagram API is this Instachat app, that lets you chat with Instagrammers who are near you geographically, proving once again that Instagram is rapidly becoming its own community. The app is for iOS only at this stage, sorry.


Make a Hyperlapse Video

Instagram itself released an iOS app called Hyperlapse to let you create awesome hyperlapse videos from your longer films. It’s a great way to cram a bit more footage into your 15-second window.



Instagram Photos in Books & Posters

There are so many ways to print your Instagram images, but people forget that they’re available. Print a book, a poster, or get a framed image of your grams. There are so many choices and they’d all make great gifts to yourself or your best friends.


Check out Blurb, Past Book, Social Print Studio, Plaid Print and My Year Printed to get some ideas. They’re all great, so it just depends on what you want for your walls.


Use Web Apps For Easy Viewing & Instagram Stats

As Instagram took the better part of a century to release a web app of their own, hundreds of alternative web apps sprung up in its place. Some are brilliant, some are not.

All of them offer a unique view of your friends’ grams and some useful functionality for following, commenting, liking and viewing hashtags. Check out our favorite Instagram web apps Find The Best Instagram Web Viewer: Your Options Compared Read More .

Make Instagram Collages

So, Instagram etiquette says you can only really post one photo, but you went to a great party and got dozens of photos you can’t choose between? Collage that, stat.



Pick from half a dozen apps to create collages, including Photo Grid Create Beautiful Collages For Instagram With Photo Grid for Android Ah, the coveted Instagram Like. Many of us say we don't care, but it's hard to remain truly blasé in the face of 15 (or 150) Likes on that photo you've uploaded yesterday. Read More (Android), Diptic, Layout Create Easy Photo Collages for Instagram With Layout While there are plenty of ways to create collages without Photoshop, Layout's focus is on simplicity and the ability to share the images quickly with Instagram and Facebook. Read More (Android / iOS) and many more ways to make diptychs and triptychs Create Impressive Diptychs & Triptychs On Your iPhone or iPad Once upon a time, you had to know some Photoshop tricks to create your own diptychs and triptychs. This is no longer the case. Read More . They’re all awesome, so it just depends on what suits you and works on your device.

RePost Other People’s Content

The Repost app actually adds accreditation into the side of the image you are posting, allowing you to credit the original author seamlessly. You can even choose which position the accreditation goes, so it doesn’t cut off the best bit of the image.

Turn Panoramas & Other Pictures Into a Video

If you’ve taken an excellent panorama photo using one of many awesome apps 5 Tips for Taking Panoramic Photos With Your Smartphone Panoramic images of stunning landscapes almost always look marvellous, but they can be extremely difficult to create. Using a smartphone, there are various techniques and tricks which you can employ to get the best results. Read More , you might want to share that on Instagram. But it would look awful cropped or otherwise manipulated into a square shape. What to do? Make a video using Instapan.


That’s not the only tool for making videos out of photos, though. Check out Picflow if you just want to make a video collage of some cool photos you took.

Download Your Pictures

Lastly, if you just want to download all of your Instagram photos quickly, turn to Instaport to sort you out. A couple of clicks and a bit of a wait and you’ll have all your Instagram photos backed up to your hard drive.

What Are Your Favorite Instagram Tools?

There are many more ways to tell creative stories on Instagram 5 Free Apps to Tell Creative Stories on Instagram Sometimes, Instagram's built-in features aren't good enough to tell the story you want to. But there are some innovative third-party apps that let you get creative with Instagram. Read More . These are just the beginning. There are also many other useful tools for viewing Instagram Find The Best Instagram Web Viewer: Your Options Compared Read More and displaying your Instagram feed Top 3 Hashtag Widgets for Instagram Compared If you want to display Instagram photos from a specific user or related to a particular hashtag on your website, you'll want to do it with a widget that is both functional and beautiful. Read More on your website.

Do you know of an awesome Instagram tool not many people know of? Tell us! We need to know.

Image Credits: marshmallows Via Shutterstock

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