11 Awesome, Funny & Informative Tumblr Blogs You Should Be Following

Yaara Lancet 24-04-2012

tumblr blogsTumblr has been around for quite a while, but only recently did I decide to open one of my own. When that happened, I suddenly became more aware, and found that there are fascinating, hilarious and beautiful things hidden in the web in the form of Tumblrs.


What I love about Tumblrs is how lean on text they can be. This way, I can follow multiple blogs, learn new things and get my dose of laughs, and still get my work done on time. If you’re looking for some interesting, inspiring and just plain funny Tumblrs to follow, don’t miss this list. Happy Tumblring!

Lunch Bag Art

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Lunch Bag Art is exactly what it sounds like: brown paper bags with incredible drawings on them. This Tumblr’s information reads: “I draw on my kids’ lunch bags. I’m the dad. I make these during my lunch break“.  Whether this guy truly does this on his lunch break or not, these drawings are simply amazing. The more you browse this blog, the more amazed you will become at what this guy manages to draw on simple paper bags.

If you’re truly in love, there is even a Lunch Bag Art store.


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Microwhat is a Tumblr dedicated to science – the science of microwaving. The brilliant author of Microwhat decided to check what happens to things when they’re microwaved, and then post before and after pictures of every item. Not only that, but he went the extra step and created animated GIFs, which flash back and forth from before to after. Among the items he’s microwaved, you can find a polaroid, Twinkies, a toy buffalo and a watermelon.

This is a truly educational blog, especially if you’ve ever considered doing this yourself (now you don’t have to ruin your own microwave). You can also find some Microwhat posters on Etsy.


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If you love candy, and always try to eat them in small bites so as to discover what’s really inside, you’re going to love Scandybars. This Tumblr includes multiple photos of different candies, all cut lengthwise in the middle and photographed or scanned. It includes everything from Junior Mints to Snickers and Mentos, and you’ll even find interesting candy from all over the world such as a Nestle Princessa from Poland. Yummy.


Awkward Stock Photos

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Moving on to something completely different. Have you ever encountered bizarre and unlikely stock photos in one of the online image banks? If you have, you were probably wondering what in the world these photos can be used for. Well, here is your answer. Awkward Stock Photos is a Tumblr which gives these weird photos meaning. Here you will find a collection of the most bizarre, not useful and awkward stock photos from different image banks around the web. If you find an awkward photo which should be included, you can send a link to the blog.

Warning – some of these photos can be a bit NSFW.

Pretty Colors

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Looking for something else in the screenshot? There is nothing else, just a pretty color. That’s because Pretty colors is a Tumblr dedicated solely to colors. All you’ll find here are squares of colors along with their corresponding Hex codes. You can browse all the colors to look for something you like, or hit the “Random” button to get a random pretty color. This is a great place to find inspiration if you’re trying to design something.

You can also submit your own color using the provided color wheel. So simple, yet so brilliant.

Go Cook Yourself

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This is not your traditional food blog. Go Cook Yourself is a recipe blog Tumblr style, which includes 1-5 images per recipe, and the recipe itself which is composed of simple to follow one-liners. You can browse the blog chronologically, like you would on other Tumblrs, or look for specific recipes by category. Even if you don’t end up actually cooking something, the photos are beautiful and the recipes themselves are eye-catching.


If you’re more into videos, there are some of those too.

Geeky Stuff

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Unfortunately, this Tumblr seems to no longer be maintained, but it’s nevertheless worth your time if you have some to spend. This Tumblr includes all kinds of cool geeky things, from gadgets and dishes to clothes and furniture. It’s one of the best collections I’ve seen of such things, and every single item is a marvel. This could also be a great place to find original gift ideas for your geeky friend.

Personally, I would love for someone to get me the Star Wars cupcake stencil set!

I Spy A Famous Face


Have you always wondered what your favorite actors and actresses really looked like when they were younger? Do you sometimes encounter a now famous face on an old TV show or a classic movie? I Spy A Famous Face is dedicated to finding the famous faces of today in the movies of yore.

Somehow, this blog and its followers not only manage to discover these earlier roles existed, which can be a bit of challenge when dealing with very small roles, but also find pictures to prove it. So not only is this Tumblr great for some fact finding, you can see how these people looked on these older roles, which can be fascinating.

Sad Stuff On The Street


This Tumblr, which is dedicated to things found thrown in the street, is actually a photography Tumblr in disguise. All the photos in this blog are beautiful and touching, each one depicting an artifact which was found sitting alone on a sidewalk or in the street. If it doesn’t sound appealing, I still urge you to check it out. This Tumblr is one of the most surprising finds I had while writing this post. It’s not really sad as the name implies, but simply shows a different perspective of things we tend to overlook on our day to day life. This one is a true gem.

Onion-Like Headlines In Real Life


Do you happen to encounter headlines that are so ridiculous, they might have well been parody? This Tumblrs collects them all in one easy to follow blog. The blog contains headlines from various online sources, and just in case you start thinking these headlines really are too good to be true, you can also click the headline to follow it up to the real source. Believe it or not, these headlines (a least the ones I checked) truly are real.

Don’t miss the one about the texting man who ran into a bear.

WTF QR Codes

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Another must-see Tumblr, which “celebrates the ridiculousness that is QR codes”. This Tumblr includes photos of ridiculously places QR codes from all over the world, along with amusing comments about each photo. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of QR codes or not, the ones you’ll find here are examples of what happens when you put this technology in the wrong hands. Truly hilarious.

Are these not enough? Here is some more Tumblr fun:

Do you know of some more awesome Tumblrs we should check out? Tell us about them in the comments!

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