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100 Things to Do Before I Die: 6 Sites To Create Your Own List

Saikat Basu 26-10-2010

“The Bucket List”, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman go on a road trip. Their milestones are the wish list of things they want to achieve before they “˜kick the bucket’. The movie might have entertained you. But did it make you at least think on the importance of creating your own wish list for life?


The purpose of a bucket list is dead simple – to motivate you to move your butt and go for your dreams. Heck, life is just too short. A bucket list is like a vision statement for your life; so it’s really different from a laundry list. A “˜100 things to do before I die’ musing is more like the master list for your life, with all your achievable and seemingly impossible dreams on it.

How do you make one? With pen, paper, and a clear dreamy mind. Or use these six simple websites which help you come up with bucket list ideas, and then jot down your wish list and share it with the world.


bucket list ideas

These guys got the name before anyone else did. And why not, because the site is all about starting your own bucket lists. You can create an account or login with your Facebook ID. Fill your profile details because it makes you approachable to anyone with a similar wish list item. On, you can make your wish lists more graphic by adding images, videos, links, and notes. Lists can be re-ordered. Bucketlist lets you follow other people’s lists. The real motivation is when you come across someone’s story about a triumph. That’s why when you reach a goal; do add your own story.

43Things [No Longer Available]

my bucket list


Probably the most well known web service in this niche, asks you – What do you want to do with your life? 43Things is well, about 43 things you can dream of achieving. The site says that 43 is the right number of things for a busy person to try to do. The site is full of mundane to-do lists too, but as one of the larger sites you are sure to find your wish reflected here.

The community-based site lets you connect with people of similar goals and there’s a lot to learn in shared experiences. You can also post to your blog from 43Things. The site also has the concept of “˜cheers’ when you like someone’s list, comment, or effort.

Day Zero

my bucket list

If you love deadlines and challenges then you will love what this site is all about. It’s about achieving 101 preset goals in 1001 days (about 2.75 years). The site believes that it’s the wand of time that pushes us forward to achieve the wish lists and defeat procrastination. Using the site’s tools let you add your list and track it across the next three years. You can use an Idea Finder to narrow down your list.


Reaper List

my bucket list

Would you like to do some crazy things before the Grim Reaper rings the doorbell? Put it down on this site which takes a rather fatalistic approach to motivating you. The Grim Reaper is the site’s mascot and he is the one who has the reaper list. The default list length is 30 but if you send in a request it gets an increase.


making a bucket list is a simple site for creating and storing your bucket list ideas. You can add each wish and also write a description like a mini-blog post on it with formatted text, pictures, and symbols. The site still has a small number of users as I found out when searching for other community members with an interest in travel (the most quoted wish).


Super Viva

bucket list ideas

SuperViva is a well designed site and is a place to keep your life list of future goals and past experiences. Straightaway after logging in, you can start building up your list. You can list a goal as a future goal or even add some goals you have already achieved. You can keep your goals organized in lists or arrange them around dimensions like family, fun, spiritual, relationships etc. For each goal, you can add a detailed plan which can include a timeframe, priority, finances, and the effort needed. The site has another little tool which lets you jot down memories of things you would want to remember in later years.

The thing with bucket list ideas is that you may not achieve them all in a single lifetime. To borrow a quote from someone – “Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars.” The stars are the little ones you do achieve. Do you have a bucket list? What do you think of the whole idea?

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