10 Websites For SHORTEST Movie Reviews (on Twitter)

Saikat Basu 17-08-2010

Most of us would just like to get on with the business of movies. Who has the time to read through a wordy critical review of a movie?  But going to watch a movie without a fair idea of how it’s faring has its fair share of dangers, one of it being a wasted ticket. But now Twitter has come to the rescue.


Twitter has already compressed our conversations to 140 characters or less. When we are bending one’s ear with chatter, why not use it to catch which film is worth watching? After all, more than the film critic, it is the man on the street’s take that holds more value sometimes.

There are a host of Twitter based tools that bring us timely movie reviews crammed into a tweet. Here are 10 Twitter based movie review sites that help you catch a show or save you from a washout.

[NO LONGER WORKS] Skinni Popcorn

twitter movie reviews

Skinni Popcorn combines the best of both worlds in a slick interface. Read the overview on a movie and catch What People are Saying on Twitter. The interface is conveniently divided into three sections – Now Showing, Top Box Office, and Most Talked About. Clicking on any of the three sections makes it drop down with the movie listings and the reviews.

Flicktweets [Broken URL Removed]

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Flicktweets scans the Twitter universe and gives you real time buzz on a movie. You also get a short synopsis, and a metric score that comes from their sister site on films – MRQE. The metric score is a film’s quality barometer decided by critics.

If you are interested in expanding on the film review on FlickTweets, you can jump to MRQE for a more thorough look. Flicktweets covers current releases, DVD releases, and film classics.


10 Websites For SHORTEST Movie Reviews (on Twitter) Twitter Movie03

TwitCritics (Beta) is a film and movie review website based on Twitter. It collects tweets on a movie in real time and ranks a movie based on the number of positive or negative tweets it garners. You can filter movies by its positive or negative scores, the buzz it’s generating, and what’s trending now on Twitter. There’s also the search bar to search through any reviews.



reviews on twitter

fflick is another Twitter based movie review site which analyses your friends Twitter feeds to see which movies they are talking about. But it also tells you how a movie is being rated by the general Twitter crowd.

For instance, if you want to catch what celebrity is saying about movies, you can enter the Twitter name and tap into his (or her) Twitter stream. fflick also catches the sentiments for the expected releases which makes it a great source for trailer tipoffs and leaks.


reviews on twitter


You can search Mombo by a movie or actor and find out what’s being ranted about it on Twitter. Mombo uses a sentiment analysis engine to evaluate and rate movies based on the tweets it gets. The site also has a list of movie folks and their Twitter names.


reviews on twitter

TwitFlix catches what moviegoers are saying about a movie on Twitter and then assigns a value from 1 to 100 and creates the overall film rating. Based on this score, you can check both the most popular movies and the least popular one.

MovieCritter [Broken Link Removed]

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MovieCritter also takes in feedback via Twitter and rates movies according to the yeahs and nays. You can use the search engine for a movie, sort from the front page using filters like “˜best’ or “˜worst’, or do an alphabetical listing. Get more information on the movie from Amazon, Wikipedia, or IMDB. Also included are trailers and a link to Fandango for showtimes and tickets.

Film Review Friday

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Send in your own Tweet sized reviews or read what others are saying about a movie. Tweeting in your two bits worth is easy with the website’s hashtag, a score and a quick review. As the site says, you can review any film, anytime and say anything. Each film is also linked to IMDB,, and Amazon.


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TwitMovie brings all movie murmurs on a single page. Behind the scenes, a live feed is fed in from Twitter, trailers from YouTube, ratings and other details from Rotten Tomatoes and Netflix. You can click the ratings buttons to directly add your own say to Twitter. If you really follow a movie, you will also like to click on the News tab which is sourced from Yahoo and Google.


twitter movie reviews

For the user, Blippr is broader in scope than the ones we have covered so far. You get to read and do Tweet-sized micro-reviews on apps, books, games, music, and movies.

Blippr bases its recommendations by learning what you usually watch. For example, you can allow Blippr to connect to your Netflix account. It also connects to your social networks like Facebook and Twitter which can then be used to pass on recommendations to your friends via the reviews you do on Blippr. Blippr gives you the ratings on a movie given by your friends.  Blippr also allows you to create all sorts of lists on your favorites.

So, would you rather follow what the Twitter crowd is saying or lean towards a critic’s movie review of a film before buying the movie ticket?

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