6 Best Websites to Send Free Electronic Valentine Cards
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valentine cardsValentine’s Day seems to just sneak up out of nowhere, and just a day or so before it arrives, you find yourself sitting in traffic suffering from a panic attack because you just realized you forgot get the love of your life even just a simple and thoughtful Valentine card.

Well, stop panicking because MakeUseOf is here to help. So long as you have an Internet connection, you can put together a solution that will turn you from a zero to a hero in no time. The first step is to order flowers as soon as possible. Check out MissyFlowers or Flowers2Mail to start. Once you get the flowers out of the way, it’s time to choose a clever, funny or romantic card to the one that you love.

No more than a few years ago, electronic greeting cards were somewhat cheesy and anyone that received them immediately assumed that the sender was just too cheap or busy to buy the real thing. However, with the advent of social networks, more of the world is adopting the “online life” mentality.

Along with things like instant messaging and updating your social networking “status” – electronic cards have become a very normal part of everyday life. Today, it’s perfectly normal and acceptable to receive your birthday or Valentine cards electronically.

Choosing from Free Electronic Valentine Cards

I scoured the web for only the very best free electronic Valentine Card services available. In some cases, most of the cards were for purchase only, so I threw those out. In other cases, you had to install a toolbar (can you say adware?) in your browser, so I threw those out as well. What’s left is a list of the top free electronic Valentine cards services online. Pick the one that suits your situation, and you can rest assured the card will be high quality and well-received by the person you send it to.


Egreetings is probably one of the best e-card services online. I say this because not only is the website professionally designed and well integrated with Facebook, but because 100% of the site is absolutely free. It’s supported 100% by sponsor ads.


Not only are the cards animated and well designed, but there are also cool features you’ll discover on the site, like the tool that lets you create your own animated e-card complete with your own face integrated into the design, using either an existing picture or with your webcam.

valentine e cards

American Greetings

One of the largest greeting card producers in the world also offers one of the best free electronic Valentine card services that you’ll find anywhere. American Greetings uses the concept of the e-card and really breaks the mold with some of the coolest ideas for an electronic Valentine. One example was an e-card that plays a really funny video of a hamster singing a love song in a low baritone voice – it’s hard to watch this video without laughing.

valentine e cards

Then there’s this Valentine greeting, where you can type in a message, choose the type of voice, and then baby Cupid will say your programmed message to the recipient you send it to – it’s a cute way to get the message across in a way that will make the person you’re in love with smile. Most of the e-cards you’ll find here push the concept of the e-card to the limit – it’s a great site.

valentine e cards


If the person that you want to send the Valentine e-card to has a great sense of humor, you just can’t go wrong with a free FunPunch animated Valentine card. Some of these cards are just hilarious. You’ll find cards with animals reciting or singing the romantic message, fake magazine covers where you can insert a face, or the most popular ones – the stripper-grams where you can insert your own face into the action, what a riot!

free valentine cards


If you or the person the card is for is more of the emotional and romantic type that prefers sentiment over humor, you can’t go wrong with the Valentine’s Day section of 123Greetings. These are e-cards that feature the sort of sweet-talk you’ll find in the cards at your local store, but these also have romantic background music playing as the words slowly scroll down the screen.

free valentine cards

I have to admit, these sort of cards make me gag – but heartfelt, romantic notes aren’t for everyone. If you’re a romantic at heart, these are the e-cards for you.


Another website with the same sort of romantic e-cards is the Valentine’s Day section of DGreetings. While the site design itself leaves a little to be desired, the quality of the cards themselves is actually pretty good. You’ll find flash-based e-Cards that have well-done animated messages and background music that starts on its own and flows well with the message.

free valentine cards

Yahoo Kids

Finally, keeping in mind that kids like to send Valentine’s Day cards too, kids can send free electronic Valentine cards over at Yahoo Kids.

valentine cards

These are a few cute animated cards where kids can quickly fill out names for To: and From: and send off the card via email to any of their friends. It’s an easy way for little kids to get in on the online e-card craze as well. And if you’ve ever seen the excitement on a kid’s face when they receive one of these from a friend, you’ll know it’s a great way to share the love!

Have you ever tried any of these Valentine e-card services? Do you know of any others that are just as good or better? Share your own resources in the comments section below.

Image Credit : Bernhard Aichinger

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    January 21, 2016 at 5:14 pm

    For custom cards, I like to use Lucidpress. It's free and very simple.

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    February 11, 2011 at 6:13 pm

    For some risque adult humour, check out Some E-Cards. I love this site as some of the humour matches my own. But of course you need to be sure that the other person has the same humour and won't be offended. :-)