10 Websites For The Beatles Fan & His Beatlemania

Saikat Basu 25-02-2011

They survived names like “The Crickets”, “Johnny and the Moondogs”, and even “The Silver Beatles” to finally gain recognition as the most popular rock band of all time. From The Beatles has come the craze called “Beatlemania”. Their enduring fame continues to this day, nearly 40 years after they split. Their generation bridging appeal is what has made “The Fab Four” live on either through their songs or through their legend.


Their demigod status probably rivals that of Elvis Presley. On second thoughts, if we take Beatlemania and John Lennon seriously, then The Beatles were “more popular than Jesus now”. That could be taken as heresy, but the fact remains that The Beatles have had a large role to play in pop-culture and setting off the counterculture movement. We hear its tuneful echoes even today.

Beatlemania as a fad is forever. In the 60’s you couldn’t go online to feed it. Now you can, with the help of the web.

The Beatles

beatles fan website

Apple has the rights to sell digital Beatles track and you can find all indications of it on this flagship site. Not all of us will bite into the Apple, so there’s loads of information that you can just browse through. I really like the collage of album covers on the site that links you to all the data on that album. The collage of images is the second place for a nostalgic trip. The films, videos, the articles section and The Beatles fan community should keep you occupied for some time.

The Internet Beatles Album

beatles fan website


No, they haven’t got back together to cut an album for the digital age. The website takes off where the earlier one lets off. Biographical information on The Fab Four and others around the group comes with a few sound clips. For instance, read and hear why Pete Best remained best known as “˜The Fifth Beatle’. The Beatles Recordings page is also a history lesson in itself with lots of track listings and behind the scenes facts.


beatles fan website

This Beatles “˜daily’ is a sister site of the previous one and it helps to keep you in the know with what’s still happening in the name of the group. It appears that it’s lots as the site has dedicated channels on each member of the group and a blog to boot.

Beatles Discography [No Longer Available]

beatles fan website


As the name says, this website is a rich nugget of information on all Beatles songs and albums recorded in their entire history. For instance, you have a day-by-day account from their early Quarrymen days to their disbanding in 1970. Similarly, you can go song-by-song and record-by-record through the years. At the end of all that reading, you can play The Beatles Quiz or get a shot of The Beatles pub trivia.

Beatles Radio

beatles fan club

You will see a lot of commercial links in and around the site, but you can disregard all those and listen to the songs being aired. The audio stream from Beatles Radio is provided free around the world 24/7 to anyone with an Internet connection. A lot of them are also random solos by other artistes mixed with the original recordings. You just have to pick your choice of media player. In the background, there are loads of Beatles Brain Buster quizzes.


beatles fan club


This blog has done the hard work of picking up many Beatles songs that have video clips associated with them. They may be tribute performances, amateur fan videos, or cover songs. You won’t find all of them, but the site has done a great job of collating and indexing Beatles related videos from the many video hosting sites on the web like YouTube and Metacafe.

John Lennon

beatles fan club

You can have a slight idea of John Lennon’s popularity by looking the member count of this site’s Facebook group. The official website documents the life and work of The Beatles singer-songwriter.  Browse through news, John Lennon’s biography, slideshow of images, few videos, an awaiting drawings section, and the discography. Access to The John Lennon Universe which charts his life on a timeline is “˜access denied’ until you buy a product.

The official sites of the other band members are :


Paul McCartney
George Harrison
Ringo Starr

Beatle Money

websites for beatles fans

You can take your Beatles fan fervor to the next level by sifting through what each of the Fab Four spent, and other interesting nuggets of information (Like Aunt Mimi’s remark – “the guitar’s all right for a hobby, John, but it won’t earn you any money”). The What if The Beatles Had Released Albums in the 70’s makes interesting reading.

Beatles Lane

10 Websites For The Beatles Fan & His Beatlemania Beatles09

This is a nicely compiled fan site with videos, articles, quotes from The Fab Four, wallpapers, and avatars for download. You can play a lot of embedded audio files from their albums on the site and admire John Lennon’s witticism on the quotes page.

Charting The Beatles [Broken URL Removed]

beatles fan website

I am not sure how this collaborative project will end up as it is still at the starter blocks. It sounds interesting when you think about exploring the music of the Beatles through information graphics. The small public Flickr group and the infographic samples make for an interesting browse.

The best way to feed your Beatlemania is through their songs. These websites help to fan the flames. Then, we have already covered some ground with you music lovers with these posts:

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Let us know if you are a Beatles fan and what online Beatles resources you know of.

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    Here's a great site for Beatles movies, documentaries, cartoons, interviews, TV shows, and more.

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      Are you a Beatles fan, Aibek :)

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        not a die hard fan, but they are definitely one of my favorite bands.

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    Two great sites for original and exclusive Beatles news, not just links to other sites: and

  6. ificandream
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    Two great sites for original and exclusive Beatles news, not just links to other sites: and

  7. Buy Beatles
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    Some great links there. I especially like Beatles Money and Beatles Lane :)

    • Saikat Basu
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      It's amazing isn't it that The Beatles legend continues to generate so much of appeal even today.