10 Ways to Make Your Firefox New Tab Page Gorgeous

Sandy Writtenhouse 14-07-2016

When you open a new tab in Firefox, what do you currently see? If you are looking for a unique as well as a useful replacement for your new tab page, then take a peek at these 10 awesome options. From customizable links to tasks and weather to photos that inspire, these extensions provide function along with beauty.



Speed Dial FVD

For a flexible, attractive, and customizable new tab option, Speed Dial FVD has it all. Not only does it provide you with the links you need along with a search box, but it allows you to quickly navigate to other options such as recently closed, most visited, and popular websites.


With settings that you can completely personalize, you will actually have fun customizing this tool. It includes default modules, enabling and disabling of buttons, icons, and menus, background colors and local photo upload ability, sync and backup options, and much more.

If you are looking for a new tab page that you can totally control with nice flexibility, check out Speed Dial FVD.


With so many customizable options, lets you have a great new tab experience. You can add or import bookmarks and feeds or browse through the available widgets. From notes, email, and a calendar to widgets for specific sources for news and entertainment, there is a large selection. You can use drag-and-drop to rearrange the widgets, customize their settings, choose a background for the page, and adjust the layout.

FFStartMe is a definite favorite because it is available for and syncs with all browsers Quick and Easy Safari and Opera Start Page Customization When setting up your start page, do you like to keep it basic or do you like all of the bells and whistles? Here are some tips for default pages and more options. Read More . Did you decide to do a recent browser switch from Chrome 10 Most Productive New Tab Extensions For Google Chrome When you start a new tab in a browser, are you looking to go somewhere or are you looking for information to come to you? Google Chrome has many extensions to make it productive. Read More to Firefox? Or, maybe you use a Windows machine at home and a Mac at work?

No matter which browser you use, you can sign into and get everything you need.


Live Start Page LST

Live Start Page LST offers an appealing and useful option for your new tab page. With live and static background options, links to popular websites, local weather, and a task list widget, this one has a little of everything all in one package.


There is a good selection of backgrounds to choose from and you can change from one to another easily. Customization options are quite flexible for the clock, weather, tasks, and speed dial features. You can even enable a meditation button and when clicked, start a relaxing session.

Live Start Page LST is an impressive and functional option for your new tab page.


New Tab Tools

New Tab Tools is similar to the default Firefox new tab page, but allows for some helpful customizations 7 Great Customization Add-ons for Firefox Whether you use Firefox for work or pleasure, add-ons help tailor your browser experience just for you. These customization add-ons provide a new look as well as a personalized way to use Firefox. Read More . The display is simple with links to websites in a grid format and access to downloads, bookmarks, history, and add-ons in a self-contained launcher bar.


The personalization comes with adding links to you the sites you want, rearranging them, and adjusting the numbers of columns and rows, the grid margins and spacing, and the text size. You are also able to choose the location for the launcher bar and pick your own background image.

So, if you like the layout of the default new tab page in Firefox, but just need a little more customization 6 Customization Tricks Only Possible In Firefox Firefox is a great browsers for many reasons, but one of the most important reasons is how it can be customized. Here are a few important tricks that prove you should be using Firefox. Read More , New Tab Tools works.


New metroTab [No Longer Available]

For those fans of the Windows 8 tiles for viewing applications, New metroTab gives you the same look for your new tab page. You can use your arrows or mouse wheel to scroll across the screen to view all of the tiles. After installing the extension, you will see many built-in options including popular websites and applications, but these can of course be edited.


You can customize the background and color scheme, change tile labels, sizes, and names, and remove those you do not need. Just right-click on any tile to pull up the menu of options from the bottom.

For both usefulness and a new tab page that suits your style, New metroTab is a great choice.

TabTrekker [No Longer Available]

If you appreciate gorgeous photographs of destinations worldwide as well as brief information for your own location, TabTrekker is a wonderful new tab option. Not only will you see amazing photos, but can customize the rest of the basic features as well.


You can enable or disable the displays of your local time and its format, your local weather, the search box, the default search engine, and the menu of your most visited sites.

For both simple details and spectacular views, TabTrekker gives you a visually inspiring new tab tool.

WiinkZ New-Tab [No Longer Available]

Another super tool with beautiful photos and useful features is WiinkZ New-Tab. Similar to TabTrekker, this extension displays fantastic photographs as the background. However, WiinkZ New-Tab offers more functionality that is easily customizable.


You can easily see your local time and temperature, but also have quick links to handy information. News, deals, movies, music, and other helpful links are displayed across the top. Beneath the search box are links to popular sites along with the option to add more. There is also a convenient section for tasks, different background themes, and a section to enable or disable certain display options.

Overall, WiinkZ New-Tab is sleek and functional.

Weekend Getaway [No Longer Available]

Weekend Getaway is a unique new tab option, in that it gives you amazing photographs and provides travel information at the same time. You begin using this extension by entering your departure airport and then pick how many destination options you would like to see from one to four. These settings can be changed later.


Then, when you open a new tab you will see destination options from your airport that include the locations, prices, dates, and links to view additional information. The destinations change each time you open a new tab and the details are provided by Tripcombi.

For those who love to travel and discover different locations around the world, Weekend Getaway is a cool new tab tool.

Dribbble New Tab [No Longer Available]

For designers and those who love graphics, Dribbble New Tab is the tool for you. Each time you open a new tab you will see an array of images from talented artists on Dribble.


You can click on any image that interests you and be taken directly to it on Dribbble for further details. While this new tab option may not contain widgets or weather, it is a terrific option for graphic designers and artists, especially those who view, connect on, and use Dribbble.

Moment [No Longer Available]

For Firefox users who prefer simple, clean, basic new tab pages then Moment is one to check out. This extension provides the time, date, and local weather forecast with a plain background.


You can click for full weather conditions and a forecast, which will direct you to the Weather Underground website. Moment allows you to customize a few of the options including the background and text colors, time and weather formats, and you can include a custom style sheet if you like.

Again, for those who enjoy a new tab page without the fluff, Moment delivers.

What Will Your New Tabs Look Like?

Do you like completely functional new tab Make New Firefox Tabs More Useful With These Add-Ons We all like to customize our things – it’s nice when they feel really ours. This is true for many aspects in life, and naturally, doesn’t skip computers, phones and software. If it’s possible to... Read More pages or do you prefer those that simply inspire? Or, maybe you enjoy a nice mix of both 4 Ways to Brighten Up Your Mozilla Firefox Start Page You can customize Firefox down to the tiniest detail. That includes giving the start page and new tab page a makeover and making them more useful. Read More ?

Each of these super Firefox tools gives you functional as well as attractive new tab options, so there is one for every taste and preference. If you have a different new tab tool that you think is awesome, please share it in the comments below!

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  1. Anonymous
    July 17, 2016 at 4:00 pm

    10 ways to emphasize eye candy over function. People load up their start page with all kinds of glitz, extensions and add-ons and then wonder how come Firefox is SOOOO slow and takes up so much memory.

  2. Warrinj
    July 15, 2016 at 7:35 pm

    Agree completely with Matt about Symbaloo. Been using for enough years that I rarely put anything in bookmarks now except archive-like stuff. Usable and frequently-used sites get put on symbaloo tiles in my own tabs. Their company and canned tiles seem strongly oriented to elementary/secondary education professionals but the flexibility of symbaloo should allow easy use for any mix of interests.

    Artsy? Definitely not. Comfortable? Very.

  3. Anonymous
    July 15, 2016 at 1:20 am

    I set my homepage and new tab page to about:blank, and it's GORGEOUS.

  4. Matt
    July 14, 2016 at 7:21 pm

    Using Symbaloo for ages now - it's worth a look, too.

    • Sandy Writtenhouse
      July 14, 2016 at 7:36 pm

      Hi Matt,

      Thanks for the suggestion; Symbaloo looks pretty cool. It's great that you can add tabs for Webmixes, which is one reason I really like Speed Dial FVD because I can create my own groups, add links, and just pop right over to them.

      Symbaloo also has a nice display. You can add tons of tiles, but they are small so it's not overwhelming.

      Thank you again for your suggestion and comment!


      • Matt
        July 14, 2016 at 8:17 pm

        Nice rounding up :)
        I chose Symbaloo back then because at work only IE was allowed, I couldn't sync FF or Chrome bookmarks. With Symbaloo I could have everything exactly as needed on several computers. I also stopped using bookmarks at that time.
        Nowadays there wouldn't be the need for using a start page anymore, but the habit stuck :) And besides my collection in Symbaloo is quite big after all the time, as you said the tab feature is brilliant, as well as the simplicity. You can also customize the logos of the tiles, but I'm rarely doing that anymore.
        I'm much more phone oriented today, but all my desktop/laptop browsers are still starting up with Symbaloo, Gmail, Gcal, Gkeep and Inoreader tabs.