10 Unique Live Webcam Feeds To Watch Around The World

Saikat Basu 27-09-2011

webcams live onlineBig Brother’s eyes are everywhere thanks to remote cameras and related intrusive technologies. You can spot them at street corners and hanging from metallic arms on almost every building these days. Webcams are robotic eyes capturing our lives in frames. Thankfully, it’s not a Truman Show just yet.


Remote webcams peeping into your lives may make you go all choleric, but when they point at some fascinating places around the world, they can make you gawk.  Real-time webcam feeds that capture unique events (or non-events) always prick our interest because there’s something in our psyche that makes us want to be voyeurs.

So, here are ten remote webcam feeds from around the world that may make you switch off your TV for a while.

Times Square Cam

webcams live online

EarthCam is a network of real-time remote webcam feeds from around the world. We will be featuring a few more from this site, but for now check out the camera angles on view that capture Times Square. A few of the webcam captures are in HD. Unfortunately, the best one on view wouldn’t run on my browser because of lack of broadband speed. Maybe, inspired by the screen above you can try it out on yours. It should make for great viewing in Christmas Eve.

AuroMAX LIve

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Put down the Aurora Borealis as a must-see sight in your wish list if you have one. Most of us won’t be able to make the journey to the northern latitudes in this lifetime. So, the live feed from the AuroraMAX Observatory could the best alternative solution. The live feed starts after dusk and it updates every ten seconds. You need to have Apple QuickTime to view the feed in your browser. You can also catch the previous auroras by checking out the saved camera feeds in the archives.

South Pole Webcam

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One of the remotest of the remote webcams also brings you the spectacular sight of Aurora Australis or Southern Lights. The camera is now disabled because of extreme temperatures on the South Pole, but if it’s anything like the accompanying video, then this is a definite must-see. The webcam feed is part of the United States Antarctic Program. Live images will commence from November onwards.

David’s Ghost Cams

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For both ghost-spotters and Ghostbusters, this could be a dress rehearsal for the real thing. These are 7 live webcams set up in a 100+ year old Victorian house attempting to capture evidence of a haunting. All this while I thought you couldn’t capture a real ghost on film. Guess I was wrong as there are some exclamations in the comments as watchers report some ‘sightings’. Try to spot your own ghost – you will need oodles of patience – as camera run 24 x 7 and 365 days a year.

Ground Zero

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We return to EarthCam and New York with this webcam looking over Ground Zero. You can see the construction progress for the towers and catch a few sights like the Tribute in Lights. The camera pans around to capture the Manhattan skyline.

The Panama Canal

live webcams


The remote webcam feed on the Panama Canal is a bit erratic at times as the frame rate is slow, but you can still make out the hustle and bustle at the lock gates (Miraflores & Gatun Locks). It’s actually more fun when a ship enters the canal.

Bonaire Marine Park

live webcams

This is an underwater remote camera which brings you images from the marine park located in the Caribbean. You can select your refresh rate (lowest being 2 seconds) and watch a real-time feed of marine life. This camera is located at a depth of 15 meters on the drop off at the dive site called “Something Special”.

London 2012

10 Unique Live Webcam Feeds To Watch Around The World webcam08


You can catch the almost real time update on how London is faring with the preparations for the 2012 Olympics. It’s not a frame by frame feedback, but the constantly updated webcam feed is close enough to real-time. Also, check out the time-lapse video to see the Olympic village is coming up.

Niagara Falls

10 Unique Live Webcam Feeds To Watch Around The World webcam09

You can hear the wondrous roar of the falls even before the webcam feed buffers and runs. The remote webcam is located high above Niagara Falls in the Fallsview District and is pointed directly towards the massive Horseshoe Falls on the Ontario, on the Canada side.

Abbey Road [Broken Link Removed]

webcams live online

Abbey Road is probably the second most famous British street address after 10 Downing Street. This iconic address will forever be connected to the Beatles. If you are a fan, you will appreciate it because the group recorded most of their songs from here. This still functioning and still famous studio is a permanent tourist fixture. So is the 24 x 7 live webcam feed.

The following remote webcam feeds help me become a virtual tourist for a few minutes. I can ‘drop in’ anytime and satisfy my curiosity. These webcam feeds are definitely not all…as today you have camera everywhere giving us a glimpses of life in every corner of the world. Browse our previous two posts on some cool locations covered by remote webcams –

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You don’t have to watch them when you are bored. They can be fun and interesting just like that. Do you agree? Which is your favorite remote webcam location?

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  1. Elizabeth Battleree
    September 30, 2011 at 5:22 pm

    This is fantastic - I think often people mistake free live webcams as just being xxx material, webcams are such an awesome tool. Thanks for sharing!

    I remember when there was a webcam in an eagle's next and also a webcam in a lion's cub cage. Loved them.

    • Saikat Basu
      September 30, 2011 at 7:30 pm

      The ones you mention are great for kids too as you can keep them engrossed while you slip away to do the chores :)