10 Successful Kickstarter Projects In 2013 For Our Everyday Lives

Nancy Messieh 17-12-2013

In 2012, a total amount of $319,786,629 was pledged on Kickstarter, with over 18,000 projects successfully funded. While the stats have yet to be released, we imagine 2013 will be even better. With some projects raking in as much as $2.3 million, there has been much success to be had on the crowd-funding platform.


In no particular order, we’ve selected 10 of our favourite Kickstarter gadgets that are affordable, and that can make a difference in your everyday lives.


Goal: $100,000 | Total Amount Pledged: $260,453


Transporter was one of the first success stories of 2013, completing its funding last January. Included in one of our Kickstarter roundups of 2012, the slick looking gadget gives you  the best of both worlds — it grants you instant online access to offline storage. Transporter brings the best of external hard drives and cloud storage services like Dropbox, but makes it even easier to use, and best of all, it’s completely private. You’re not dependent on a third-party to back up your life’s memories.

To find out more about how Transporter works, check out the video below:


Not only was Transporter successfully funded, it’s also available for purchase, with the basic version costing just $99.


Goal: $15,000 | Total Amount Pledged: $293,014


Have you ever found yourself wishing that your car keys had a bluetooth signal making it easy to find them when they’re sitting under a pile of clothes, books, or whatever else you happened to have tossed on top of them? With Chipolo, finding your car keys, or anything else that you tend to misplace, is as easy as clicking a button. This is clearly a problem many people identify with since Chipolo exceeded its original funding goal by a whopping $278,000.


The simple little disc that is Chipolo can be attached to just about anything – your bag, keys, laptop case, or more. Chipolo’s makers even recommend hooking one onto your pet’s collar. If you misplace whatever it is that you’ve hooked the Chiopolo to, you can use the Android or iOS app to find it by making the gadget beep. If your Chipolo goes out of range, the app will notify you.

To find out more about how it works, check out the video below:

The product will be available for shipping by next February, but you can head over and order yours now. One Chipolo will set you back 24€ (approx. $33).


Goal: $50,000 | Total Amount Pledged: $454,976



WigWag takes the concept of automating your life to a whole new level. Think of it as IFTTT for your entire life. With a small device in your home, you can automate when your lights come on and off, when to adjust the heat in your home, or when to shut your garage door.  WigWag can even notify if someone is trying to break into your home when you’re not there.

WigWag monitors your environment and makes it “intelligent,” using a sensor that reacts to changes in that environment. For $59.99 you can pre-order a WigWag sensor block, which should ship in early 2014.

To find out more about WigWag, check out the video below:


There are quite a few different products on their website, so if you plan to pre-order, read carefully to understand exactly what you’re purchasing, and if you’re getting a few items, be sure to purchase a kit so it ends up being a little bit cheaper.


Goal: $120,000  Total Amount Pledged: $127,228


For a serious cycler, investing in a decent bike lock is not something to be scoffed at. It was only a matter of time before someone came up with a bicycle lock that does away with the need to memorize a lock combination, or one where you’re constantly worrying you’ll lose the key. BitLock ensures that no matter what happens, you’ll always have a way to unlock your bike — as long as you have your phone. You don’t even have to pull your Android or iOS phone out– the bike lock senses when you’re within 3 feet of your bike, and locks or unlocks itself accordingly. You can also lock and unlock it using the BitLock app, while the app stores your bike location with GPS, so you’ll never forget where you parked. It also records your biking habits, letting you know how many calories you burned and how many miles you’ve cycled.

What’s really cool about BitLock is that you can also create a bike-share system with your friends, giving them access so that they can unlock BitLock with their phones as well. (If you’re going to go with BitLock, you might also want to invest in a case that charges your phone — just in case!)

To find out more about BitLock, check out the video below:

You can pre-order the BitLock now for $119, and it ships in August 2014.


Goal: $60,000 | Total Amount Pledged: $79,024


Fuse gives your car a voice. That’s how one of its cofounders, Phil Windley explains the little gadget that plugs itself into your car’s data port. With the accompanying app, you’ll be able to access information about the car’s location, its odometer, fuel, and much more. Fuse goes much further than just giving you access to this data. It helps you make use of this data. With the app and gadget, you can manage your fuel costs, keep track of car maintenance, and as it learns your driving habits, it can even send out a message to someone you’re picking up so they know you’re on your way, and you don’t have to text and drive.

To find out more about Fuse, check out the video below:

Fuse is available for pre-order, and is shipping next March. If you order now, you can avail the early bird’s $40 off the original $199 price.


Goal: $30,000 | Total Amount Pledged: $2,344,134


Possibly one of the biggest success stories of 2013 on Kickstarter, 3Doodler really speaks to the next big thing in tech: 3D printing. Bringing the technology into your homes in the form of something as familiar as a pen — it’s no wonder the Kickstarter campaign literally raised millions. Anything that you can draw with your pen, can be printed in 3D.

It works by placing a piece of plastic in one end of the pen, and anything you draw will be created in its 3D format using that plastic.

To find out more about 3Doodler, check out the video below:

3Doodler is available for pre-order, with an estimated shipping date of February 2014. The pen, plus 50 strands of plastic, will cost you $99. Additional packs of 25 strands cost $9.99.


Goal: $69,000 | Total Amount Pledged: $1,229,074

Like Transporter, Lima aims to solve the problem of where to store your data. The little gadget is described as the “common memory” of all your devices. So if you take a photo on your phone, it’s accessible on your computer, tablet, or any other wi-fi enabled gadget, without having to manually copy, send or share it. Lima works by connecting to your Internet connection using an ethernet cable, and to an external hard drive. The amount of space you have access to is limited by your external hard drive. Files can be streamed directly off the Internet, or you can select specific files for offline viewing.

To find out more about how Lima works, check out the video below:

Lima isn’t available for pre-order yet, but you can sign up to be notified [Broken URL Removed] when it will be here.

Sesame Ring

Goal: of $5,000 | Total Amount Pledged: $19,120


Sesame Ring is only available to public transport users in Boston. Rather than have to fish around in your bag for your pass, why not wear it on your hand instead. If you take any sort of public transport that requires a pass, you’ll definitely understand the need for the Sesame Ring. It could mean the difference between watching a train pull out of a station or being on that train. You can even choose your own design for the ring to personalize it a little bit.

To find out more about the Sesame Ring, watch the video below:

They aren’t currently taking orders, but you can sign up to find out when they will here.

Smart Herb Garden

Goal: $75,000 | Total Amount Pledged: $625,851


With a starter kit of the Smart Herb Garden you can grown basil, lemon balm and thyme with very little effort. With the Smart Herb Garden you can also grow strawberries, mini tomatoes and more. So how does it work? Smart Herb Garden does all the work for you. So if you want to grow your own tomatoes, all you need to do is add water to your Smartpot, plug it in, and let the tech do the work for you.

If you’d rather grow some pretty flowers to brighten up your room or office, that’s an option too. The Smart Herb Garden comes with the lighting technology needed to make your plants grow. If your home or office gets good sunlight, you could always opt for the Smartpot instead.

To find out more about how the product works, check out the video below:

You can order a Smartpot starter kit or a Smart Herb Garden each for $79.


Goal: $20,000  | Total Amount Pledged: $46,293


If there’s one thing we can all probably relate to — it’s the agony of waking up to the sound of the alarm early in the morning. Baboomi aims to make that experience a little more enjoyable. The alarm clock  “focuses on waking you up comfortably, instead of ruining your morning.” Rather than using a loud beeping noise, the alarm clock wakes you up using subsonic waves. Simply place the alarm under your pillow, and it will wake only you. Your partner sleeping next to you won’t be woken up by it.

To find out more about Baboomi check out the video below:

You can pre-order Baboomi through Indiegogo, and the product will ship in April, 2014.

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