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10 Social Media Accounts Every Food Lover Should Follow

Yaara Lancet 02-10-2013

Do you like food? Do you use social media? Ever thought of combining the two in a bowl, transferring to a pan on medium heat and tasting the results?


Of course you have. But like a good supermarket, social media is literally flooded with foodie accounts, and unless you tackle the task with a list, you’ll end up getting more than you’ve bargained for. Yes, there are many foodie accounts out there. Follow the ones below and you won’t be sorry.

@SeriousEats on Twitter

Serious Eats is a well-known foodie website, and its Twitter account is a great way to follow the various articles, recipes and food news posted on the website. Using short and sweet tweets accompanied by links to, you’ll get just the right dose of foodie from every tweet. What’s great about @SeriousEats is that it’s not just about recipes. Follow this account, and you’ll be in for some seriously interesting tidbits, all related somehow to food.

@Cookbook on Twitter

Can you squeeze an entire recipe into 140 characters? Most of us can barely squeeze a single thought, and yet @Cookbook is full of such recipes, all written within Twitter’s character limit. I had my doubts about @Cookbook when I first saw it, but was quickly swept away by the tweets intriguing nature. These are actually full recipes, but in order to use them, you have to decode them!

Not everyone manages to publish an actual cook book in Twitter form. Maureen Evans, the owner of this account, has done this: Eat Tweet is a real cookbook based on this account, but you don’t have to rush and buy it. The Twitter account is full of delicious recipes for free. Every once in a while, Maureen also tweets some nice images of the results, so it’s not all in unintelligible code. The account is not as active as it used to be, but new recipes are still posted every once in a while.

@Foodimentary on Twitter

If you love random facts, Foodimentary is going to be your new favorite account. Did you know that September 29 is national Mocha day in the US? And that cupcakes were originally baked in porcelain tea cups, and that’s where they get their name from? Foodimentary, run by John-Bryan Hopkins, is a fascinating Twitter account with an accompanying website where you can get even more interesting facts. Follow this account if you love food, you won’t be sorry.


The Pioneer Woman on Instagram


The Pioneer Woman, or Ree Drummond, started a while back with her own food blog about cooking in the American outback. She’s been around for quite a while, and even got her own show on Food Network, but she’s still a great source for all kinds of recipes, as well as home and garden tips, homeschooling tips, and more.

Her Instagram account is mainly about food. You won’t find many recipes here, but you will find gorgeous food photos, as well as a glimpse into Ree Drummond’s personal life.

David Lebovitz on Instagram



David Lebovitz is a chef and a baker who has written several cook books, and is now living the good life in Paris, bringing you on for the ride. The account includes photos of everything from veal tartare and profiteroles to hot dogs and Corn Chex. And lest we forget the chocolate gorilla. If you love gawking at food of all kinds, this is one Instagram account you don’t want to miss.

Farmet on Instagram


Farmert is not your usual foodie Instagram account. You won’t find many photos of cakes, burgers and milkshakes here, but rather interesting photos of fresh vegetables and the places they grow in. Farmert belongs to Tucker Taylor, who describes himself as a “culinary gardener”. He doesn’t say much, but most of his photos require no words. Farmert is a great place to experience the origins of food. And the best part? You won’t find yourself craving unhealthy food when you’re done!

MidtownLunchla on Instagram



Not all of us are cooks and connoisseurs. What do you do if you can’t cook to save your life, but aren’t made of money? Go for cheap street food, of course. And this is what Midtown Lunch is all about. Zach Brookes, the owner of the account and the corresponding website, is eating his way through LA one lunch hour at a time, and is sharing his experiences. The account includes beautiful pictures of any type of street food you can think of, and more. It’s truly mouthwatering.

A Spicy Perspective on Pinterest


Pinterest is a great place for foodies, and A Spicy Perspective is a one stop shop for everything a foodie needs. The account includes over 60 boards, and while not all of them are about food, at least a third of them are. You’ll find a board for pasta, a board for salads, boards for soups, for drinks, for breakfast. There’s even a board for recipes with 5 ingredients or less. Most of the pins lead to complete recipes, which makes this an amazing source of inspiration if you’re looking for something easy to make.

Daniel Bear Hunley on Pinterest



Who said Pinterest is just for women? It’s not, and Daniel Bear Hunly is just one proof of this. Daniel has almost 40 boards on his account, and while only several are related to food, these are definitely worth a follow. The Gastro board is chock full of interesting photos and recipes, and the Spirits board is brimming with original drink ideas.

In addition to food, you’ll find boards about typography, branding, packaging, t-shirts, and even technology. This is a great account to follow if you’re not sure about Pinterest and are looking for a good place to start.

c a r O l i n a on Pinterest


I’m not sure why carOlina needs to use only a capital O in everything, but if you’re willing to overlook this annoying habit, you’re in for a beautiful treat. There are 35 boards to choose from, but the biggest one by far is the one called “t a s t e”. The photos are curated from many sources on the Web, but they share a very specific style, and are all beautiful and tempting. You’ll find mainly desserts here, and ones that will definitely impress your friends if you try to make them.

There are additional food boards dedicated to ice-cream, candy, drinks, berries, and more, as well as non-foodie boards. All the boards share the same clean and bright style.

Over Already?

Not by a long shot. This is only a taste of the many dishes you can find out there. And social networks are not the only place to look.

If photos are not enough, check out these great websites that offer videos recipes 8 Cooking Websites With Video Recipes for Tasty Visual Tips Read More to boot. You can also use the Web to get ready for Halloween with these creepy Halloween recipes 10 Brilliant But Creepy Halloween Recipes To Spook Out Your Friends Halloween may not be for everyone, but it’s certainly a holiday where most people have fun and why shouldn’t you? If you’re not so keen on the idea of wearing funky costumes, how about trying... Read More . And if you want to start your own foodie account and share your own food photos, you don’t want to miss these food-sharing websites 5 Places to Find and Share Mouthwatering Food Photos We all have that one person on our Facebook friend's list or Twitter who snaps a photo of just about every meal they eat. That can be annoying. Taking gorgeous photos of beautifully cooked food... Read More .

Which excellent foodie accounts do you follow and where? Tell us all about them below.

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