10 Snowboarding Wallpapers That Are Cool In More Ways Than One

Erez Zukerman 20-07-2012

snowboarding wallpaperI can think of few sports that are as dramatic and acrobatic as snowboarding. I know it’s a winter sport and this is summertime (at least for most of us) – but really, what summer sports are as cool? There are fewer things more impressive than a snowboarder in flight, and the majestic snowy mountains that serve as backdrops for many of these shots only heighten the sense of space and freedom. If you’re stuck in front of a screen, one of these snowboarding wallpapers might serve as a handy reminder for the powdery world that awaits you on the slopes.


In researching this post, I’ve stumbled upon an amazing resource called Transworld Snowboarding. It’s a blog that has a huge series of snowboarding-themed wallpaper posts called Wallpaper Wednesday, so if you find yourself craving more after these few, just hop over there.

Apart from two wallpapers from Transworld, I’ve sourced everything else from deviantArt and Flickr, to be positive that I credit the right creators. Not all images are expressly sized as wallpapers (i.e, you may have some black bars or cropping to do), but all of them are large enough to take up most of your desktop.

Shaun McKay, by Photographer Andy Wright

snowboarding wallpaper

I’d like to set the bar high by starting off with this striking image from Transworld Snowboarding’s Canadian-themed Wallpaper Wednesday column. I can only imagine the landing for this one.


snowboarding wallpaper desktop


Snowboard by deviantArt user Chilorastaroots takes things in a different direction: Still lots of air and space, but this one’s an illustration. Beautiful vector work.

Screw Bindings

snowboarding wallpaper desktop

Screw Bindings by deviantArt user “cooley” explores the age-old question of what it’s like to be a crazy lion-squirrel hybrid tearing through the landscape on a wicked snowboard. I believe we now have the answer.

Backside 360

snowboarding wallpaper desktop


Ski – Backside 360 by Sjoerd van Oosten. Okay, not strictly snowboard then, but it’s a beautifully instructive composite shot of a kid named Nathan Gaidet doing a backside 360 on a pair of skis, in France. As Sjoerd says in the description, Respect!


wallpaper snowboard

Photographer Stef Lewandowski tells us that this snowboarder blazing through the air so dramatically goes by the name of Simon, and that it’s only his second day on a snowboard ever. This sure makes me hopeful about my own snowboarding future.


wallpaper snowboard


Flickr user BenJam took this Static shot on commission from Propaganda Snowboards, and it’s definitely impressive enough to serve as an ad.


wallpaper snowboard

This image of Trysil, Norway, was taken by photographer Ola Matsson. I’ve never heard of Trysil before, but Wikipedia says that one of the first-known organized ski races was held there on January 22nd, 1862. That’s quite a history.

Surfing Jedi



One of Yoda’s little-known secrets was his passion for snowboarding. Surfing Jedi by Pedro Vezini reveals all.

7th Heaven


Or 7ème ciel, as Adrien Sifre calls this incredibly atmospheric shot. It’s square, but if I were to use it as a wallpaper, I don’t think I’d crop anything. I would just put it right at the center of my desktop.

Terje Haakonsen. by Photographer Frode Sandbech

snowboarding wallpaper

To sign off, I’d like to share another mind-blowing specimen from Transworld Snowboarding, this one from a Wallpaper Wednesday revolving around black and white photography. Not much to say about it, except for one word – wow.

Do you have any snowboarding or snow-related desktop wallpapers you want to show off to us?  If so, leave the link in the comments below so we can all admire it.

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