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10 Small and Simple Yet Addicting Free Games For Mac

Jeffry Thurana 07-05-2009

Honestly, I’m not a gaming person. I’d rather spend my spare time sleeping. But once in a while, I do play games – just for the sake of having micro-breaks from my writing and designing projects. Coming from this background, I just realize that there are similarities among the games I have in my Mac: they are the kind of games that you can play for a short time between breaks (and extend it if the boss is not watching); all are small, simple, fun, and yet addicting.


Here they are in no particular order:


1. Quinn → I’ve never grown tired out of this classic tetris clone. I actually have to set the timer so that I don’t go around spending my whole time and forget to go back to my work. Quinn has been discussed here before so I won’t rant too long about it.


2. PacTheMan → Another clone of the classic, design to match the beautiful Mac OS X environment. Everybody knows Pac Man. So the only thing I have to say here is: enjoy the game.



3. Cave Story → This now-classic Japanese-origin adventure game is actually a long and complicated, but I have to add it here because of it’s addictiveness, and the fact that you can stop playing between save points. This one’s also been discussed here before MUO Games - Cave Story: A Tiny Addictive Game Read More .


4. Othello → A classic boardgame better known as Reversi. There are several Mac OS X version of this game, but the one I have is Blue Reversi



5. Pairs → A version of the traditional matching tiles game for Mac OS X. Test your memory by racing against the clock to find matching pairs of pictures in the shortest time.


6. Uno (One Card) → Play cards which match another card in colour or value. There are also special action cards such as Wild, Skip, Reverse and Draw cards which make the game more interesting. Personally, I think playing Uno would be much more fun if we do it in the real world with real people, but for time filler, this app will do.



7. Sloppy Sokoban → Not only filling the time, this thinking game will also refresh your memory and (some even says) increase your IQ. Try it yourself.


8. Simply Solitaire → The list won’t be complete without the good “˜ol solitaire: Klondike, Freecell or Spider Solitaire. You can have them all with Simply Solitaire. These games are the old standbys that fit in perfectly during a short, relaxing break.



9. Chess → At first, chess wasn’t on my list for one very good reasons: playing chess is not exactly general people ideas of spending the short break. But if you don’t belong to the general people, Mac OS X come with it’s own chess game (/Applications/


10. Go → And if you’re really into the challenge, why not try playing Go – Japanese chess – with Goban [No Longer Available]?

Also take a look at another list of Mac games 16 Free, Fun, Simple & Addictive Games to Take the Edge Off Read More by my buddy Jackson.

Now before you go protesting me about your favorite games which are not on the list, please note that it’s impossible for the short list to include everybody’s favorites. So, if you have one or two games to add, please share using the comment below.

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  1. anonymous
    October 27, 2009 at 7:21 pm

    go is a chinese board game u fool

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    Brilliant arcade games available, I think these ones should be added.

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  3. ku
    May 7, 2009 at 12:29 pm

    I don't mean this to be in any way negative, but I don't know if Go translates into Chinese chess--that would be Shogi. I'm not really sure what Go would be analogous to, though.