10 Free Online Game Search Engines to Find Cool Games

Saikat Basu 18-05-2010

online game search enginesWhen we have search engines for everything under the sun, why not a few for games?  That’s what crosses my mind whenever I type a game-related query into Google or another mainstream search engine. I don’t have a problem with any of our regular search engines. When I type something like “˜free online space shooter games’, I get more hits than I can handle.


But a Google search for games never makes me stop wondering – is something better out there?

Online games are in plentiful supply. Think of a site like Kongregate which is just one of many hosting thousands of games. You could play on this lone site till the cows come home and still have more games to play for the rest of the year.

Go to our own Games & Gaming Tips directory and we can carry you on to your old age. But ask a gaming addict and he will say that even more is not enough.

So, here we are with ten online game search engines to discover more games to fill and fuel the gaming addiction. You can continue playing on your favorite online gaming site. Keep this list bookmarked somewhere for the day when you get the urge to enter into new gaming zones. These online game search engine sites are not only about free games, but also about game related information.

Gameseekr [Broken URL Removed]

online game search engines


Gameseekr is a search engine for free online, desktop, console, and mobile based games. It is also a social game discovery website that lets you make friends and keep playlists of your favorite games. You can explore the games via its online game search engine which also has an advanced search option, or drill down to the categories. The site also has a category for Free Games.


online game search engines

If you miss Google, here it is. The simple interface does a Google custom search for free online games. You can also check what Twitter and Digg are saying about the gaming world from the links at the top.


online game search engines


This is another plain and simple online game search engine that falls back on Google Custom Search. You can add it to your search toolbar with a click.

Easy Game Search

search engine for online games

A plain and fast game search engine that does one thing simply – it searches for free online Flash games. Clicking on any of the game links opens up the games directly.


10 Free Online Game Search Engines to Find Cool Games Game Search Engine 05


Try out the online Flash games search engine at The game search site tries to find the best online games from many different game sites. It links to the game sources in a frame or you can opt to open up the game in its own window. The site is without any frills but with a fast search.


10 Free Online Game Search Engines to Find Cool Games Game Search Engine 06

MUDs are multi-player online games where game play is in an online virtual world. MUDs (Multi-User Dungeon/Multi-User Dimension/Multi-User Domain) are usually free text based games, though graphical ones have come along. MUDSeek is a Google Custom Search Engine for MUD games that are played around the world.

Another great resource for searching out MUD games is MUDconnect.



10 Free Online Game Search Engines to Find Cool Games Game Search Engine 07

GamePublic’s job is to provide users with the most current information about games on all platforms. Information is categorized as reviews, video previews, cheats, downloads (patches and demos), and screenshots. You can do a search across all platforms or do a selective one for specific platforms.

You can further sort the results by ratings, release data, or number of sources.

Free Oldies

10 Free Online Game Search Engines to Find Cool Games Game Search Engine 08


If you are nostalgic of the games played when floppies were the in thing, head for the search engine at Free Oldies. The site gives you abandoned games which you can download from the source sites. The source links point to the homepage instead of the actual page for the games. So, you have to do another search at the source site.


10 Free Online Game Search Engines to Find Cool Games Game Search Engine 09

This site was launched and then it went back to the drawing boards. It will be re-launched soon. GameCurry is a search engine that indexes online Flash games and makes it easier to search them out. Keep this site in mind as it is served by the high traffic gaming site Game2Win.

Cheat Server

10 Free Online Game Search Engines to Find Cool Games Game Search Engine 10c

This site is not about playing games but about cheating in them. It is like a meta-search engine that finds you cheat codes for games for all platforms. You can search or browse them by console or game. We have covered it before at CheatServer: Game Cheat Codes Search Engine.

Using online game search engines helps to find out what other gaming sites host games that you love playing. In the vast ocean of the web, there are many little gems that escape our eye. When we find that gem it just adds a little more to our addiction. But is it a bad addiction to have?

Do you know of any other search engines for games that will broaden the list? Let us know.

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