10 Online Cycling Games To Get Your Ride On Even When The Weather’s Bad

Aaron Couch 14-10-2013
Fall is just around the corner, and depending on where you live, that could mean that your cycling season is coming to an end. But if you enjoy gaming and biking, you might as well de-stress with some games that you’ll enjoy and be able to relate to. From stickmen to a naked, bald guy on a tricycle, I sought out to find the most enjoyable (and funny) biking games on the Internet — you’ll find them quite entertaining.

Mountain Bike

1 Mountain Bike

Yep — the name is that simple. But as basic as the name and concept of the game are, it’s really quite good. The graphics aren’t bad, and it’s a rather addicting game. There are several levels and many tricks that you can make your rider do, which are then measured by the amount of time that the trick is being done. You can easily control the rider using the four arrow keys, plus the space bar to turn the rider in 180 degrees.

TIP: Lean back for more momentum and speed, but don’t lean back too far.

Rex Stunts

2 Rex Stunts

Ever think about how a Tyrannosaurus Rex could ride a bike? Me neither. But someone did, and they made a game out of it. To make this dinosaur in a silly top hat and scarf ride this bike, you use the arrow keys. However, the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 also make him do special tricks. The down side to this game is he only gets three “lives” before the game starts over, and it doesn’t have the quickest “restart”. All in all, it’s a fun and entertaining game to play, although I’m beginning to see why most T-Rexes didn’t ride bikes, as they are awkwardly unbalanced creatures.

TIP: Controls, especially the left and right arrow keys, are sensitive to the T-Rex’s awkwardly big head and tail.

Ben 10 BMX

3 Ben 10 BMX

The name of this game is slightly misleading, there’s not (if any) BMX in it — if anything, it’s mountain biking. Also, the game is a race against one other rider. Overall the game is quite a bit of fun. When you wreck, the game restarts quickly, which is always nice.

TIP: Bigger jumps, aren’t always better.

Free Rider 3

4 Free Rider 3
Remember Line Rider? It’s one of the most addictive games on the web The 5 Most Addictive Games On The Web Read More . Free Rider 3 is the mountain bike version of it. You can create your own courses or use the premade ones create by the community. If you want an entertaining game that you don’t have to work hard to control the rider (for the most part), you definitely want to check out this game. Free Rider is also similar to Canvas Rider, which Tim has mentioned before 5+ Impressive Free HTML5 Games You Can Play In Your Browser HTML5 signifies the evolution of markup language as we know it. Flash games were once the norm when it came to browser-based entertainment, but now thanks to the powerful nature of HTML5 many web applications,... Read More .

TIP: When building, the idea is to create the course around the rider. When riding, many premade courses don’t require you to do much, other than holding down the ‘up’ arrow and occasionally pressing the left or right arrows to straighten the rider out for the landing.

BMX Master Game

5 BMX Master
From a tailwhip to a handlebar spin to a superman and more, you can do it all in this game. There are two challenges within the game – Time Attack and Championship. Time Attack has 7 levels, which you can choose from any without “completing” the previous one. For each level you get 1 minute to generate as many points as you can. In Championship, you must score a certain amount of points without wrecking before you can move on. You start out at 500, then 750, and so on.

TIP: Use numbers 1-8 to do specific tricks and the left and right arrows to do back and front flips. Then combine them for a combo equaling more points.

Bicycle Drag

6 Bicycle Drag
This isn’t just your typical bike race. This is a bicycle drag race, with turbo boost and everything. Yes, your bike has nitrous. There are 10 levels, but unlike many other biking games, you place a bet on if you will win. Whatever you bet, you get 5 times that if you win. For instance, if you bet $100, you get $500 by winning the race.

The controls are simple: The arrow keys make you go and balance forward and backward, and “X” is nitro.

TIP: Use that nitro, you’ll need it.

Wheelie King

7 Wheelie King
How far can you ride a wheelie? In this game, you see just how great of a distance you can cover while riding on the back wheel. As soon as the front wheel touches the ground, a “life” is lost. The game is a lot easier than what it sounds though. Use the left and right arrows to balance while riding, and the up arrow to move forward.

TIP: Lean far back – unlike many of the other games mentioned here, leaning “too far” back won’t make you fall over, although there still is a breaking point that can cause you to lose a “life”.

Stickman Freeride

8 Stickman Freeride
The rider is just a simple stickman, but the rest of the game is actually pretty impressive. There’s a full map of 15 courses all with various challenging terrain, any of which you can play without completing the proceeding ones. You are awarded for the time that you get through the course, but also for various achievements. As you build up money you’ve been awarded, you can upgrade your bike, or even buy a different one – and they do make a difference. To get more points and awards, use the left and right arrows to do front and back flips in the air.

TIP: The left and right arrows are very sensitive.

Stickman Stunts

9 Stickman Stunts
The idea behind Stickman Stunts is pretty simple – collect as many stars as you can while avoiding objects and doing tricks. The controls are also fairly simple – tap the spacebar repeatedly to keep the momentum moving forward, and use the ‘up’ arrow to jump. With each jump, you’ll automatically do a trick.

TIP: Jump over any and all objects in your way – also watch out for the moving ones.


10 Icycle
What do you get when you take a naked bald guy and have him ride a tricycle through the arctic? Well… you get Icycle. This is probably the most random and hilarious game of them all. Even when you mess up, you can’t help but laugh. In the traditional sense this isn’t a BMX or mountain biking game, but more so a puzzle. You get unlimited lives, and there are 8 levels total. You can even make the size of the playing window larger. The controls are the up arrow (jump), right arrow (forward), left arrow (slow down/stop) and down arrow (duck). The spacebar also makes you jump.

TIP: There are times you may get stuck, just ‘kill yourself’ by clicking the “skull” in the lower right corner to start over.

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Of course these are only a handful of the bicycle games available on the Internet – there are copious amounts of them. I sifted through a vast majority and picked out the ones I thought were the best. Did I miss one? If so, share your favorite bicycle game in the comments.

Image Credits: Waiting in Rain Via Flickr

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