10 News Photo Galleries To Catch All The Latest World News In Pictures

Saikat Basu 03-12-2010

Do pictures speak a thousand words? One look at the photo essay on Hurricane Katrina and its devastation should convince most of us. Not only bad news, but some of the good that happens around the world captures our eye when it is captured through a photographer’s lens.


I don’t think anyone can explain why a still photo still holds sway when there are more animated ways to capture news. Perhaps because a picture is news without words; perhaps it’s the silence that makes us ponder for a while.

Whatever the reason is, today every online news source gives a due place to photos, picture galleries, and slideshows. The photo journalist himself is a revered guy in the news field.

We know most of the online news websites that appear in the list below. The next time you visit them, don’t read the words, just sift through the photo galleries and find out if the pictures really are worth a thousand words or more.


news photo gallery

We stay on at and its rich photoessays. The Photo section of the magazine gives you news in pictures for the current day, the week, and the year, embellished with some specials. For instance, catch Behind the Scenes with JFK.



10 News Photo Galleries To Catch All The Latest World News In Pictures Photo news02

As soon as you land on this link, you will be greeted with the Editor’s choice. That single photo (or the slideshow) could perhaps describe the most momentous events of the last 24 hours. The great thing about Reuters and the photos is that their coverage is pretty much global, so you get to see unique photos from all corners of the world. Then there are the featured slideshows on breaking news across the globe.


10 News Photo Galleries To Catch All The Latest World News In Pictures Photo news03

If you are talking about photo journalism, you have to talk about one of the world’s first photographic magazine. Life magazine is more than a century old. The online version is of course young but just as full of riches. From its different sections that cover everything from news to sports, to its Timelines, you can lose yourself here. You can start with Today’s Top Photos and then move on to your section of interest.


One of my favorite sections is Life’s Great Adventures. Then, if you are bored with history or current affairs, why not play Sexy or Sleazy.

The New York Times

photo gallery news

When a paper is more than a hundred years old and boasts of more than a hundred Pulitzer prizes, you have to take it seriously. It is also one of the more popular online news destinations. For news in pictures head towards its Multimedia and Photos section. You have a lot of photo slideshows to choose from and a few interactive features combining videos, audio and photos. Don’t miss the Pictures of the Day on the Lens Blog.


photo gallery news


A bit of U.K, Europe and the rest of the world with another news source that defines news reporting. The site seems a bit simpler than the others covered before but that’s just design. The content is filled with news in pictures and slideshows. And there is a section too where you can showcase your own uploaded pictures according to the theme for the day.

The Guardian

photo gallery news

According to Wikipedia, the online website The Guardian is the second most popular news website after NYT. The multimedia gallery is certainly complete. You get to browse through sections like Eyewitness (the latest photographs), 24 hours in pictures (a selection of the best images from around the world), and From the Agencies (showcasing the best photo journalism). Then you have feature specific audio-photo slideshows.

Sports Illustrated

news photos


The American sports magazine is better known perhaps for its swimsuit edition but hey, it includes a lot of other cool content too. It’s heavily American-centric but covers a few others like golf, tennis, and soccer too. Special coverage on events like the Olympics and Tour de France among others doesn’t go missing. And heck, don’t miss the swimsuits section!

National Geographic [Broken Link Removed]

news photos

A ‘National Geographic photographer’ is almost a universal calling card. Just picking up the magazine and flipping it from cover to cover tells you what photography is all about. The photos on the website that cover natural science news aren’t any different. The photos are not only educational but also a visual treat.

IMDB Snapshot

news photos

Political news is fine but what about news on films and celebrities? IMDB covers a lot of it with its page full of “˜Newest Stills, Latest Events, Hottest Celebs’. Take a peek into the latest upcoming movies and celebrity events on slideshows.

Pictures of The Day

news photo gallery

The news agency behind this news photo gallery is one of the world’s more noteworthy wire services (Zuma Press). The site collates news worthy pictures from its team of photo journalists and presents it for our visual pleasure. A unique feature of the site is the section called WORD which goes into the background of the shot and why it was selected.

When it comes to world news and pictures, these ten sites aren’t the only ones out there. But looking through them you can certainly appreciate the power of the lens.

Do you know of any other newsworthy source that I have missed? Do let us know in the comments. Also, check out all our news related posts.

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    Nice list, but The Boston Globes "Big Picture" is definitely missing and would be my Nr. 1.

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      thanks for the input

    • Saikat Basu
      December 10, 2010 at 2:18 pm

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