10 Music Trivia Sites To Test Your Musical Knowledge

Saikat Basu 16-02-2011

Small change, small potatoes, or something of little importance: that’s how “˜trivia’ is defined in the dictionary. But when you take any trivia game and see it eating up time, then the dictionary meaning doesn’t hold much water. Take music trivia for instance. You really won’t be invited to the fan party if you don’t know which track made the charts, or how that band got its name.


Do you know how The Beatles got their name or what was their first chart-topping number one single? If you don’t know, then it’s time to brush up your musical IQ. The best part of your re-education is that you don’t have to burn the midnight oil. Thanks to the number of music trivia websites you can have a rocking time while filling your head with ‘useless facts’. Here are ten of them.


music trivia

As the name says, the site is about song meanings, lyrics, and trivia. As soon as you land on the site, you will spy a trivia question at the top. The Mighty Songfacts Trivia Quiz asks you 10 questions and getting them right might win you a fashionable Songfacts T-shirt (though I haven’t tested it out to that extent). The site also goes behind the songs and digs out little nuggets of “˜songfacts’ that make this site a destination for trivia buffs.


music trivia questions

This site comes up in the first crop of music trivia websites. The Music Trivia Quiz has levels for beginners, experts, and professionals. You have to choose the game you want to play as there are different combinations on the basic idea of listening to a song and naming the song, singer or the group. Most of the trivia rounds have multiple answers and you have to select the right one. Points stack up if you can identify all the details on the song.


Music Trivia Master [Broken URL Removed]

music trivia questions

Music Trivia Master is a simple game where you can select to answer questions from different eras. You can select categories, number of questions, and genre (pop, rock, country, R&B, hip hop). Each question is timed and a free registration allows you to save your scores and get up on the leaderboard. Music Trivia Master also says it has an iPhone app but I couldn’t locate it on iTunes.

Action Quiz

music trivia questions

Go up against the computer and see if you can score in the categories of classical music and pop music. You can start straightaway as there’s no subscription. Music categories are further divided into decades, lyrics, titles etc. The trivia quiz asks you to identify the singers behind the tracks and the album. The trivia game based on classical music has a section on music theory which could be fun for learners.



music trivia tests

Answer three questions a day everyday and by the end of the month you can be more surefooted with your musical IQ. There’s a larger dose too in the form of a 15 question timed round arranged around musical decades. Check out the archives too for previous quizzes.

Trivia Plaza

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Along with other topics, you can find quite a few free trivia games on pop music and classical music here. The classical music trivia games are based on composers and their works. The pop music games are more varied with the likes of “˜American Idol’, “˜Real Names’, “˜Christmas Songs’ etc. There are some others on lyrics and title tracks released in each decade. These music trivia games and the two above have been put together by the same man.


You Got Song’d [No Longer Available]

music trivia tests

UGO Network’s online music game gives you a few lives to get the answers right as it throws a succession of identify the song or singer questions at you. At the beginning you get to choose the category you want to get quizzed on. Hear the music and guess the answers to qualify for the leaderboard.

Mighty Quiz

10 Music Trivia Sites To Test Your Musical Knowledge Trivia 09 has over 3,000 topics that can test your knowledge. You can also write your own trivia questions and contribute to the site. Music alone has around 1,140 trivia questions to test your knowledge. The trivia questions come with options and you have to pick the right one. You can subscribe to your favorite topics and even follow members who send in their trivia questions. A sign-in allows you to save your progress through the questions.


Trivix [Broken URL Removed]

10 Music Trivia Sites To Test Your Musical Knowledge Trivia 10

The ten year old site features quality free trivia games, quiz and flash games. Daily you can go head to head against 20 new questions in 5 different categories, music being one of them. The trivia round is timed and you can instantly see whether you answered correctly or not. A percentage figure also indicates how many got the answer right.

The Crazy Cow Music Quiz [Broken Link Removed]

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The Facebook app takes your knowledge of music and pits it against your network of friends. Each quiz consists of 10 multiple choice trivia questions. You have to put a name to the song that plays in the background. Points are also awarded or deducted according to the time you take to answer. I could not review this Facebook app completely because inexplicably it was getting stuck at 30 percent. The app has quite a large following with nearly 700,000+ active members so my problem could be a temporary glitch.

With these ten websites and others spread throughout the web, there’s no excuse one can offer for a lack of music knowledge. Agreed, you might be looked upon as a musical nerd but armed with a brimful of trivia, you can demand right of place among all the music fans out there. If you have already secured that spot let us know about your favorite music trivia website.

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