10 Interactive Learning Websites For Some Fun & Games With Music

Saikat Basu 11-01-2011

Mozart started his music when he was five. Even Lady Gaga learnt piano when she was four and wrote her first ballad at 13. Music has given birth to some prodigious talents. Maybe someone around us is not one yet, but still has an ear for music. Or maybe music is part of his or her education.


Either way, learning music is often recommended for developing creative intelligence. The ability to sense and visualize the world comes naturally from a deep appreciation of the arts.

Playing interactive musical games on the web could be a stepping stone to find out if your child has an ability for music. If the enthusiasm to learn about music is there, deciding on a more specific musical education becomes easy. Leaving aside all these serious thoughts on musical education, let’s also note that music is great fun. In tune or out of it, it is a way of self expression. Play on these ten interactive learning websites that feature fun and games with music.

Play Music

interactive learning websites is a fun and interactive musical website with loads of information on musical instruments and arrangements. The entry to the various points on the site is through a colorful graphic with clickable hotspots. Information is presented as graphics which you can click to learn more about instruments, orchestras, and composers. The site is a bit dated but is still useful for the basic knowledge it provides for a music learner.

Classics For Kids

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Musical education for kids should ideally start with a base in the classics. This site could be a jumping point. If you are in the US, you can tune into the radio show or listen to them on the website. But I guess kids will have more fun with the musical games like Compose Your Own Music or Be a Rockin’ Rhythm Master! The site has four games in all along with lesson plans and teaching aids like a musical dictionary.

New York Philharmonic [No Longer Available]

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The famed New York Philharmonic devotes an entire website to kids. The very attractive website is divided into sections that address areas of musical learning. But the coolest by far is the Game Room which is chock full of games as you can see in the screenshot. There’s an interesting Flash musical game where you can design your own musical inE10 Interactive Learning Websites For Some Fun & Games With Music

Carnegie Hall Listening Adventures [Broken Link Removed]

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We stay on in New York with Carnegie Hall. The famed concert venue for classical music gives kids an engaging online learning experience with the help of animated interactive guides. The audience for the fun show is meant to be kids of ages 6-12. But I don’t think that will stop adults from checking out cool tours like The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra.

BBC – Learn About Music

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You can always trust the BBC for some high quality learning help. BBC Orchestras and Singers is an online guide for teaching your kids about what an orchestra is all about. The learning aids are multimedia files supported by descriptions. Then there’s the superbly designed Maestro virtual orchestra game where your child can really get to know what it takes to be a part of an orchestra. Then the other game jumps you from the classics into creating a film score.

San Francisco Symphony for Kids

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The site greets you with a symphony. The site may look like it’s for kids, but it is meant to be used by all ages. Straightaway, you might like to head to the Music Lab and explore the nine stages from the basics to composing your first tune.

Theta Music Trainer

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You can take Theta Music Trainer as a serious musical training tool because they just might help to train the ear to listen to elements like pitch, rhythm, intervals, chords, and melody. Each game is designed to teach a specific skill. Music is playing by the ear, so this website is highly recommended for beginners. You can also track your progress. The site also hosts a few competitions. We have covered Theta Music Trainer before.

Pattern Block Rock

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This online musical game seems simple at first but is in fact quite challenging. You have to combine your knowledge of geometric shapes and match it to musical notes and rhythms. Pattern blocks are basically shapes which you have to place and add up to a total of eight to replay the tunes.

Music Games

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You can play the online versions of the downloadable PC games here. The online versions are not full like the paid downloadable games but it is free and gives you sufficient gameplay to test your skills and understand the basics. Skills tested include instrument recognition, musical riddles, and musical jigsaw puzzles.

DSO Kids

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The Dallas Symphony Orchestra is the sixth oldest orchestra in the United States. The site has four interactive musical games (Time Machine, Beethoven’s Baseball, Music Match, and Picture Paint) along with other music teaching aids. The first two games are knowledge based which test what you know about the history of classical music.

Just like the above website, we have covered a few more cool musical fun apps. Here are some more:

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Let us know if you think that these interactive musical learning websites are playing the right notes.

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    Here's the link for the BBC Maestro game:
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