10 Incredibly Simple Ways to Share Stuff on the Web While Saving Time

Sharing should be simple, right?

Sharing perhaps comes a close second to searching when it comes to our everyday online wanderings. What could be better than to take our hunt for free seconds to some “time shaving” online services that make sharing a quicker job than it is.

After all, when you get rid of the fluff, there is something to be said about simplicity. We don’t notice it till it proves its usefulness. We don’t notice it till it starts making a difference to our everyday tasks. Simplicity is there all around us, and that does not exclude the Web. Use it just right and simple web apps Simplicity To The Rescue: 4 Apps You Can Use To Tame The Web Taking a digital vacation may not be possible for most of us. But you can learn to keep the web from throttling you - by simplifying. We have four apps to help you do just... Read More can really total up the seconds for productivity.

Here are ten web apps which follow the credo of simple sharing, preferably without any registration and sign-in. Perhaps, you don’t use them as much.

Share Files With Ge.tt

Share Files With Ge.tt

There are many simple file sharing services on the Web. Ge.tt is probably among the more popular ones. The no-fuss file sharing tool gives you two ways to share instantly – you can drag and drop or use the Upload feature to browse and select the file you want to share. Ge.tt maintains privacy by only allowing someone with the share link to access the file.

Ge.tt does not enforce a registration but if you do sign-up (it takes “nanoseconds”), you can avail 2 GB of free space and can manage your shared files. Sharing files without a registration keeps them available for 30 days only. You can use 250MB of storage space without creating an account.

Share 200 Filetypes With Jumpshare

Share 200 Filetypes With Jumpshare

If you are still in doubt, take a leap of faith with Jumpshare. The sharing service has one selling point – it can open 200 file types right inside the browser. The file formats covered include photos, videos, documents, presentations, spreadsheets, ebooks, audios, fonts, codes & more. It comes with a minimal interface with the choice of drag ‘n drop or a file browser. The files can be emailed, shared via a link, or posted on social networking sites. You can start sharing the files as soon as any file upload begins. All files are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption.

Free users get 2GB of storage with folder organization and a file-size limit of 100 MB for any file format. Jumpshare Plus frees up the limits with more features (like file destruct) and 50 GB space. Spend a couple of seconds on the sign-up and go straight to the clean interface.

Share 3D Files With 3DFile.io

Share 3D Files With 3DFile.io

Jumpshare covers a lot of bases, but not 3D file formats with the exception of AutoCAD filetypes. Leave that to 3DFile.io. The list of formats covered is comprehensive and you can find the complete listing on the FAQ page. Drag and drop only works in Chrome and Firefox. Upload and share the unique link. Your 3D file is rendered in WebGL or DWG drawings in SVG.

Share Your Screen With Screenleap

Share Your Screen With Screenleap

See the large green button that says – Share your screen now. Click that. A little Java applet initializes in your browser and that’s all you need to share your screen with anyone. You can share the entire window or a specific region. Sharing can be paused or stopped anytime. Screenleap also offers a Browser sharing mode you can start with a browser extension available on Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Again, to use it minimally, you don’t need to register or install anything. The no-registration account allows you to share your screen for 20 minutes with two other viewers. Screens are shared with a personal URL. A free sign-in extends screen sharing to 2 hours and eight viewers. Screenleap also has Pro and Premium plans.

Read Tina’s thorough Screenleap review Share Your Screen With Anyone Using Screenleap For Gmail Or Chrome Have you ever wanted to demonstrate something you do on your computer and wished you could easily share your screen? The Screenleap Chrome browser extension lets you launch a screenshare for part or all of... Read More . If you are looking for more screensharing options, Aaron’s picks for screensharing and remote access tools 12 Excellent, Free Screen Sharing & Remote Access Tools You Haven't Heard Of Yet Thanks to remote access, you can see and control screens from anywhere. This can save time and confusion when you are in a meeting or want to help someone. Keep these screen sharing tools close... Read More are all you could need.

Share A Song With Tinysong

Share Songs With Tinysong

Tinysong lives up to its name. No registration and no sign-in. It is a simple website that enables you to quickly share any song with a search and a click. The songs are drawn from Grooveshark’s catalog. Use the link to share the song across Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media. Or simply go with the trusty email. The song starts streaming the second the browser loads the link.

Share Clutter-free YouTube Videos With Surprise.ly

Share Clutter-free YouTube Videos With Surprise.ly

The interface won’t win any awards, but then YouTube with all its chaos doesn’t either. Surprise.ly  stresses on the clutter free bit. YouTube is the worst place you can imagine for a distractionless video-watching experience unless you go full-screen. Surprise.ly, gives you a link that opens only the video  and hides the fluff on a typical YouTube page. No comments, no related videos…nothing. Surprise.ly also skips the ads and starts the show as soon as the video link is clicked.You can also create your own specific time points for a video to begin and end.

If you want another good no-signup option, head towards Vidd.me Vidd.me Gives YouTube A Run For Its Money With Painless Video Sharing vidd.me aims to make us shake off our old ways of sharing videos and it wants to do for videos what Imgur did for photos. But is it any good? Let's find out. Read More . Mathew’s Vidd.me review Vidd.me Gives YouTube A Run For Its Money With Painless Video Sharing vidd.me aims to make us shake off our old ways of sharing videos and it wants to do for videos what Imgur did for photos. But is it any good? Let's find out. Read More takes you through the painless video sharing app.

Share Simple To-Do Lists With Flask

Share Simple To-Do Lists With Flask

To-do lists by their very nature are solitary actions. But if you need to share your to-do list with someone like a member of your family or a co-worker, there’s nothing simpler than Flask. No sign-up required and nothing to install. Write your to-dos, re-order their priority, tag them with color, or star them to indicate importance. Your to-do list comes with a URL you can use to share across any device. To access your to-do list later, you need to register (free) and save the list.

Share A Document on TitanPad

Share A Document on TitanPad

There are many collaborative workspaces, but there are fewer which satisfy the no-signup and no-setup requirements. TitanPad is a collaborative document editor that meets the basic requirements of a small team. It is based on EtherPad, an Open Source project. Start a new Titanpad session and share it with a simple URL. A team can work on a document simultaneously. The document is synchronized in realtime and individual authorships are color coded. Chat support is enabled. Import any text file, HTML, Word, or RTF file. Export the collaborative document in text, HTML, Word, Open Document, or PDF formats. One of the nicer features is a time slider that can replay all changes made to the document.

Share A Drawing With Draw.to

Share A Drawing With Draw.to

A signup doesn’t come between sharing a quick drawing or a doodle and having fun on Draw.to. It’s a quick draw and share tool that allows you to share your creativity with a link, and share on networks like Twitter and Facebook. The gallery has some examples for your creative inspiration. Like the one in the screenshot. Did you think I drew that myself?

Share A Video Room With Hutt [No Longer Available]

Share A Video Room With Hutt

Stay connected with friends in “Hutts” or private video chat rooms. You need a mic, a webcam, and the Chrome browser. Firefox isn’t supported yet. Hutt works best with three people whom you can invite via the the Hutt link via email, chat, or social media. Only people you share the URL with will be able to enter the chat.

Maybe, it’s a real Einstein quote or apocryphal:

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

Apt? The Internet is built on the strands of sharing. But why make it unnecessarily complicated when there are so many easy ways to do it. Do you like the “no signup” way of firing a quick share and forgetting about it? Try some of these recommended applications and recommend some of your own. We know they are there!

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