10 Impressive Spots On Earth You Can See With Google Maps Satellite View

Saikat Basu 31-10-2011

google maps satelliteOver the years we have helped you do a lot of virtual travelling. It may not be the real thing, but using your browser to roam the ‘hot spots’ of the world is fun. Google Maps has powerful uses apart from helping us not lose our way.


But even if you are an intrepid explorer, there are chances that you wouldn’t get to see some of the crazier places on our big blue planet. Some of them might not be travel spots in that sense, but simply strange oddities dotted around the globe. That’s why, the voyagers among us should switch on Google Maps and its Satellite View to catch a bird’s eye glimpse of wonders caught by roving satellites in the sky.

Here’s a wide-ranging selection picked up from various mentions on the web.


World’s Largest Airport Terminal

google maps satellite

To catch a flight you need to arrive at an airport. Why not put Dubai on your itinerary, after all it has the world’s largest airport terminal (Terminal 3). The largest city in the UAE is also one of the most critical aviation hubs in the world. Wikipedia says that the $4.5 billion Terminal 3 is the single largest building in the world by floor space.  (Google Maps Link)


Palm Island, Dubai

google satellite images

We stay on in Dubai to catch this artificial archipelago and its view from the skies. Thanks to Google Maps Satellite View, you can understand exactly what went into the name. (Google Maps Link)

The Empire State Building

google satellite images

One of the world’s most iconic buildings should be on your actual list of places to visit before you die. Google Maps Satellite View doesn’t do it justice, but it’s the closest you are going to get without spending on a plane ticket. You might not get the Art Deco style of its architecture, but you should get the fact that it’s a ranker in the modern Seven Wonders of The World list. And you can half expect to see King Kong swatting a few planes from up there. (Google Maps Link)


Wolf Creek Meteorite Crater

google satellite images

The Wolf Creek meteorite crater in Australia is 875 meters in diameter. It is far smaller than the massive Vredefort  crater located in South Africa which has a diameter of 300 kms, but Wolf Creek looks nakedly like a crater is supposed to look from up above and that’s impressive. (Google Maps Link)

Colonel Sanders

satellite picture by google maps

If you have ever gorged on chicken wings, then you know who Colonel Sanders is. No one does it as well as Kentucky Fried Chicken.  I am an unabashed fan, but there are some who take it great horizontal heights. Advertising doesn’t get more in your face than this. (Google Maps Link)


Celebrity Homes

satellite picture by google maps

We can’t vault over the gates. I know; I tried. But what’s to stop a satellite clicking celebrity houses from up above. Let’s visit (or land) at John Travolta’s house. He has his own Jumbo jet and that needs a parking spot plus a runway on the property! How freaking awesome can it get from here? (Google Maps Link)

World’s Largest Graveyard For Aircrafts

10 Impressive Spots On Earth You Can See With Google Maps Satellite View Google maps07

Located at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona, the “Boneyard” is the final resting place for thousands of derelict cargo and fighter jets stretching over four square miles and housing over 4000 aircrafts of all types. It could also lay claim to being the world’s largest salvage facility. (Google Maps Link)



10 Impressive Spots On Earth You Can See With Google Maps Satellite View Google maps09

The capital of Brazil finds a mention here because it’s difficult to believe that a modern city could find a place in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites list and that too as soon as 1956. It is an example of modern urban planning. You have to head to this Wikipedia article to see some panoramic photos of the city in all its wonder. But catch the unique bird-like shape of the city with the help of Google Maps Satellite View. (Google Maps Link)


satellite picture by google maps

You are probably doing all this browsing on Firefox. I could have gone for crop circles, one of the more bizarre sights you will see on Google Maps, but I am giving this a techy bend by displaying this bizarre but still understandable Firefox logo near Portland, Oregon. The aliens definitely couldn’t have created this one. (Google Maps Link)


google maps satellite

Something to do with Google Maps? Nah! I just wanted to see how the place touted to be one of the best places to work looks like. (Google Maps Link)

The Earth is a large place. These places are just some of the impressive spots you can capture with Google Maps Satellite View.

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