10 Hilarious & Weird Personas Like Charlie Sheen on Twitter

Danny Stieben 24-09-2011

charlie sheen on twitterWe all know that with the millions of users that are on Twitter, there are bound to be some pretty interesting accounts to follow. In fact, there are way too many that should be mentioned as worthy of your time, but sadly that number has to be cut down dramatically for the purposes of this post.


Also note that the title of this post says that the following accounts are “hilarious and weird like Charlie Sheen on Twitter”. This is not entirely true, as I think Charlie Sheen is on a level of his own, and I’m sure he wants just that. If you’re reading this Charlie, you’re welcome.

3 TV Comedians

Jimmy Kimmel

charlie sheen on twitter

First up is Jimmy Kimmel. He has always been pretty popular with his antics on late night television, and his Twitter account is a great extension of that. If you’re a fan of his show, you’ll love his Twitter account just as much.

My favorite recent tweet: “In 20 years there will be a nostalgic app that makes all your pictures look like crappy old 12-megapixel photos How to Properly Resize Images in Photoshop Here's how to easily resize images in Photoshop. In no time, you'll have the perfect image for sharing, uploading, or printing. Read More .

Conan O’Brien

weird people on twitter


Conan O’Brien would indeed be another account you can follow. He also brings many of his antics from his TV show to his Twitter account, with a Conan twist. I enjoy his show a lot whenever I have time to see it.

My favorite recent tweet: “Just learned the hard way that “Cajun-style” is not a quality you want in a proctology exam.”

Craig Ferguson

weird people on twitter

Finally, if neither one of those two suit you well, how about looking at Craig Ferguson‘s account? Personally, I’ve found his show to be my favorite, simply because of the randomness of what happens. His Twitter account brings a lot of tweets with it that make you laugh simply by the strange randomness from each tweet.


My favorite recent tweet: “My 10 yr old son just found out about the NASCAR driver named Dick Trickle. I may have to get oxygen. The kid is losing it.”

2 YouTube Personalities

Ray William Johnson

weird people on twitter

If a personality who actually landed a job on national television isn’t the direction you want to go in, you can always try YouTube personalities. There are so many out there that it’s downright ridiculous. So I’ll cut it short and only name two, as YouTubers don’t all automatically have a Twitter account.

Our first person is Ray William Johnson, who currently has the most subscribed channel on YouTube, and regularly gets well over 5 million hits per video. He’s a great online comedian with a good team to back him up, and the random tidbits that land on Twitter are worth seeing as well.


My favorite recent tweet: “Are human souls considered low carb?”


weird twitter accounts

KassemG is our second YouTuber who isn’t nearly as popular as Ray William Johnson but just as funny (in a slightly more inappropriate way, if that’s even possible). Either way, he’s worth checking out because the more laughs the better, am I right?

My recent favorite tweet: “I have a tumblr now but haven’t put anything on it. Is nudity allowed?


3 Parody/Imaginary Accounts

Mark Zuckerberg

weird twitter accounts

Hey look, Mark Zuckerberg is on Twitter too! Well, not really. It’s a parody account, as Mark is clearly happy on Facebook and Google+ (yes, he’s on Google+, up to no good I assume). Anyway, this parody account cracks plenty of jokes about new Facebook features and other similar topics. Simply put, if you’re not a complete fan of Facebook, you’ll get a kick from this account.

My favorite recent tweet: “Smart lists for friends: they’re like Circles, but less round and not ruined by Google.”

Darth Vader and DeathStarPR

weird twitter accounts

No Twitter experience is complete without some accounts that represent imaginary characters, especially Star Wars. Therefore, I definitely recommend you look at DarthVader and DeathStarPR for your funny Star Wars jokes.

My favorite recent Darth Vader tweet: “The best part of waking up is ewok in your cup.”

10 Hilarious & Weird Personas Like Charlie Sheen on Twitter deathstarpr tweet2

My favorite recent DeathStarPR tweet: “Tyler Perry is the highest paid man in Hollywood. See, this is why you guys don’t deserve to not get exploded.”

2 Miscellaneous Accounts


10 Hilarious & Weird Personas Like Charlie Sheen on Twitter firstworldpains tweet2

The final two in our list are random accounts that I felt needed to be added to my list. First is FirstWorldPains, an account where problems that people in the first world have are poked at with a funny stick, although each tweet does make you think a little. It’s a strange combination of funny and sad. I still enjoy to read their tweets.

My favorite tweet: “Internet Explorer How to Block Internet Explorer From Accessing the Internet Wondering how to disable Internet Explorer? Here's how to block Internet Explorer from accessing the internet and remove it. Read More .”

Old Spice

charlie sheen on twitter

The final account on our list is the great Old Spice. Yes, their funny talents don’t just stop at strangely wonderful and funny commercials and YouTube videos, but continues even on their Twitter account! I have to admit, their commercials and social media activities are definitely working well for them.

My favorite recent tweet: “What’s the natural career progression after nuclear physicist, lady-kissing champion and mustachioed billionaire business tycoon?”

Overall, there are plenty of Twitter accounts that can be funny, weird or both. I find all the accounts that I listed to definitely be funny, while a good number of them (but not all) are “weird”. This list is not meant to be a definitive “these people are hilarious and weird, while nobody else is” list, so feel free to dispute the list and offer up your own suggestions in the comments.

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