10 Funny CAPTCHArt Comics & What It Is All About

Tina Sieber 27-06-2012

captchart comicsA CAPTCHA is a challenge-response test used online to make sure content is submitted by a human being. The acronym stands for ‘Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart’ and is also based on the word ‘capture’. CAPTCHArt is the visualization of the humorous associations arising from randomly created two word CAPTCHAs, also known as reCAPTCHAs. The first CAPTCHArt was created in 2009 on SomethingAwful.


So what’s the deal with two word CAPTCHAs? In the alternative reCAPTCHA test, one word is the actual CAPTCHA, while the other is a word from a scanned text that could not be recognized by optical character recognition software. The purpose of reCAPTCHAs is to digitize books in a fast and affordable manner. Words that failed to be transcribed by OCR software are presented a human being for transcription. When enough people agree on what the word reads, the respective text is one word closer to being digitized. This not only offers a very cheap way to digitize books, it also adds purpose to CAPTCHAs and efficiently uses people’s natural skills.

A random combination of two legible words easily stimulates the mind to come up with creative interpretations. This brings us back to CAPTCHArt. Below you will find a selection of funny CAPTCHArt, as well as an introduction to Inglip.

Pyromaniac Firefighter

captchart comics

Magical Quaker

funny comics

Apostle Defense

funny comics


123 Einstein

funny comics

Satisfy Schoolchildren


Want More?

You can find more CAPTCHArt here:

Who Is Inglip?

Inglip is the result of a random reCAPTCHA. A crafty artist turned the word combination ‘inglip summoned’ into a Rage CAPTCHArt Comic Strip hybrid and posted it on Reddit. The Dark CAPTCHA Magic comic quickly turned into a hype and was followed by many more strips to create an epic story that lives on until this day. Below are selected highlights of the collaborative series.


Inglip Summoned


Overlooks Inquiry


Dorris Succeeded

funny comics

Become Human

funny comics


Mrachast May & Lan Party

funny comics

More Inglip Wanted?

You will find more Inglip Rage CAPTCHArts on the following sites:

Want to Create Your Own?

You can use the CAPTCHA tool on the reCAPTCHA homepage to randomly create two word CAPTCHAs. Once you catch a good one, take a screenshot and put your creative talents to work. Please share your creating with us! The best ones could make it all the way to MakeUseOf GeekyFun!

captchart comics


To become a Gropaga, a follower of Inglip, join the Church of Inglip and add to the tale.

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Do you have a favorite CAPTCHArt that was not shared above?

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