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10 Free Two-Player Online Games You Can Play in Your Browser

Mihir Patkar Updated 08-12-2019

If you’re looking for online games to play with friends on different computers, or even on the same machine, you’ve come to the right place. With these two player online games, you can enjoy a little downtime with nothing but a browser window.


Browser games have come a long way in terms of graphics. Whether it’s 1v1 games or team-ups, most modern browsers can support any of these games. We’ve included both online games you can play with friends over the internet as well as locally.

Note: Since Adobe is killing Flash, the 2-player online games in this list are based on other web game technologies like Unity and HTML5. Pair them with a gaming-designed browser like Opera GX for the best experience.

Online Games to Play With Friends on the Same Computer

1. 8 Ball Billiards Classic

8 Ball Billiards Classic lets you play a classic game of pool with a friend on the same computer, taking turns for your shot

It might be called 8 Ball Billiards Classic (8BBC), but the game is actually good old pool. You play in turns, and have to pocket stripes or solids depending on which type you first sink into a hole. Although it’s a mouse-based game, it’s surprisingly easy to play on a laptop touchpad too.

First, you have to line up the shot using the guideline indicators. Then, move the mouse to the strength meter, and pull back the stick to the desired amount of power you want to hit with. It’s one of the best free executions of a pool game to play with friends online.

  • No sign-up necessary
  • Maximum two players
  • Players play in turns
  • Play with friends online, but on the same PC

2. Gunball!

Gunball is a two player game like soccer but with guns to shoot the ball into the opponent's goal post

Gunball is like soccer… but with guns! In this pixel-art game, you and your friend control two on-screen characters. Each has a gun, a goal post to protect, and there’s a big red ball in the middle. Shoot the ball into the opponent’s goal to score a point. First to reach five points wins.

This browser game is a great example of how the most simple gameplay mechanics can still be super entertaining. You’ll need to move around the screen rapidly to shoot and defend at the same time, as the keyboard struggles with two people fighting on it.

  • No sign-up necessary
  • Maximum two players
  • Players play simultaneously
  • Play with friends online, but on the same PC

3. Firefall

In two-player browser game Firefall, avoid the fireballs raining down upon you, but also push and block your opponent so they are burnt

Comet-like fireballs are falling from the sky. You play as the blue or red square smiley on the ground. Move left and right to avoid being burnt to a crisp. Sounds easy, right? Even when the speed of the fireballs increases, the game is not too difficult to play.

What makes it difficult is the two-player competition. You see, the opponent can’t go beyond you. So use your character to push and/or block your opponent as a fireball rains down upon them. It’s a deliciously evil online game to play with friends.

  • No sign-up necessary
  • Maximum two players
  • Players play simultaneously
  • Play with friends online, but on the same PC

4. Gravity Shift

Gravity Shift is a two-player puzzle solving game where you have to work as a team

Most two-player online games focus on a 1v1 dynamic. Instead, Gravity Shift makes you team up for a common goal of solving physics-based puzzles. Each player controls an on-screen character, one with the W, S, A, D keys and the other with the arrow keys.

In each level, you need to move the characters so that all buttons are pressed to open the portal to the next level. There are gravity inverting tiles, where you can change your character’s gravity. It’s all about coordination and puzzle-solving as a team.

  • No sign-up necessary
  • Maximum two players
  • Players play simultaneously
  • Play with friends online, but on the same PC

5. Money Movers

Money Movers is a two-player team game to play a browser game with a friend on the same computer

Here’s another online game to play with friends as a team. In Money Movers, you play as two brothers who have to stage a daring jailbreak. Each level takes you further out of prison, as you use the abilities of each brother to solve the puzzle and get to the exit.

The big burly brother can pick up and throw objects, but has limited movement. The little brother has speed and jumps high. Using a combination of their abilities, you need to flip switches, avoid or incapacitate guards, and think of clever ways to get out of a jam. Some levels are quite tough, and you and your friend will have a great time trying to figure it out. Two heads are better than one, they say.

Plus, once you’re done with the game, there are two sequels to enjoy. Check out Money Movers 2 and Money Movers 3.

  • No sign-up necessary
  • Maximum two players
  • Players play simultaneously
  • Play with friends online, but on the same PC

Online Games to Play With Friends on Different Computers

6. Battleship Online

Play Battleship Online in a browser against a friend or a random opponent

There are plenty of places to enjoy a free game of Battleship online 10 Places To Enjoy A Free Game Of Online Battleship Battleship predates even World War I. From paper and pencil, the game has successfully transitioned into mobiles, iPhones and iPads. Read More , but this one is our favorite. The rules stay the same as always. Invite your friend by sending a link, set up your 10×10 grids with different battleships, say you’re ready, and begin.

Click anywhere on your friend’s grid to try and sink his battleship, and keep playing till one of you is out of ships. If you don’t have a friend online, play a random game with a stranger. There are always people online for a quick game.

  • No sign-up necessary
  • Maximum two players
  • Players play in turns
  • Play with friends online on different computers

7. Lichess

Lichess is still the best free online chess game for browsers to have a quick match against a friend or a random opponent

If you want a battle of wits, there is nothing like a game of chess. Lichess is perhaps the best browser game for chess if you want to quickly jump into a game with a real person without even signing up.

The graphics are pleasing to the eye, and you can try different time intervals. Plus, there’s a chatroom, game modes (like Chess960, Antichess, King of the Hill, etc.), and even an analysis board. Our favorite feature is that you can request to take back a move, which is wonderful when playing a game between friends.

  • No sign-up necessary
  • Maximum two players
  • Players play in turns
  • Play with friends online on different computers

8. Speed Sudoku

Play against two to four friends or strangers to solve Sudoku the fastest in Speed Sudoku

Sudoku is a fun brain-teaser, but you can make it competitive. That’s what Speed Sudoku is all about. Who would have thought you can play Sudoku with friends online over the internet.

Sign up and create a new game or join an existing one. You can have a maximum of four players, but you can also play between the two of you. Password-protect your game to keep it private. While you’re solving, you will also see the other players’ progress in terms of percentage, which keeps your competitive engine running.

  • Sign-up necessary
  • Maximum four players
  • Players play simultaneously
  • Play with friends online on different computers

9. Cube Slam

Cube Slam is a free two-player browser game you can play online with friends anywhere

Cube Slam is a cool game from Google that works in any browser, not just Chrome. It’s a virtual version of air hockey or pong, with a few twists and boosters to add to the fun.

Create a new game, and share the link with a friend. You can even allow access to your webcam and microphone to see and talk to each other. Move your paddle with the arrow keys to stop the puck from hitting your side. Each level is a race to three points. Use power-ups when you can, and watch out for advanced levels with tricky designs.

  • No sign-up necessary
  • Maximum two players
  • Players play simultaneously
  • Play with friends online on different computers

10. 8-Ball Online

Play a quick game of pool against a friend or random player online in your browser at 8ball.online

8 Ball Online is one of the quickest ways to start a game of pool online, but it’s tricky to play against a friend. You both will need to be using the game at the same time, and hope to get matched. You can log in with your Facebook or Google account, but signing in isn’t necessary.

It’s unclear why 8-Ball Online doesn’t have a simple option to select an opponent or invite a friend. Thankfully, there aren’t too many people online, so you should be able to set up a game in a few tries. The game’s physics are fantastic, and there’s a helpful indicator to show where the ball is likely to go to.

  • No sign-up necessary
  • Maximum two players
  • Players play in turns
  • Play with friends online on different computers

Best Free Browser Games to Check Out

This is a solid list of brilliant two-player games you can play online with friends. However, it isn’t an exhaustive list by any means. In fact, you can search online for other cool games where you can add more than two players as well.

The problem is that you won’t always have a friend who is free to play games online. Sometimes, you can go with a simple free browser game for a single player. Here’s a great list of the best free browser games to help you kill time The Best Free Browser Games to Kill Time Looking for the best free browser games? Search no more! We've collected tons of awesome free browser games you can kill time with anywhere. Read More .

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