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10 Free Music Albums From People With Stories [Sound Sunday June 5th]

Tina Sieber 05-06-2011

Move to a Sound Sunday!


Music is made by people and they all have their own compelling story. In this edition of Sound Sunday you will find music from the mysterious Moses Luster, the former surf professional Timmy Curran, the student and entrepreneur Peter Sobot, the Sci-Fi songwriter John Anealio, a Man Mantis, and many more. Their music doesn’t necessarily tell their story, but it’s certainly no less compelling.

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Moses Luster and the Hollywood Lights – I’m The Lion

Genre: alternative, electronic, folk, country, noir

Moses Luster is an elusive man whose album is spreading far and wide on the net. Except for his Bandcamp page, he has no known online presence and few know the man. One Arthur Brown of Unclean Magazine writes that he saw Moses play in an off strip casino in Vegas in the late nineties. Over a decade later, Moses Luster has released an album, which will leave an imprint.

I’m The Lion is a name your price download from Bandcamp.


Timmy Curran – Options

Genre: alternative, americana, folk, pop

From Wikipedia: “Tim Curran is a musician, retired professional surfer and a spokesperson for the Surfrider Foundation. During his successful surfing career, he was one of the best surfers on the World Championship Tour, and was consistently in contention for the world championship.” In 2004 Timmy released his first EP, followed by three full-length albums.

Options is a free wav album download from Timmy Curran’s Homepage.

Peter Sobot – The Idea

Genre: alternative, electronic, rock, metal


Peter Sobot is a musician, web developer, entrepreneur, and student from Ontario, Canada. The Idea is his second solo album, which came to life amidst other projects, including a chiptune album, an open-source web journal, a space management start-up, and many others. Peter was previously featured on Sound Sunday with his debut album Story of Flight.

The Idea is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

John Anealio – Angry Robot Remix

Genre: folk, geek, nerd, rock, remix

This album shows the power of remixes. John Anealio originally wrote Angry Robot with Matt Forbeck, author of Angry Robot Books. In a remix contest held by ARB the winners could earn a spot in an upcoming novel. In addition, five artists had their remix featured on this album.


Angry Robot Remix is a free download from Bandcamp.

Tiger Mountain – selftitled

Genre: indie, lo-fi, pop

New York’s latest rock and roll sensation named themselves after a mountain in the US state of Washington. The band features singers/guitarists Mike Jackson and Tyler Lenane, formerly of Girltoucher, ex Murphy’s Law bassist Dean Rispler, and ex Nada Surf drummer Aaron Conte.

Tiger Mountain is a free download from Bandcamp.


Man Mantis – Cities Without Houses

Genre: indie, instrumental, downtempo, electronic, avant garde, hip hop

From his World Around Record page: “Man Mantis is a DJ, producer and multimedia artist living in Madison, Wisconsin, where he’s spent the last several years establishing himself as a major presence in the local music scene. Since the release of his first album, Dawn of the Def, he has continuously polished his unique sound, which seamlessly blends the soulful, organic feel of samples with glistening synthesizers and crisp drums.

Cities Without Houses is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

The Body Electric – Positive Charge

Genre: rock, punk, hard rock

free album download From their Facebook Biography: “Rock & Roll that sometimes sounds like Punk and Indie Rock. For Fans of Alkaline Trio, The Cure, Bayside, Coldplay, The Kinks, Bad Religion, The Beatles, Foo Fighters. Yep, you will find a little bit of all that here.

Positive Charge is a free download from Heartthrob Media.

Polar Aviation – Narvik

Genre: experimental, electronic

The man behind Polar Aviation is UK born Andrew Haines. From his Energostatic artist page: “The Polar Aviation audio/visual project aims to be experimental in outlook whilst developing an eclectic series of distinct and characteristic works. The project hopes to draw upon various aspects from several notable contemporary electronic music genres, whilst negotiating a path between the ‘deep analogue’ and ‘innovative digital’ schools of electronics. Thus, a symbiosis of modified experimental software and vintage analogue hardware are intended as the primary tools of the project. Aspects of experimental graphic design and photography are also intended to enhance and accompany audio material.

Narvik is a free download from the Internet Archive.

Remuziq – Music For Humans

Genre: instrumental, pop

Remuziq :: Music For Humans :: Album Taster from Remuziq on Vimeo.

From Remuziq’s about page: “Have you ever listened to an old song and thought: “..they don’t make music like that anymore!” Well you’re right, they don’t! Much of modern music relies heavily on digital recording techniques, and is primarily driven by market forces and fashion trends; the whole process of recording and producing music has fundamentally changed. Our philosophy is simple: Record great music that people can enjoy again and again.

Music for Humans is a free download from the Remuziq Homepage.

Geotic – Mend [Broken Link Removed]

Genre: ambient, electronic

From Snipe: “Geotic is the ambient side-project of California electro-pop whizzkid Baths, a.k.a. Will Wiesenfeld. Maintaining the lo-fi aesthetic but eschewing the scatter-gun beats of his day job, he’s recorded an album of fuzzy, guitar-led instrumentals called ‘Mends’ and made the whole thing available for free via his website. Recorded in four days over the xmas period (in a toilet presumably), Mends wraps itself around you like a warm towel, as all records legally should at this time of year.

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  1. tigerbro
    July 11, 2011 at 11:35 pm

    None of the information about Tiger Mountain is correct. That must be another band called tiger Mountain. This tiger mountain is dude from Dinosaur Feathers and dude from Shark?

    • Tina
      July 12, 2011 at 2:25 am


      thank you for the heads-up! I remember having trouble finding which one was the right Tiger Mountain band and I was pretty sure this was it.

      It's often difficult to track down the artist, especially when they do not share band links on their Bandcamp page. Do you have a link for the correct website, for example a homepage, MySpace or Facebook page?