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10 Free MP3 Albums From Instrumental Bass To Hardcore Metal [Sound Sunday November 6th]

Tina Sieber 06-11-2011

Sound Sunday is a weekly feature sharing free albums in various genres of artists from around the world. In this edition I will take you on a musical journey from an instrumental album recorded with a custom made 5 string bass guitar, all the way to a hardcore metal EP.


Please share your thoughts and post your feedback in the comments. Album submissions, suggestions, and genre requests via email [tina at makeuseof dot com] are most welcome!

Andres Rotmistrovsky – Solo Bass Songs Live Vol. 1

Genre: instrumental, bass, melody, jazz

From his Facebook page: “Andres Rotmistrovsky is a New York City based bassist, producer, composer and arranger. (…) Has appeared in venues such as Carnegie Hall, Latin Grammys, Apollo Theater, Nokia Theater and Boston Symphony Hall. Has toured the U.S. and the world several times (e.g., Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia) with various jazz/world and Latin groups. (…) Andres’ unique and innovative style of arranging and playing popular songs for Solo-Bass guitar called the attention of music critics and listeners all over the globe.

Solo Bass Songs Live Vol. 1 is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

Dusk Warrior – Overdrive Sunrise

Genre: music library, pop, r&b, instrumental


Nicholas Shapiro recorded this album with his best friend Mike Osso and together they are Dusk Warrior. Nicholas about the album: “I spent the better part of a year making this album indebted to a genre of music called “Music Library”, which was extremely popular in the 60’s and 70’s. To sum it up briefly, this type of pop instrumental music served as a soundtrack to television themes, sports broadcasts, films, general store boutiques and newscasts. The artists would be assigned and paid for a certain project and then their music would basically be public domain. I wanted to honor this forgotten genre and give away my album, Overdrive Sunrise, for free and follow suit.” Via Smoke Don’t Smoke

Overdrive Sunrise is a free download from Bandcamp.

Shawn Smith – The Diamond Hand

Genre: rock, soul, piano

From his Homepage: “After 7 unbelievably prolific years with several bands, Shawn Smith launched his solo career in 1999 with each a studio and live release. Shawn has followed up his solo debut with two additional full-length records and a ton of digital-only singles. Three of Shawn’s solo tracks have been used for pivotal scenes in the HBO series, The Sopranos in addition to one of his Pigeonhed songs. Shawn’s “signature” song is the gorgeous Wrapped in My Memory, taken from his Shield of Thorns album (2003).


The Diamond Hand is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

Hamdan Al Abri – Selftitled

Genre: experimental, soul

From his Facebook page: “Hamdan began singing and collaborating with numerous groups and bands in Dubai and abroad, gaining experience and improving his vocal technique, songwriting, and performing abilities. He is the front man and one of the founding members of the Dubai based soul band ABRI releasing two albums (Sunchild & Blank Notes) and touring with the band in India, Bahrain, UK, Maldives & U.A.E., performing alongside Erykah Badu, Ziggy Marley, Kanye West Josh Stone, Kelly Rowland and Arrested Development. After a four year stint with ABRI that began in 2006, Hamdan decided that it was time to start working on his solo career.

Hamdan Al Abri‘s selftitled al is a free download from Bandcamp.


Major 3rd Productions – EPIC

Genre: pop, gospel, r&b, mixtape

Major3rd Productions is a collective of songwriters and producers, presently headed by Gerald Jones, Justin Djuane Francis, and Carlos Woodard. EPIC is a compilation album featuring Gospel artists Paula Champion, Stephanie Goldsmith, and Virtue.

EPIC is a free download from Bandcamp.

SertOne – WIDTS

Genre: instrumental, beats, hip hop


SertOne is a beat music artist from Portadown, Northern Ireland, who is presently located in Liverpool, UK.

WIDTS is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

Peachcake – This Wasn’t Our Plan

Genre: electronic, indie, pop

From their Homepage: “Peachcake is designed to make you think. Over the years, some people have taken it in different stride. As gimmick, in seriousness, but most likely just in lively, good ‘ol fashion fun-provocation. Whatever the catalyst for the intrigue, liking, or conversely, any dislike, it’s an ever-evolving force of exuberance and uplifted aspiration, culminating to spread a message of Positivity, spearheaded by Stefan Pruett and his band of mayhem-inducing weirdos that don’t stray from frolicking in wonderment and wackiness.

This Wasn’t Our Plan is a free download from Bandcamp.

KB – Lost & Found

Genre: alternative, instrumental, chillout, lo-fi

KB is a songwriter and producer from Japan.

Lost & Found is a free download from Bandcamp.

the Midnight Lycan Party – Selftit

Genre: orechestra, goth, punk, rock

From their Facebook Biography: “THE almighty Midnight Lycan Party are a blistering riff-heavy homage to rock’s underground legacy. The genre-defying three-piece are a live phenomenon with a dark subversive heart that probably should carry a Government health warning. In short they are everything a cutting edge rock band should be, but rarely are – volatile, provocative and stimulating, with a truly sinister edge.

The Midnight Lycan Party EP is a free download from Bandcamp.

Darasuum – The EP (Remixed)

Genre: hardcore, metal, punk

From their Biography: “Darasuum began as an idea in the fall of 2009 when Daniel Barachkov and Gabe Ochoa were sending songs back and forth after their previous band, xBound In Bloodx had disbanded. The goal was just to write songs in the studio and never play shows or ever tour. That quickly changed when “Disgusting Me” and “Seasonal Friends” were written. The two, ecstatic over the two songs decided to create a band but keep the original goal in tact.

The EP (Remixed) is a free download from Bandcamp.

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