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Free Electronic Dance Music: Stream, Download & Party [Sound Sunday]

Tina Sieber 24-02-2014

After the party is before the party and a playlist is never completed. Add some fresh tunes to your electronic dance collection with free downloads from independent artists. That’s what Sound Sunday is for.


Dance Singles

Genre: electronic, ambient, pop

Genre: electronic, dance, house, edm

Genre: electronic, dance, dubstep, house, synthpop

Classic Dance Mix

Genre: electronic, dance, contrabass, clarinet, dubstep, house, jazz

Moon Hooch’s selftitled debut album is one to remember. Cave music they call it; like house, but different. Unfortunately not a free download, but a great free stream.

Mythical Dance

Genre: ambient, electronic, experimental, dance


Can you decode their message? 8-5-12-12-15-20-8-9-19-9-19-1-19-5-3-18-5-20-13-5-19-19-1-7-5-9-1-13-7-12-1-4-20-8-1-20-16-5-18-8-1-16-19-25-15-21-8-1-22-5- 12-9-19-20-5-14-5-4-20-15-1-19-15-21-14-4-9-8-1-22-5-13-1-4-5-9-6-25-15-21-5-14-10-15-25-5-4-1-19-15-21-14-4-9-1-19-11-25-15-21-6-15-18-25-15-21-18-19-21-16-16-15-18-20-9-4-12-9-11-5-20-15-3-15-14-20-9-14-21-5-13-1-11-9-14-7-19-15-21-14-4-19-20-8-1-14-11-25-15-21
Source: Bandcamp

Russ Tunes

Genre: electronic, trance, dance, drum & bass, chillout, house

Russ is a celebration in Norway where people use a theme tune for their celebration tours. The tracks in the album were made for a different groups of people who asked me to custom make a track to their liking. I am now releasing them as one free package so anyone can enjoy it.
Source: Bandcamp

All The Hype

Genre: electronic, edm, dubstep

D4RKSTAR5 is the moniker of Antonio Venegas. Glassland is his first release with the Los Angeles record label All The Hype.
Source: XYZ

80s Dance

Genre: electronic, edm, house, chillwave, synthwave

Follow up to the “End Of Line” re-score. This album is dedicated to, and inspired by the amazing soundtrack and film Escape From New York.
Source: Bandcamp

90s Dance

Genre: electronic, dance, synthesizer


With this record, filmmaker and musician Anthony Scott Burns, aka Pilotpriest, releases self-composed soundtracks from the 90s.
Source: XYZ

Poppy Dance

Genre: indie, electronic, dance, edm, pop

FOUR is TROPO’s first studio album in years and will will be shortly accompanied by her darker sister album, Holographic! TROPO recorded both releases in one studio performance on March 30th, 2013
Source: Bandcamp


Genre: electronic, dance, house, techno

This is my debut album that I am happy to share. It is a collection of a bunch of songs that I have been working on for a few months now, after spending a lot of time, effort and money to get it released I would be very happy for you to listen, download and share my work as you please. I also welcome some critique also, I made this music for my own pleasure and benefit but I would like to share it with you.
Source: Bandcamp

Genre: dance, pop, house

Ambient Dance

Genre: ambient, electronic, dance


Reactor is a high energy collision of electronic sound and rhythms that will shatter any dance floor. Banned on Mars for disturbing the peace.
Source: Bandcamp (no longer available)

Genre: ambient, electronic, dance, avant-garde, pop, house synth pop

Dance The Night Away

Which album was your favorite and which ones made it to your playlist?
And which genres do you need more of on your playlist? Make a pick for next week!

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    February 19, 2017 at 7:05 am

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  2. ZPL
    March 4, 2014 at 12:42 am

    Mythical Dance! Radical. Thanks for sharing my tunes.

  3. Jeremy G
    February 24, 2014 at 4:25 am

    I came across Moon Hooch only last week, and was delighted to see them on this list. They appear to be electronic only in their use of looping, with their instruments being 2 saxophones and a drum set

    • Tina S
      February 24, 2014 at 1:19 pm

      I discovered them a while ago and featured the track Contra, which you can download for free from Bandcamp.