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Sound Sunday: 10 Free MP3 Albums To Download [December 5th Edition]

Tina Sieber 05-12-2010

Sound Sunday enters December. In the aftermath of Thanksgiving and the wake of Christmas, this is the time to get moving and what could be more stimulating than music? Add some rock, metal, punk, season with pop, hip hop, americana, and electronic, then mix gently and start your workout.


This is also the season of giving. If you discover an album you love, please donate a few dollars to reward the hard work that has gone into making the music available to you. It will be much appreciated!

Brett Detar – Bird In The Tangle

Genre: americana, roots music, country

Singer / songwriter Brett Detar is chronically under the influence of something, including coffee, sleep deprivation, bourbon, or music. It certainly doesn’t hurt his music. New York isn’t home, but it’s where he works as songwriter, producer, and lyricist for film and pop music. It’s a living, which funds his true passion: americana and roots music.

You can preview three songs from Bird In The Tangle above. Download the entire 11 track album from Brett’s Homepage.



Girl Talk – All Day

Genre: pop

free album Illegal Art is Girl Talk’s record label. However, Gregg Michael Gillis’ (the guy behind the pseudonym) album is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license. All Day is an album that is intended to be listened as a whole. This is why Illegal Art offers one seamless file for download. For convenience you can also download the album with separated tracks.

All Day is a free download from Girl Talk’s label Illegal Art.


The Animal Upstairs – Is Anybody Upstairs?

Genre: experimental, rock, acoustic, crunk


Is Anybody Upstairs? is a debut for Andy Mrotek, who started with four songs and soon became addicted to creating his own music. In his ANI-MAL-NIFESTO he writes that free music, real music, gets paid in goosebumps, not in dollars. As long as it’s worth it…

Get the album free from Bandcamp.


Cubic Zirconia – The Remixes

Genre: disco house, emotronic, tropical, hip hop

free music Cubic Zirconia are part of LuckyMe, “an extended family of musicians and artists founded in Scotland, UK” (…) “as a pipe dream to make hip hop in a place that was not on the map for hip hop.” Interestingly, Cubic Zirconia are from New York, USA. In celebration of their debut appearance in London and the release of their album Follow Your Heart next year, LuckyMe have released a remix album for and of the band.

Download The Remixes as .zip file from FactMag.



Genre: indie, electronic, experimental, dark gaze, hip hop

Solpics – One Of A Hundred is a group of underground hip hop and rap artists from Los Angeles, California. ETCETRA is one of many, but the music is all unique.

TrogӢloӢdyte is a free download from Bandcamp.



Rock Now! – Underground United

Genre: rock, heavy metal, thrash metal

music downloads The Brazilian record label Rock Now! has released a sampler featuring 12 different bands: Blackadder, Slasher, Souls For Sale, Branding, Thriven, Kamala, Kliav, Medofobia, Meant to Suffer, Prototype X, Bloodown, Los Baldes, and Renato Albanez.

The compilation is available from the Rock Now! Homepage. The downloads are powered by Mediafire and MegaUpload.

Rock Now! MySpace and Homepage.

BRONZE – selftitled

Genre: indie, rock, punk rock, post rock

Blood brothers Charlie H. Davis III and Ian Menard founded BRONZE after the breakup of their previous band Detachment Kit. Jess Birch and Ian MacDermut complete the Brooklyn quartet. Their music is described as “boisterous rock anthems with spot on percussion and heavy hip-shaking beats.” Agreed!

Download the selftitled album free from Bandcamp.


Severed Fifth – Nightmares By Design

Genre: heavy metal, thrash metal, death metal

cool free music As announced in a previous edition of Sound Sunday, Severed Fifth have meanwhile released their second album. The 11 track album was self-produced and self-released by Bay Area artist Jono Bacon. Like the debut album it is released under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license.

Nightmares By Design is available from their Homepage. You can download .mp3 or .ogg files one song at a time or in a .zip archive.


GARDEN – Golden Sails

Genre: indie, experimental, shoegaze

GARDEN is an independent shoegaze collective from Dayton, Ohio. Stephen from Indie Vision Music reviews the album as follows: “Golden Sails is a fictional side-narrative to the Exodus of the Israelites from captivity. The music flows from one track to another similar to a concept album. (…) There is a tremendous amount of talent with the solos, vocals, instrumentals and heartfelt lyrics. If you are into experimental indie grunge music and are looking for a new type of listening experience check out GARDEN.

Preview and download the album from Noise Trade below.


Jonathan Class – Connect The Dots

Genre: electronic, instrumental

Jonathan Class from Indianapolis, Indiana runs no MySpace profile or Homepage to promote his music. On his Facebook profile he writes that he makes music mostly for himself, with no intent of making money. The world needs more idealistic and highly talented people like this!

Preview and download Connect The Dots from Noise Trade above.

Jonathan Class on Facebook.

Past editions of Sound Sunday are available here. Feel free to get in touch with me [tina at makeuseof dot com] to share free material or suggestions and feedback you don’t want to post in the comments below.

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