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11 Free Instrumental MP3 Albums To Relax And Calm Down [Sound Sunday]

Tina Sieber 20-05-2012

Sound Sunday is a weekly feature providing the best free album downloads. Every edition invites you to explore various genres and artists from around the world. If you happen to be a little stressed these days, let these instrumental albums help you calm down and relax.


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We welcome you to submit your music, send suggestions with free albums you have discovered, or request genres we haven’t covered in a while. For all Sound Sunday related inquiries, please contact Tina [tina at makeuseof dot com].

Emily King – The Seven EP Instrumentals

Genre: instrumental, rhythm’n’blues, folk, pop, soul

From her Bio: “Born in New York City in 1985, singer/songwriter Emily King grew up surrounded by the music of her parents, jazz vocal duo Kim and Marion. By her late teens, she was playing shows in restaurants and venues around New York City including CBGB’S and The Bitter End. (…) King’s carefully crafted compositions are the perfect vehicle for her polished, lush vocals that harbor both an innocence and honesty. A gentle mix of soul, folk and rock influences, King’s music emotes the kind of straight to the point storytelling that’s reminiscent of singer/songwriters of the 1970’s.

The Seven EP Instrumentals is a free download from Bandcamp.


RUSCONI – Revolution [No Longer Available]

Genre: alternative, experimental, improvised, instrumental, pop

From the album page: “On REVOLUTION, you will find us whistling, clapping, scratching, improvising, rattling, and singing; grand piano, drums, double bass, distortion, feedback, space echo, instrumental preparations, and a cassette recorder make REVOLUTION a synthesis of our new musical course and of sound, which we have developed during the last few years while touring. One of the songs features U.S. based guitar player Fred Frith as a special guest.

Revolution is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

James Roach – Standards and Practices

Genre: electronic, instrumental, jazz, piano, chiptune


James Roach is a 26 year old musician, who started playing the piano at the young age of 4.

Standards and Practices is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

B.K. Ferris – Bokonon

Genre: experimental, instrumental, pop, rock

From his SoundCloud profile: “Employing a sonic who’s-who of music over the last century, The Van Allen Belt created an unprecedented musical style that is catching among communities of music and art aficionados. Influenced by a variety of artists -ground-breaking and legendary as well as under-appreciated and long forgotten- The Van Allen Belt stitch their influences directly into their album sleeves.


Bokonon is a free download from Bandcamp.

DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS – Los Dias De Junio [Broken Link Removed]

Genre: alternative, indie, instrumental, hardcore, post-rock, punk rock

From their record label profile: “The band recorded and produced their sophomore album Los Dias De Junio in a movie theatre in Zagreb by themselves, with some additional help from their friends. (…) Structured in a similar manner as the band’s s/t (2004, hmrl003), Los Dias De Junio is full of glorious moments. It is a carefully constructed album with equal parts of minimalist swell and swirling tension of sound providing each instrument in the texture plenty of space. There is an unspeakable clarity that runs through this record. Mesmerizing subtlety can be heard in aery guitars and lush piano which interweave through the solid and sturdy rhythms. Despite the despodent atmosphere, these nine songs do not appear crestfallen, but provide the sense of ease and placidity with the turbulent undertow.

Los Dias De Junio is a name your price download from Bandcamp.


C.O.S.A. – C-City Instrumentals Vol?.?1

Genre: instrumental, beat, hip hop

C.O.S.A. is a Japanese rapper and beatmaker, who also performs with the band Chiryu-Yonkers.

C-City Instrumentals Vol?.?1 is a free download from Bandcamp.

Black Einstein – Brain’s Beats

Genre: instrumental, soul, hip hop

Black Einstein is London-based Colin Emmanuel’s solo/band project.

Brain’s Beats is a free download from Bandcamp.

DJ Aktual – Raw Sessions: The Beat Tape

Genre: instrumental, hip hop, rap

DJ Aktual is a DJ and producer from California, who belongs to one quarter to Drop DJs and one half to Internal Affairs. From the album page: “this project was particularly made through out 2008. Each beat composed with the most inexpensive tools and sampled through a Technics 1200 turntable. Chopped samples, mixed, but not mastered. Hence “The Beat Tape”. The old way to record a “Demo” was through a cassette in the early days.. So intentionally, I composed this project as it was meant, for example… if I was going to hand this demo to a record exec. for them to take a quick listen.

Raw Sessions: The Beat Tape is a free download from Bandcamp.

Super Beats – Be My Guest

Genre: instrumental, experimental, soul, rhythm’n’blues, hip hop

From their Facebook page: “sheridan bennett also know as super B(Super Beats) was born in a city called Nottingham a small city in the east midlands, who had the passion and love for music from early ages as his mother also had a passion in music. (…) Super B found him self having a big passion for old school Hip Hop, Soul and R&B and began to start creating his own style writing songs and making beats. During the year 2010 super B started his degree in Music and Sonic Media at London South Bank University, where he is now using Logic 9 and Reason 5.

Be My Guest is a free download from Bandcamp.

Potatohead People – Mellowtunes

Genre: electronic, instrumental, jazz, beats, hip hop

From the album page: “Mellowtunes is the latest collection of instrumentals from the Vancouver production duo Potatohead People, known separately as Nick Wisdom and AstroLogical. The album is composed of laid back grooves, lush sampled textures, Fender rhodes, live guitar and synth lines, deftly mixed for an overall smoothed out vibe. Look out for full length albums from both these artists in the near future.

Mellowtunes is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

Murnau – Drone Ep 1

Genre: ambient, alternative, indie, electronica, instrumental, new wave, post-rock, shoegaze, drone

From their Facebook Biography: “Murnau is a band based on Reggio Calabria (Italy). Actually Murnau are performing music where reverberate and ethereal guitars, together with the rhythmic and hypnotic strength of bass part and drums are approaching to an indie,wave, post-rock and shoegazing sound, however keeping a personal and researched style.
Also have a look at Murnau’s Drone Ep 2, which was released earlier this year.

Drone Ep 1 is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

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