10 Essential Websites For IT Managers Wanting To Stay In The Loop

Angela Randall 05-06-2012

websites for it managersHave you suddenly been promoted from regular coder to team leader or manager? Or have you recently side-stepped your way from managing one group of people you understood well to leading an office full of geeks? It doesn’t really matter how you got into IT management, you still need to know both how to manage well and how to lead a team of geeks.


As far as online entertainment goes, this means your ideal morning RSS feed should contain both management gems and important news in the world of IT. In order to help you find the best blogs to hit both needs, we’ve collected a list of the most essential websites for IT managers. After a while following these sites, you’ll be re-evaluating your management techniques and being right on top of all the big changes in the world of IT. It couldn’t be easier.

1. Business Insider

Business Insider is devoted to a very general idea of business, which could get a bit much. However, if you focus on the Tech/Media section and the Strategy section you will find plenty to inspire and inform IT professionals.

websites for it managers

2. Tech Republic

Tech Republic is entirely dedicated to tech-related news from a career and business perspective, so it’s an ideal read for IT managers. There’s a whole section dedicated to IT management and other career-related posts. Plus, there’s a lot of articles on networks, security, IT support and development. This is actually part of the ZDNet network, as well.

websites for it professionals


3. Bloomberg Business Week

Business Week itself covers a lot of business-related ground, but it does have two important sections that IT leaders should check out: The Management and Technology sections. You’ll get some great updates from these sections covering most of your IT management needs.

websites for it professionals

4. CIO

CIO is really business focused, in particular writing posts for business executives. However, they have a lot of tech-related articles designed to inform readers of how mobile and Internet applications can help them in their careers. It’s perfect reading for an IT professional.

websites for it professionals


5. ZDNet Small Business

While Tech Republic covers most of what ZDNet thinks is relevant to IT professionals, there is also a lot to be found in ZDNet’s small business section. There is a lot of relevant information on business products and warnings for managers in IT.

it management websites

6. Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review contains a number of business blogs written by published authors. Mainly they are targeting the executive readership, but the information is useful for managers of any level with an academic interest in business. There is a huge amount to be learned here.

it management websites


7. Ars Technica Business

Ars Technica is a great read for IT professionals interested in staying abreast of gadgets and tech news. It’s also got a great dedicated section for business posts, ensuring you can focus on just the most relevant information for your IT career.

it management websites

8. Dale Carnegie Blog

It doesn’t look like much and isn’t as well organised as some of the other blogs, but the Dale Carnegie blog covers some of the most important questions a good IT manager could have. Since Carnegie specialises in training IT professionals, they do ensure their blog is ideal reading for those in IT.

10 Essential Websites For IT Managers Wanting To Stay In The Loop Best Websites IT Managers Dale Carnegie Blog


9. Seth’s Blog

Seth Godin is well known for being a marketing genius and writing several great books on business marketing in particular. To share his expertise, Seth blogs about big ideas in small posts for easy digestion and maximum thought provocation. Seth is big on ideas and he really will make you think.

Even if you don’t feel that marketing is a big part of your role, you’ll be surprised at how relevant these ideas will become in board meetings and even when motivating your team to work on the important things.

websites for it managers

10. MakeUseOf

Of course, we should mention MakeUseOf. Specifically, check out our articles on business, time management, project management and the news section for the most relevant news for IT managers.

10 Essential Websites For IT Managers Wanting To Stay In The Loop Best Websites IT Managers MUO News

What are your favourite websites that feature the business side of IT or other useful stuff for IT managers? Tell us in the comments!

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