10 Cool Websites Featuring Draw Something Art

Dave Parrack 20-06-2012

draw something artDraw Something is a mobile app that started life at OMGPOP but ended up at Zynga after the latter bought the former for $180 million in March 2012. Zynga might have paid over the odds for the company in order to get its hands on the game, which at the time was growing in popularity at an Angry Birds-style rate.


Draw Something isn’t as popular as it once was, with a notable drop in the number of active users of late. However, there are still millions of people playing the game on the smartphones and tablets, and they’re creating drawings some consider art. What follows are 10 websites whose raison d’être is featuring art created using Draw Something.


draw something art

Draw-Something labels itself the “#1 Unofficial Fan Site” for Draw Something, and is run by people who “love sharing cool drawings and wanted to have a platform to share tips, tricks and news.”

This mission statement is somewhat accurate as well, with sections on the site for news updates, cheats, and for top drawings. The latter features everything from a tortoise to Captain Jack Sparrow and everything in between.

Best Of Draw Something

draw something blog


Best Of Draw Something does exactly what the title suggests it does: offer the best of Draw Something. Apart from a Helper/Solver/Cheat tool that basically solves the scrambled letters for you without the need to even see the picture, the rest of the site is all about the art.

There are sections for the Best Drawings and the Latest Drawings, with a Hall of Fame displaying the best artists and artwork to have been featured on the site. You can also rate drawings or submit your own drawings by logging in with your Facebook account.

Draw Something Tumblr

draw something blog

The Draw Something Tumblr is curated by people “in no way affiliated with OMGPOP … just overly obsessed with this game.” Being on the Tumblr platform means this is as simple as they come, with picture after picture of art created on Draw Something.


Some of the Draw Something art displayed on this site is magnificent, some only average. But it all demonstrates how much time and energy people put into the game, and how much inherent artistic talent there is out there just waiting to be explored.

I Can Draw Something

draw something blog

I Can Draw Something should perhaps be renamed ‘I Can Draw Anything’, because the people whose artwork is featured could probably take any word you throw at them and represent it with a drawing. Unlike myself who can take any drawing you throw at me and write a thousand-word essay on it.

Art Of Draw Something [No Longer Available]

draw something


Art Of Draw Something is another website that says it all with the title. These are the drawings created for the game that few could argue against constituting art. You may not want to hang any of these creations in a gallery, but they’re certainly worth viewing online.

There is another Draw Something puzzle solver, and of course you can upload your own submission to the site, but most people will want to view other people’s work. The Masterpieces section in particular features some awe-inspiring creations that go above and beyond what was necessary for the game.

Bobby’s Draw Something Addiction

draw something

Bobby’s Draw Something Addiction is out of control. I actually have no idea who the titular Bobby is but he’s clearly got a problem. Then again I guess being addicted to a free Zynga app is preferable to being addicted to a lot of other things.


The site sees Bobby posting his Draw Something creations. This guy can draw, so well in fact that you end up pondering why he’s only creating art on Draw Something rather than anything more serious, professional, or worthy.

Draw Something Showcase

draw something

Draw Something Showcase showcases Draw Something art. Looking through the selection of submitted artwork shows how vastly people’s styles differ from one another. Some use flat colors, others dots, some aim for simple, others for obtuse.

There are specific sections dedicated to Star Wars, celebrities, and Pokemon. As well as the personal favorites of the person who runs the site. You can also submit your own “masterpiece” and you will receive a credit on the site for doing so.

Draw Something Gallery

10 Cool Websites Featuring Draw Something Art draw something gallery

Draw Something Gallery has a heady mix of artwork, not all of it amazing. This is kind of refreshing, as you’ll more likely to see something close to what you yourself could create on this site than the others.

Thankfully there is also a ‘Best Of Draw Something’ section that sorts the wheat from the chaff. The staff pick their favorite artwork from all that is submitted, and some are absolutely amazing.

Drawn Something

10 Cool Websites Featuring Draw Something Art drawn something

Drawn Something is another Tumblr that features nothing but people’s Draw Something artwork. Again the quality is mixed, with some drawings making me declare, “I could have done that!” By some I mean one or two, because I suck at Draw Something.

Ignore Hitler

draw something art

Ignore Hitler is my favorite site on this list and the one which actually started my fascination with seeing other people’s artistic creations based around Draw Something. Yes it’s a little risqué but it’s a great idea that could alter the essence of Draw Something if everyone playing it followed suit.

The site features nothing but pictures from Draw Something where Hitler makes an appearance. The thing is his presence is completely superfluous, so you can happily ignore him and still guess the word correctly. Genius.


You may have visited all these sites and come away unconvinced that what people create on Draw Something should be considered art. Or you may have gaped in awe at what is capable 5 Fun Draw Something Videos for the Addicted Draw Something is the current darling of the mobile games industry, having achieved huge popularity around the world in a short space of time. In fact, it's been crowned the fastest-growing mobile game of all... Read More using nothing more than a free app, a touchscreen, and a finger or stylus. Either way these 10 websites feature the best art of Draw Something.

Have you played the game? If so what do you think of it? Are you one of the many people who sampled it to see what all the fuss was about? Or have you left it well alone? Whatever your views on the subject matter we here at MakeUseOf are always happy to hear from you, so feel free to leave feedback in the comments section below.

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