10 Cool Movie Trivia Games For Film Buffs

Saikat Basu 16-03-2010

10 Cool Movie Trivia Games For Film Buffs QuizWhat is the longest movie ever made?


Got the answer? Well, I will put the answer at the end of this article but I hope you got the point behind the quiz. If you get it correct, you have the taste for trivia that probably goes with your taste for good movies.

The word “˜trivia’, literally stands for something which is of not much importance. But as trivia buffs know, in such trifling details lie oodles of fun. A heap of trivia knowledge on movies gives a movie buff a whole lot of bragging rights. It’s the same with sports as it is with movies.

There’s a broad line that separates a weekend watcher from a true cinema lover and that’s the cinematic general knowledge you carry along with your popcorn. Movie trivia is not only fun, but it is a slice of moviedom history as well. It is through movie trivia we get to know a lot more astonishing facts and surprising tidbits that add to the magic of movies.

When we brought out our Internet Guide for the Movie Freak, we missed out on giving cool movie trivia games and quizzes a spot of the limelight. A film and movie freak can dig out all the usual – and unusual – details of a movie without help, but to give movie lovers some heads up here are ten websites or webpages where you can find a bucketful of trivia questions.

Expand your knowledge or just have some fun testing your grey cells.


IMDb GameBase

cool movie trivia game

The Internet Movie Database is the ultimate reference for movies released around the world. But it is not just loads and loads of data. You also get to chill out with some cool games like Tile Slider where you arrange the tiles to make scenes from your favorite movies. There are levels too, from the easy to the super difficult. How fast can you solve it?

If that’s a bit too much then check out the trivia quiz, or The Hangman Game where you have to guess the answer or swing.

UGO – Star Wars Trivia Quiz

cool movie trivia game


You won’t become a Jedi master, but you will be able to hold your head high in the council of Star War fans if you manage to conquer this cool movie trivia game. A little video pops up and a fan just like you asks a question. Get the answer before the light saber beats you to the time.

Screenplay [No longer available]

cool movie trivia game

The two games featured here took me back to my school quizzes. Given a frame from a movie, you have to get the name. That’s the Frame by Frame game. If you think watching a 5 second clip and guessing is easier, think again because you might get a lot of answers wrong when you play Gone in 5 Seconds. Screenplay also has a puzzle game called Movie Madness and a normal quiz for those who like their games simple.


movie trivia questions and answers


Play against the community and find out how well you know a movie. The questions are put up through a host of Flash quizzes. The challenge is to get on the leaderboard.


movie trivia questions and answers

Visual and text quizzes and its trademarked Invisibles quiz are the hallmarks of this movie trivia website. In the Invisibles quiz, you are given a screenshot from a scene but with just the costumes of the characters. The characters are all invisible. How cool is that!

Check out the Filmwise forums too for a lot more content and contests.



movie trivia questions and answers

Follow the link and get into the site’s Movie Quizzes. You can sort the quizzes that are collected or browse them according to the genres given in the sidebar. The quizzes are of similar Q&A types but the sheer variety of topics makes them interesting challenges.

Popcorn Quiz

fun movie trivia

Play a clip and answer from the multiple choice answers given below it. Some of the clips really call upon your attention to detail while you are watching a film. For instance, watch a clip from Rocky IV and answer – The character Apollo Creed is known by all of the nicknames listed below except for”¦

Flixster Fun & Games

fun movie trivia

Just like IMDb, Flixster too is a movie info site. So it takes fun seriously too with its Fun & Games section. You can register and log in to share all the fun with the community or just play it alone. There are cool movie trivia games like The Never-Ending Movie Quiz, where users submit questions and keep the game going by answering those submitted by others.Play a round of Personality Tests and you can find out which Hollywood star you resemble the most. Then there are a host of user submitted quizzes to keep you busy if you get ditched by your date on a movie night.


fun movie trivia

Entertainment quizzes galore. These are a mix of trivia and tests. For instance, the question in the screenshot above will give you an inkling. But nearly all of them will test how much you really know about the movies.

TCM’s Fun Stuff [No Longer Available] 

10 Cool Movie Trivia Games For Film Buffs MovieGame7

Go into this trivia game if you really know your “˜Maltese Falcon’ from your “˜Casablanca’. Turner Classic Movies can really test your knowledge by asking you 15 trivia questions daily. Get yourself on the leaderboard or better still, ask your grandparents to play this game for a round of Sunday fun.

So, we come to the end credits for this post. In listing these ten sites for movie trivia, I hope the film buffs will really like the picks. Also, keeping the list to the number 10 meant leaving out a few more which I am sure are out there.

Heck! That’s what the comments section is for. Leave a mention of your own favorite movie trivia game or website. With movies, even many ain’t enough!

And the answer to the trivia question asked at the beginning? Here it is you movie buffs – Cinematon, an experimental film that was 151-hours long. You get points for getting it right.

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    May 22, 2010 at 9:58 pm

    I like this movie game site-

    Some are very hard

  2. Dennis
    May 22, 2010 at 7:58 pm

    I like this movie game site-

    Some are very hard