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10 Best LinkedIn Influencers To Follow For Job Search and Interview Advice

Mihir Patkar 12-11-2014

Getting a job isn’t easy in these tough times. The right advice can make it easy, whether it’s in how to write your resume or how to answer a tough interview question. Let LinkedIn’s experts help you out.


LinkedIn is the first step to connecting with people for your next job. You can also build your resume with it Resume Builder: Create a Resume From Your LinkedIn Profile Read More . But an oft-overlooked part of the social network is the wealth of information shared there by accomplished professionals. LinkedIn’s Pulse app makes it easy to discover professional news LinkedIn Integrates With Pulse For Professional News Aggregation, Social Sharing LinkedIn has now integrated heavily with Pulse to launch a new way of consuming professional news on mobile and desktop, replacing the current LinkedIn Today. Read More , with a lot of content being written by LinkedIn influencers. Here’s who you should be following if you are currently in the job market.

Laszlo Block


Let’s start with the big one, Laszlo Block, the Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google. A guy who handles hiring at one of the world’s most sought-after companies knows his way around a resume. Block has only three posts so far, but all of them are recent and went viral, so he will probably be writing more of these. Even if not, those three are worth their weight in gold.

Best post: My Personal Formula for a Winning Resume
Follow: Follow Laszlo Block and see all his posts

Liz Ryan



If Liz Ryan’s funky illustrations don’t make you want to follow her, her insights definitely will. The CEO and founder of Human Workplace, a career coaching firm, has tips on every step of your employment, from the job search to the interview and beyond. Plus, Ryan often posts tips for recruiters, which you can use to figure out how the other side of the table thinks.

Best post: “What Did You Earn At Your Last Job?”
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Lisa Gates


Negotiating your pay and perks is a big part of the interview process. To nail it, follow the advice of Lisa Gates, a negotiation coach and co-founder of She Negotiates. Gates offers generic career advice, which is also useful, but negotiation is her strong suit.


Best post: Negotiation Script for Getting More in Your Performance Review
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Meg Guiseppi


Executives need just as much help with their job hunt, and Guiseppi is here to address those needs. A self-described executive resume writer and personal branding expert, Guiseppi’s advice is usually more universal than the executives it aims for. Also, she shares several tips on networking, a crucial step in landing that interview, and how to better use your LinkedIn profile.

Best post: 10 Best Ways to Build Your Personal Brand Online
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Jeff Haden


A contributing editor for Inc. magazine, Jeff Haden writes about corporate culture, which often focuses on job searches, resumes, interviews and other such topics. Haden is full of tips on job interview questions and answers 8 Websites To Get Tips On Job Interview Questions & Answers Read More , so make sure you read him before the big day.

Best post: Great Ways to Respond When the Interviewer is Incompetent
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James Caan



Entrepreneur and investor James Caan posts on LinkedIn with a regularity that makes him a must-follow. Caan’s clarity in addressing issues is his best feature. His posts won’t ramble all over the place. Instead, he picks a topic and tells you one or a few practical and achievable ways to approach it.

Best post: How To Follow Up After An Interview
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Lou Adler


Lou Adler is the author of The Essential Guide For Hiring & Getting Hired. Needless to say, many of his posts deal with the job hunt. His extensive research with hiring managers and with job applicants enables him to focus on actionable advice, rather than generic musings—although he is guilty of philosophising once in a while. But bear with that because the rewards are rich.

Best Post: 5 Interviewing Tips From Hiring Managers
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Heather Huhman


Gen Y Career Expert Heather Huhman’s advice is best suited to the new workforce, especially people in their first or second jobs. It’s not just about the hiring process as Huhman also deals with workplace issues, but her job hunting articles are thorough and full of great advice.

Best Post: 5 No-Fail Ways to Negotiate Your First Salary
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Marc Miller


While Huhman’s audience is young, Marc Miller literally wrote the book on job searches for older people: Repurpose Your Career: A Practical Guide For Baby Boomers. Miller’s advice could still apply to the new generation, but it’s best for those already entrenched in the workforce.

Best Post: Over Sixty and Out of Work — Options Please!
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Paul Freiberger


If someone describes himself as a professional resume writer and LinkedIn profile writer, you’d better follow them before you begin your job hunt. Freiberger hasn’t written many articles, but the advice is different from what you usually get—quality over quantity.

Best Post: Overcoming Shyness for Your Job Search to Soar
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Who Do You Follow For Advice?

Armed with this advice, you should be ready to deal with your job search in the Internet age How To Deal With Your Job Search In The Internet Age A job that might have been obscure is now a single Craigslist posting away from tens or hundreds of applications. To stand out you’ll need to refine your tactics – both old and new. Read More . So tell us, do you have any LinkedIn tricks to help in your hunt? Any favourite LinkedIn influencers whose posts you turn to for advice?

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    You should also mention instead of following on LinkedIn they could also be followed using RSS.

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    I have been out of work for six months. This has taught me to be proactive. In this culture, you need to always have a network for another job. This is just the way it is. Companies care about the bottom line. This is the income statement.

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