The 10 Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android in 2016

Joel Lee 01-09-2016

If you search for “alarm” on the Play Store, you’ll find hundreds of results. This tells me two things: 1) people are having a hard time waking up What Is a Blue Light Filter and Which App Works Best? These blue light filter apps for Android will help you get a better night's sleep, even when using your device at night. Read More and 2) people aren’t satisfied with the clock apps that came with their Android smartphones.


But even though there are many available alternatives, who has the time to go through and test them all? Nobody, that’s who — so allow us to save you some time and provide you with the best alarm clock apps we’ve found this year.

Some are free, others are paid, but they’re all great. Keep reading to see for yourself.

1. Alarmy


4.7 rating across 128,409 reviews.

Seeing as Alarmy is one of the highest-rated alarm clock apps in the entire Play Store, we consider it a must-try app. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, of course, but we’re confident that many of you will love it.

On top of a clean and minimal interface, its most notable feature is the “Photo Mode” alarm — you take a photo of a location of your choice, then when your alarm goes off you must take a photo of that location in order to shut it off. So simple yet effective.

Other silencing modes like “Shake Mode”, “Barcode Mode”, and “Math Mode” are available if you don’t like the photo-taking options.

Download: Alarmy (Free, Pro $2.49)

2. GO Clock


4.6 rating across 2,153 reviews.

If you’ve used Android for any period of time, you’ve inevitably run into a GO app at some point. The GO Team makes so many apps of all different kinds that it’s almost impossible to escape them — and the thing is, most of their apps are fantastic.

And such is the case with GO Clock. This app is both beautiful and functional, packed with features that most other alarm clock apps don’t have: a built-in calendar, health-based reminders, and a bedside clock display.

Download: Go Clock (Free)

3. Alarm Clock Xtreme


4.5 rating across 724,541 reviews.

I used this app for many months before moving onto something more lightweight. As it turned out, Alarm Clock Xtreme was a bit too advanced for me — not in the sense that it was hard to use, but rather I just never used the features that make it so great.

Notable features include a music alarm (either a chosen song or a random one), math problems to disable, a “quick nap” alarm, volume that gently gets louder, and a sleep tracker that analyzes your sleep behavior and quality. It’s truly one of the more unique alarm clock apps available Better Ways to Wake Up: Unique Alarm Clock Apps for Android Wake up! Isn't it great when someone shakes you up in the morning and makes absolutely sure you’re up? If you’re a serial snoozer like me, you know all about stretching your alarm from five... Read More .

Download: Alarm Clock Extreme (Free, Ad-free $1.99)

4. I Can’t Wake Up!


4.5 rating across 55,153 reviews.

This sleep-focused alarm clock is designed specifically for people who can’t seem to get up in the morning no matter what kinds of tricks they use. If you’re at wit’s end, this may be the app that finally solves your waking-up problem.

I Can’t Wake Up! features eight different Wake Up Tasks: math problems, a memory match game, a tile puzzle game, a sequence repeat game, a word pairing game, a barcode scan, typing randomized text, and device shaking. Some of them are really hard (and therefore really effective).

Download: I Can’t Wake Up! (Free, Ad-free $3)

5. Sleep Cycle


4.5 rating across 25,078 reviews.

This app was one of the first to popularize the concept of a mobile app that analyzes your sleep behavior. All you have to do is sleep with it next to you on the bed. Sleep behavior is tracked using your phone’s accelerometer.

Once it gets to know you, Sleep Cycle can know when you’re in the lightest phase of sleep and wake up you then, which minimizes grogginess and makes you feel well-rested and relaxed. You can set a custom wake window that Sleep Cycle will try to stay within.

Other features include sleep notes (to see how things like coffee affect your sleep) and in-depth graphs and statistics.

Download: Sleep Cycle ($0.99)

6. AMdroid


4.5 rating across 2,154 reviews.

I’m a huge fan of AMdroid‘s soft and pleasing interface design and even more impressed by how flexible its settings and options are. It has a number of helpful features like wake up challenges, customizable alarm profiles, and optional auto-disable of alarms on public holidays.

But I think the coolest feature is that you can make your alarms aware of your location — no more stray exercise alarms going off when you’re out at a party, for example. Another interesting feature is that it tracks how much time you spend snoozing.

Download: AMdroid (Free)

7. Timely


4.4 rating across 248,387 reviews.

A few years ago, we extolled Timely for being both slick and powerful. Not much has changed since then. It’s still beautiful, looks great even on tablets, is packed full of features, and now is completely free thanks to Google having bought it.

Admittedly, the aesthetics of Timely are somewhat polarizing. It looks like no other alarm clock app I’ve ever seen — which means some people will absolutely love it while others will be appalled.

Other than that, it has the core features that you’d expect in an alarm clock app, plus a few extra ones like wake up challenges, cloud synchronization across devices, and integration with Google Now.

Download: Timely (Free)

8. AlarmMon


4.4 rating across 148,258 reviews.

While AlarmMon is huge in South Korea, it hasn’t gained much traction here in the United States. Maybe its design is too “cutesy” for most of us, but if you can look past that, you’ll see that this app is a solid option.

It has six different alarm types, including one called Idol Band, which involves real voices from South Korean celebrities. Alarms can show the day’s weather forecast, and the app records alarm history to help track your wake-up habits.

Download: AlarmMon (Free)

9. Good Morning


4.4 rating across 5,875 reviews.

Good Morning promises to help you unlock the secret to waking up energized and refreshed, which is important for starting the day off right. Like Sleep Cycle, Good Morning tracks your sleep behavior and wakes you up when you’re in the lightest phase of sleep.

Another nice aspect is that it comes equipped with relaxation sounds and white noise, so using this app can help you fall asleep in addition to helping you wake up on time. It also has sleep goals, which are meant to improve your sleeping habits over time.

Download: Good Morning (Free)

10. Sleep as Android


4.3 rating across 216,671 reviews.

Even though its rating on the Play Store could be higher, Sleep as Android is arguably the most advanced alarm clock app currently available, making it a strong choice for power users and customization freaks.

Notable features include integration with wearable gear (e.g. smartwatches and fitness monitors), integration with Philips Hue smart bulbs The 7 Best Philips Hue Apps for Android and iPhone Looking for the best Philips Hue apps to use with your smart lights? Here are several great apps for iPhone and Android. Read More , integration with Spotify, stat tracking for deep sleep and sleep deficit, sleep talk recording, snoring detection, and even jet lag prevention.

The only real downside to Sleep as Android is its interface design. It looks fine in terms of aesthetics, but it can be confusing at times when you want to do something and you can’t find the right buttons or menu options to get it done.

Download: Sleep as Android (Free with in-app purchases)

Bonus: Winder


4.9 rating across 15 reviews.

With only 15 reviews on the Play Store, I didn’t feel like this app deserved a proper spot in the above listing. However, it has such a unique feature set and it shows so much promising potential that I felt it at least deserved an honorable mention.

Winder makes it so you never have to manually set any of your alarm clocks ever again. That’s the idea, anyway. You set your address, work days, calendars, commute times to work, locations for events, and more. Based on that, it automates your alarms for you.

It’s young and new, so I wouldn’t trust it 100% yet, but it’s worth experimenting with. This could, in fact, be the next big thing!

What’s Your Alarm Clock App?

If none of these suit your fancy, you have two other options: hilariously annoying alarm clock apps 3 of the Most Hilariously Annoying Alarm Clock Apps for Android Here are some of the wackiest alarm clock apps for Android. Maybe they'll annoy you, or maybe they'll help wake you up! Read More and alarm clock apps that force you to socialize The 5 Best Social Alarm Apps to Help You Get Out of Bed Have a hard time waking up in the morning? These social alarm clock apps can wake you up with a phone call, video, and more. Read More . Indeed, few things wake you up better than solving a puzzle or conversing with a complete stranger.

In any case, get rid of your default clock app and switch to one of the alternatives in this article. It won’t be long before you thank yourself for it.

Which alarm clock apps have proven the most useful and effective for you? Are there any other good ones that we missed? Let us know in a comment down below!

Image Credits: Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock

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  1. Jon B
    November 23, 2018 at 10:21 pm

    I use "Smart Alarm Clock - Automatic Weather Adjustments" for Android. It's the only clock app that adjusts itself based on the weather.

    I can avoid being late for work when I have to get snow off the car, when it's rainy/snowy and the commute to work will be longer, wake up earlier on nice days to get an early start or later on dark days to sleep in longer, automatically cancel my stargazing alarm when the sky is not clear, cancel a 3am alarm for fishing if 5mm+ of rain is forecast for the next 5 hours, etc..

    There are tons of uses I get out of this that no other clock app can do.

  2. HugeGeek
    November 22, 2018 at 12:38 pm

    For me best is Calculator alarm clock! It is much more better Calculator Alarm Clock.
    Calculator alarm has original design, original mechanics(super fast), and special melodies for awaking. I use it everyday!

  3. Thomas
    December 5, 2017 at 4:35 pm

    You miss an other original alarm clock "UP free alarm clock" and these many possibilities to wake up

  4. Jason
    October 2, 2017 at 7:56 pm

    Timely has been updated only once recently (a couple weeks ago), and then not since then for a couple years. I'm not convinced it's actively supported.

    It has a couple bugs- the widget doesn't update the time until you click on it. (So the widget will show the wrong time on the homescreen until you click it, regardless of how often you use the app. Also, it crashes constantly. Every time an alarm goes off. True, app reboots itself and does seem to always work, but it seems risky for something as important as an alarm.

  5. Mohit
    September 13, 2017 at 9:19 am

    Quotes Alarm ( ) is by far the best I have come across - it wakes me up with a motivational quote daily - another reason to wake up!

  6. Satyajith
    April 28, 2017 at 6:59 am

    I use VISUALARM on android. You can set text or image to be displayed first thing when you look at the screen in the morning which reminds you of something important or motivating to wake up to

  7. Phil N
    April 12, 2017 at 9:24 am

    I love Timely. I use it every day to wake up.

  8. Brad B
    February 19, 2017 at 2:41 am

    Just received my Samsung Galaxy 6 Mashmallow 6.1.0 cannot believe the hands free alarm has been removed, my Sg4 had it and was fantastic say snooze it did why do they do this, any app that does it uses Svoice for that you need wifi on all night, Why change something that's not broken?

  9. Cesar
    November 16, 2016 at 4:27 pm

    Not one alarm that alows for an interval different than 24hs. That would be useful, you can use the same app to wake you up, and to remind to take medicine (like programming an alarm every 8h, starting 7h a.m.).

    Today you have to install two apps or program several alarms.

    • skyrunr
      August 10, 2017 at 8:47 pm

      Calendar Snooze is what you want.

  10. Jason
    October 23, 2016 at 10:03 pm

    I have been using Sleep as Android for 3 years...never has failed me.

  11. Jason
    October 23, 2016 at 10:02 pm

    Been using Sleep as Android for 3 years...never has failed me.

  12. Yossi Levi
    October 23, 2016 at 4:02 pm

    My first choice is Motivation Alarm Clock.
    Waking up for a morning sport is easier with this alarm clock.
    Waking with motivational sentence to get me motivated.

    Best alarm ever.

  13. Nisanth
    September 1, 2016 at 7:32 pm

    There is this one app Life time alarm clock. I've not seen this in any of the top lists for alarm app. It has 4.4 stars from 8400 odd people and 100k downloads. This has got all the features of any alarm app Mathematical challenges for sleepy brains ringtone selection desk day/night clock, select days for alarm,, set different sets depending on your choice .. What I find unique is 3 features..

    1.flex snooze. This feature allows you to snooze the alarm as much as you want 2 min, 5,10 to 59 min by just rotating the dial when the alarm goes on. You can set the maximum limit to snooze. it can be anything up to 59 min. No need to snooze 3 times 10 min preset snoozes if you want to sleep 30 min more. Set 30 min snooze..

    2. Early and push back alarm : there will be days where you need to get up early or can sleep a little more.. This feature allows you to change the time early or late up to 59 min from regular time.. This will help you not setting up a new alarm or changing your regular time.

    3. skip next alarm: as name suggests just skip next days alarm... No need to change your regular things and don't need to turn on after the particular day.
    I had tried all the top apps before and was settled in timely before this app.after this I never changed the alarm app. I've changed 3 phones in last 3 yes but one of the first app to install in new phone is this one..

    Oh btw this is free troo there is IAP to buy ringtones or if you want a widget. But otherwise no limitation... hats off to the developers..