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10 Awesome & Inspiring Tumblrs To Perk Up Your Dashboard

Angela Randall 14-10-2011

inspiring tumblrTumblr is fast becoming one of the hottest communities on the web, having grown exponentially in the past year. But it’s not just for angsty teenagers. Although there are many of those, it’s also a great way to display blog posts visually and connect to like-minded people. Most of the best Tumblrs stick to their topic religiously, sticking to great photos, video and pithy quotes only so that audiences don’t get bored. Occasionally, a great Tumblr will also include longish essays in posts too, but that’s a less popular option.


Here are some great Tumblrs to get you thinking, laughing and loving life. If you’ve never tried Tumblr, it’s very easy to get set up. Check out our basic Tumblr guide How to Easily Create a Blog With Tumblr Are you looking for a simple and quick way to start a blog? You can't go wrong with Tumblr. Here are the simple steps. Read More and maybe a few advanced Tumblr tips Some Advanced Tips For Those Starting Out Building A Tumblr Blog Tumblr is taking the lead as the fastest growing microblogging site. If you're hopping onto the Tumblr bandwagon—I recommend you do—here are some additional—perhaps advanced—tips you might be interested in after having set up your... Read More to get yourself started. Then, come back and see some of the excellent Tumblrs you should follow to keep your dashboard interesting.

1. Awesome Stuff Women Did

Are you sick of being told about Marie Curie and want to find some other great women to look up to? Well, Awesome Stuff Women Did is a Tumblr dedicated to showing off some of the greatest women in history and the things they achieved. Perfect for girls of all ages.

inspiring tumblr

2. F*!# Yeah Travel Inspirations

If you’ve ever had a case of wanderlust, the F*!# Yeah Travel Inspiration Tumblr will be dangerous to you. It’s full of gorgeous scenery that will have you itching for more.

cool tumblrs

3. The Lisa Simpson Book Club

Book geeks worldwide secretly love Lisa Simpson and her natural passion for learning and reading. The Lisa Simpson Book Club Tumblr collects photos of Lisa reading books and is actually compiling a book list of her favourites.

cool tumblrs

4. Science is Beauty

If you love science and fantastic photography, the Science Is Beauty Tumblr is a must. It showcases simple, elegant photos of beauty in science. It’s something you’re bound to appreciate.

cool tumblrs

5. Hungover Owls

If you’ve ever woken up on a Saturday morning with that horrible hungover feeling, you’ll appreciate the Hungover Owl Tumblr. The owl expressions in the photos are perfectly fitting and bound to elicit a wry grin.

inspiring tumblr

6. All Things Europe

Here’s another dangerous one for the lovers of travel or photography (or both). All Things Europe features stunning photographs of European cities, beaches, festivals, buildings, countryside and more. It’s inspirational and beautiful.

inspiring tumblr

7. STFU Parents

STFU Parents is a Tumblr for people who want to laugh at parents who really should STFU. You know you’ve seen them on Facebook and Twitter – the parents who think you need to know all about their child’s life in incredibly gory details. And no, I don’t mean just an overload of cute photos: these are stinky, vomit-inducing status updates that could turn a generation off parenthood for good. Or it might just make you laugh and feel glad that it’s not you.

inspiring tumblr

8. Animal Blog

It’s a world of cute at the Animal Blog Tumblr. Domestic and wild animals feature in natural or odd poses, leaving readers both fascinated and squealing with delight.

10 Awesome & Inspiring Tumblrs To Perk Up Your Dashboard BestTumblrs Animal Blog

9. Historical Non-Fiction

Full of random snippets of historical facts, the Historical NonFiction Tumblr will get you thinking and learning about our weird and wonderful past.

10 Awesome & Inspiring Tumblrs To Perk Up Your Dashboard BestTumblrs Historical NonFiction

10. Delectable Food

Who honestly can overlook gorgeous food photos? Not me! The Delectable Food Tumblr is colourful and tasty!

inspiring tumblr

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