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10 Awesome Facebook Messenger Bots You Aren’t Using

Mihir Patkar 03-10-2016

The bots are taking over! A few months ago, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company would be introducing a new innovation in its popular Messenger app. They’re called bots Facebook Brings Bots to Messenger, HTC Launches the HTC 10... [Tech News Digest] Facebook wants you to message bots, an introduction to the HTC 10, Microsoft makes the Blue Screen of Death useful, Periscope lets you doodle on your live streams, and the Flyboard Air flies through the... Read More , and they are basically AI (artificial intelligence) assistants for specific tasks and services.


Like with anything on the world’s largest social network, developers really took to the idea and built some amazing bots. Back in July, we featured some of the best bots you should add to Messenger 8 Bots You Should Add to Your Facebook Messenger App Facebook Messenger has opened up to chat bots, allowing companies to deliver customer service, news and more directly to you via the app. Here are some of the best ones available. Read More , but there have been several more added since then. Here’s the best of the rest, so you don’t have to go hunting for them.

Remember, all you have to do to run a Messenger bot is start a conversation with it. You can either search for the bot’s name on or the mobile Messenger app (iOS, Android), or find the Facebook page (linked below) and send a message.

1. Poncho the Weathercat

Purpose — Weather forecast with a fun personality.

Facebook Messenger Bot -- Poncho the Weathercat

Poncho the Weathercat is my favorite Messenger bot right now. It’s actually just a simple weather forecast service. But it has the personality of a cat, complete with funny remarks and disinterest in most of your human activities. Much like Carrot, the snarky weather app CARROT is Your Snarky Personal Weather Robot for Mac & iPhone A sarcastic robot, with little regard for humanity, working as your personal weather forecaster? That's interesting. Read More , Poncho makes it fun to find out about the weather in your area.


You can ask it for the forecast tomorrow, what the pollen count is going to be like (a crucial stat for those with allergies), and much more. Poncho will reply with the information you want, and throw in a few funny GIFs or memes to add to the fun.

2. MemeGenerator Bot

Purpose — The fastest way to make and share a meme.

Facebook Messenger Bot -- MemeGenerator

Speaking of memes, they can be the perfect way to convey a message when you’re chatting on Messenger. They’re even more perfect to be snarky and sarcastic. We’ve shown you how to quickly create memes A Brief Overview of Internet Memes & How You Can Quickly Create Your Own Read More  before, but in the fast-paced world of internet chat, that might mean you miss the moment.


MemeGenerator Bot is the quickest way to create a meme. Type a popular meme or select from the list. Add the top text and the bottom text when prompted. And boom, your meme is ready! You can just forward that to other people now. It’s the simplest, quickest thing you can imagine.

3. NewsBytes

Purpose — Summary of important and latest news.

Facebook Messenger Bot -- NewsBytes

NewsBytes is one of the finest implementations of what a Facebook Messenger bot should be like. When you start chatting, it’ll ask if you want the latest news or a digest of today’s news. Select one to get a carousel of news.


Each news item has further options to read a quick summary or the full article. The summary is what you’ll use more often than not, since it’s a superb way to skim daily news 4 Superb Ways to Skim the Daily News When You Are Busy In these busy times, getting your daily dose of news is like being dosed by a firehose. Free online news summarizers help. These four newsletters are among the best curated by passionate news hunters. Read More . At no point do you leave the bot, all the headlines and the text are available right there in Messenger.

4. Alex WikiMessenger

Purpose — Quick-look Wikipedia entries.

Facebook Messenger Bot -- Alex WikiMessenger

This has happened to all of us. You’re in a group chat and one of your friends makes a reference that you’re unfamiliar with. So you open a new tab in Chrome, go to Wikipedia, and search for it. It’s a lot of steps when all you really need is a quick snippet more often than not.


The Alex WikiMessenger bot is the easier alternative. Just type anything and you’ll get a photo as well as a snippet of all the Wikipedia entries that match it. You can click any entry to read more, but often, just the 4–5 word description is good enough.

5. Lingio Quiz + Translate

Purpose — Translate sentences from Spanish to English.

Facebook Messenger Bot -- Lingio

When your friend springs a sentence in Spanish on you, Lingio is your best friend. It’s far faster than changing apps to cross the language divide with Google Translate 10 Uses Of Google Translate To Cross The Great Language Divide Language is such a cultural totem that its translation doesn’t cover all the corners. When we talk of machine translation, the name without surprises that comes to mind is of Google Translate. Perhaps, most of... Read More . Fire up a chat with Lingio, choose the Translate button when prompted, and copy-paste the sentence. You’ll get a translation within Facebook Messenger itself. Lingio works only with Spanish and English, and also offers a quiz if you want to brush up on either language.

6. HealthTap

Purpose — Quickly get medical information about common health issues.

Facebook Messenger Bot -- HealthTap

The internet is full of bad advice, especially when it comes to health and medicine. Don’t just Google something and follow the first advice you get. When it comes to your health, you need to find reliable medical advice online Where Can You Find Reliable Medical Advice Online? Read More .

HealthTap is one of the best options for this, since all the advice is contributed by real doctors. Ask it a question, and it will search its database to match it with the available advice. A couple of clicks will give you the answer you’re looking for. Remember, the more doctors that agree with an answer on HealthTap, the more reliable it is likely to be.

7. Unicorn Bay

Purpose — Look up stock markets around the world.

Facebook Messenger Bot -- Unicorn Bay

Want to find out how your investments are doing today? A quick message to Unicorn Bay is all you need. For example, type “apple” or “AAPL” and Unicorn Bay will tell you how Apple is trading today on the stock market. You can add your favorite companies to a watchlist, so that just typing “Watchlist” will bring up all of their recent information.

The bot tracks some of the most popular stock markets around the world, so you aren’t restricted to NYSE either. It’s a good tool for beginners in the stock market, just like these stock market games to teach you how to make money 5 Stock Market Games That'll Teach You How to Make Money Before you dive into the stock market with real money, you should get yourself acquainted by spending time on some simulators. Here are 5 of the best. Read More .

8. WTF Is That?

Purpose — Identify anything by its photo.

You just came across something mysterious and cool. Maybe it’s a colorful bug, maybe it’s a weird object, maybe it’s one of the countless astonishing items at Wal-mart. You want to know what it is—nay, you need to know. The WTF Is That bot will give you an answer.

Shoot a photo, send it to WTF Is That, and its computer vision algorithm will get to work. It works a surprising number of times, or at least comes close. It’s not flawless, as you might expect. But when it gets things right, it’s a “wow” moment. It’s better than asking questions online and hoping you get an answer How To Ask Questions Online & Actually Get Answers [Opinion] Do you want quality responses to your questions online? Ask quality questions. What are quality questions? They're friendly, relevant, to-the-point and provide enough information that the question can actually be answered. If you want quality... Read More .

9. Instalocate

Purpose — Check if your flight is on time.

I can’t imagine ever wanting to ask a bot to search flights for me. That would probably break one or all of the rules to finding cheap airline tickets 5 Rules to Finding Cheap Airline Flight Tickets Who says you can’t fly for cheap? Sometimes it comes down to whether or not you click the right links, search the right terms, or pick the right times to search the web. Read More . But a bot can be useful in travel nonetheless. For something as simple as looking up your booked flight’s information, it would be wonderful.

Instalocate tracks all planes across the world. So with one question, you can find out if your flight is on time, what time it’ll depart, or where in the world it is right now. That’s the kind of travel info that is actually helpful to get in a single line from a bot. And Instalocate does it flawlessly.

10. Whatson

Purpose — Play a quiz game with people around the world.

Facebook Messenger Bot -- Whatson

Whatson is a fun little game bot that you’ll find yourself getting addicted to. Don’t be surprised if you fire up Messenger in every five minute break and start playing this quiz game. Say “hi” and you’ll be ready to begin. Whatson asks a question, you select one of the three options.

The faster you answer, the more points you get. Incorrect answers get negative points. Streaks of correct answers get bonuses. It’s a blast, and you will soon find yourself competing with friends or strangers on the global leaderboard!

Did We Miss Any?

All of the bots featured here are, in our opinion, the best in their respective categories. In fact, we’d dare say that these are the best Messenger bots you can play with right now.

Do you think we missed any?

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  1. Jeff
    October 4, 2016 at 1:54 pm

    One I use, since I'm a student pilot, is FlightBot. You can interact with it for aviation weather and charts.