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10 Awesome And Creepy Halloween Treats You Can Find On Instagram

Mihir Patkar 31-10-2013

What do you need for a Halloween party? You need good music (we have some spooky stuff you can download for free) Spooky Halloween Music to Download for Free Have you crafted a soundtrack for Halloween yet? If not, then your search is over, as we have found some horrifying music guaranteed to creep you out this Halloween... Read More , you need a costume (we have you covered there with these DIY costume ideas) Prepare for Halloween With These DIY Superhero Costumes Halloween is approaching, so it's time to whip out your Superman cape, Catwoman whip, Wolverine claws or speak in a husky voice. Read More , and of course, you need great food.


Given how people love to show off their food creations on Instagram, we headed there to check out some of the awesome and creepy Halloween treats Instagrammers have come up with. You can make them too!

Tombstone cupcakes [No Longer Available]


These look so cool, and they’re actually really easy to make. You can bake a batch of any cupcakes and add some white frosting. The “dirt” is just a crumble of chocolate chip cookies. The “tombstone” is a chocolate cream-filled finger  sandwich cookie, with the year piped on with black decorating gel. Betty Crocker’s got a version of the full recipe.

by cpaige2008

Spooky pizzas [No Longer Available]



The spooky pizza is so simple, I’m a little disappointed I didn’t already think of it. All you need are thin and long slices of cheese to put over your pizza to make a mummy’s face, and add olives for the eyes. Voila! Mummy pizza! The spooky eyes pizza seems to use a combination of salami, pepperoni and olives to make the ‘eye’, but I can’t be sure of that. But hey, it should work anyway, right?

by angelaleegarcia

Banana ghosts, vampire apples, orange pumpkins


Who says Halloween has to be a diabetic’s nightmare? Banana ghosts are just bananas with chocolate chips stuck on them. For the vampire apples, you can use lots of materials to make the teeth, but white chocolate would be the yummiest option. Slivered almonds would work great too, and require much less work. As for the orange pumpkins, roll up a bit of celery or spinach leaves and stick them in there. Happy fruity Halloween!


by zombie_eats

Barfing pumpkin dip [No Longer Available]


Made some dip to go with those chips? Spruce up the decoration a bit with this easy tip. Grab a pumpkin (preferably a small one) and place it on the plate. Arrange the dip so it looks like the pumpkin has barfed it out. Try and put a little into the pumpkin’s mouth, if you can. It’s gross, but in a cool way.

by nancyg4y


Mummy cupcakes


Cupcakes? Check! White frosting? Check! Colourful candy? Check! Chocolate syrup? Check! What more do you need to make these cute mummy cupcakes? Not much!

by samykinsloves

>Creepy Oreo spiders [No Longer Available]



A little bit of licorice can transform an ordinary pack of Oreos into creepy crawly cookies. Break off the licorice (preferably black-coloured licorice) and stick them into the creamy centre of the cookie, making them appear like legs. Pipe some icing for eyes and you’re done!

by bebeloveokazu

Sausage fingers! [No Longer Available]


This is genius. I’ve seen “sausage fingers” before, but they have never looked as creepy without the brilliant addition of little pieces of onions as fingernails. And to really make it gruesome, don’t forget to add some ketchup. Oh, there will be blood!

by melnju_4

Skull cheeseball


Grab a huge pack of cream cheese or mozzarella and carve a skull out of it. It doesn’t need to be perfect, because you are going to cover most of it with prosciutto ham. Pop a couple of olives for spooky eyes and serve with crackers. The knife going through the skull is both fun and useful, so go for it!

by alwilson89

Witch hat cupcakes


The witch hat cupcakes or muffins are really easy to make because all you need to do is make a batch of regular cupcakes or muffins and invert a waffle cone as a hat! Some greet frosting wouldn’t hurt either. Here’s the full recipe.

by justneededideas

Pumpkin veggie platter


This could be a fantastic last-minute, easy platter you can pull off for your party. Carrots, celery, broccoli and dip, arranged to make it look like a pumpkin. Ingenious!

by kirstenmarieomg

Special Mention: Lee Samantha

We came across this on The Kitchn. Lee Samantha’s Halloween creations are nothing short of spectacular. No wonder she has over 300,000 followers. Check these out…




Got any tricks of your own?

It’s fairly simple to figure out how to make some of these, but if you need more, we do know a few brilliant and creepy Halloween recipes 10 Brilliant But Creepy Halloween Recipes To Spook Out Your Friends Halloween may not be for everyone, but it’s certainly a holiday where most people have fun and why shouldn’t you? If you’re not so keen on the idea of wearing funky costumes, how about trying... Read More .

But enough from us. Which of these treats caught your fancy? Do you know how to make any others want to share? That’s what the comments section is for, folks!

Photo Credit: Oleg

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  1. Kannon Y
    October 31, 2013 at 7:09 pm

    Super awesome find Mihir! I particularly like the vomiting pumpkin. Would not eat though. :-D

    • Mihir Patkar
      October 31, 2013 at 7:11 pm

      Haha, thanks man! Come on, it's not that gross either.

      My personal fav is the sausage fingers. The "onion-nails" are a master touch.

    • Mihir Patkar
      October 31, 2013 at 7:11 pm

      Ugh, I just saw the barfing pumpkin again. I take back my last comment :D