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10+ of the Best Amateur Viral Videos on YouTube

Nancy Messieh 03-10-2010

The best viral videos of 2010 are filled with great ads, music videos, stop motion videos, each with a dedicated production budget, a professional film crew and all the ingredients needed to become one of the most popular videos on YouTube. Those videos are not on this list. Instead, we’re taking a look at some of the best of what 2010 has had to offer (so far) in amateur viral videos.

Whether they were filmed with a phone, a hand-held camera, or even a security camera in some cases; these videos have received millions of hits, provoked controversy, made us laugh, and even some have made us think.

McNuggets Rampage

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day isn’t it? Maybe that’s the justification she tried to use after this woman was caught on a security camera at McDonalds, losing the plot when she was told that they don’t serve McNuggets on the breakfast menu.

Antoine Dodson

I admit, the news film crew had a production budget, but Antoine Dodson is the star of this video and, his natural, unedited reaction definitely deserves a place on this list. In fact, the musical remix of his interview on WAFF received a whopping 25 million views on YouTube. If you don’t want to sit through the entire news story, videos have been posted that cut straight to Antoine’s fabulous monologue.

Wisdom Teeth Wake Up

There have been several videos of this kind – the kind filled with hilarious hallucinations after getting their wisdom teeth pulled. And this year’s star definitely got the most attention. After the video was posted on YouTube, she appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show talking about rapping, unicorn flying, and much more.

Dancing Baby Doing the Samba

It wouldn’t be a viral video list without a few babies here and there. This Brazilian dancing baby got millions of views, shaking that little diaper to the samba rhythm. In fact, several versions of the video were posted on YouTube, dubbed to Shakira’s Waka Waka, amongst other sounds collectively earning over 9 million views.

Miss Philippines wins Miss Universe

You may not have heard but Miss Philippines was crowned Miss Universe this year. This video of a group of guys watching the pageant at the exact moment the announcement is made really speaks for itself.

Old Lady Gets Down

Walmart is the last place you expect to see a little old lady busting a move – but that’s exactly what happens in this video. From Etta James to Lady Gaga – there’s something in here for everyone.

iPhone 4 vs. HTC Evo

Apparently, the guy who made this video was a Best Buy employee at the time, and his job actually hung in the balance when they found out that he made this video. Best Buy finally decided not to fire him, but he chose not to go back to his job. The video, comparing the iPhone to the HTC Evo became an overnight sensation, igniting yet even more Apple versus HTC wars all over the net.

Teenage Dream

Within one month, the simple combination of lip syncing, Katy Perry and some wacky facial expressions can earn a kid 7 million views. You might not get it – but you can’t argue with the numbers.

Proposal in Madison Square Park

Something wedding related was bound to make it onto the list. With wedding bloopers, disasters, and awesome choreographed wedding entrances all already in the viral hall of fame, for this list, we decided to go with something slightly different. Instead of the wedding itself, this choreographed wedding proposal has received over 2 million views. (If you want a less shaky-take on the proposal, try this video instead.

Swedish Dancing Cop

Most viral videos that involve cops are anything but amusing. This Swedish cop shows us that he has a sense of humour, and doesn’t mind using it to entertain a crowd.

Leaving the Zoo

Honourable mention has to go to a video of four year old Geoffrey complaining about his less than satisfactory experience at the zoo. The video has over 300,000 views, and deserves a lot more.

What are your favourite viral videos of 2010 so far? Let us know in the comments.

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