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Our verdict of the CrowPi 2:
Simply the best STEAM learning package we've seen yet. It's packed full of electronics sensors that are easy to start programming with in Scratch or Python. Jump on this one quick before the price goes up at retail (though even then, it'll be great value).

Onyx Boox Nova2 Ereader Giveaway

Onyx Boox Nova2 eReader Giveaway
Our verdict of the Onyx Boox Nova2 Ereader:
If you're familiar with Android, the Onyx Boox Nova2 is flat-out the best 7.8" Android ereader of 2020.

Nebra AnyBeam Giveaway

Nebra AnyBeam Projector Giveaway
Our verdict of the Nebra AnyBeam:
Laser technology makes this the best Pico projector you'll find. With no built-in features, it does one job and does it well. But consider if you really need a pico projector, or just want a budget home projector, as you're paying for the portability and convenience.