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MakeUseOf Giveaways

Everything we review, we give away to our valued and loyal readers. You'll find our latest giveaways below.

Our verdict of the AmpliFi Teleport HD:
The Teleport will be a lifesaver if you're frequently on the move and want to take your home Wi-Fi with you. Hopefully the options to power the device will be more versatile in newer revisions.

HP DF1050TW Digital Photo Frame Giveaway

HP DF1050TW Photo Frame Giveaway
Our verdict of the HP DF1050TW Digital Photo Frame:
If you're looking for a way to revive your digital photos, you could do worse than the HP DF1050TW. Despite an unfinished feel to the software, the Photo Drop feature alone makes this frame worthwhile.

DJI Tello Giveaway

DJI Tello Giveaway
Our verdict of the DJI Tello:
Tello is quite possible the cutest drone we've ever flown. There's no reason not to buy it, what are you waiting for?

iLife V8s Robot Vacuum Giveaway

iLife V8s Robot Cleaner Giveaway
Our verdict of the iLife V8s Robot Vacuum:
For hard floors, it's the best budget robot cleaner we've tried yet, with a large dust box and smarter navigation. There are better models for carpets though, and the utility of the mopping feature will depend on your circumstances.