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Maxoak Bluetti EB150 Giveaway

Maxoak Bluetti 1500Wh Solar Generator
Our verdict of the Maxoak Bluetti EB150:
An affordable all-round great performing backup battery that stores an epic amount of energy. Combine with a solar panel or two (cable included) for complete electrical resiliency.

Divoom Pixoo Backpack Giveaway

Divoom Pixoo Backpack Giveaway
Our verdict of the Divoom Pixoo Backpack:
The perfect portable pixel art display is also a spacious and well designed splash-proof backpack. You'll need to provide your own battery pack, but we suspect you've got one in the drawer anyway.

Creative Super X-Fi AIR Giveaway

Creative Super X-Fi AIR Headphones Giveaway
Our verdict of the Creative Super X-Fi AIR:
Get the Creative Super X-Fi AIR if you need a new pair of headphones to use at home or in the office and crave the spatial audio experience. Reconsider if you want to heavily use them on-the-go, need noise-cancellation, or value a long battery life.