Why won’t my HTPC’s HDMI output show up on my LG television?

Fred Goodwin January 6, 2015
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Problems with NUC HTPC

I have a DC3217IYE NUC kit running as an HTPC. I have had it plugged into my TV for about a year, and it works pretty well, sound could be louder but other than that no real problems.

I had to buy a new Home Theater all in one and went with an LG model (BH7540TW) with BluRay and 2 HDMI in options – I liked this option as it meant I could put the old TV remote in the drawer, and (hopefully) the sound would stay uniform-ish when switching between HDMI sources.

Satellite TV is working perfectly going into the first HDMI in slot (and 2nd as a way of testing), but when I plugged the NUC into the second slot (and first to test) all I get is sound no picture. I have tried four different cords, even the one that worked for the satellite (two are definitely 1.4) but with the same result.

The kicker is now I can’t get any picture out of the NUC on any display (3 tried). But on a cheap TV I do see the boot screen and can get into BIOS (Clarifying – I get nothing on the other TVs). Again I have tried all my HDMI cables for this as well.

I managed to get it back up and running by doing a fresh install (which I also used as an excuse to upgrade to 8.1), I made sure all the drivers and software was up to date through intel, Microsoft and SlimDrivers. Then plugged it into the BluRay for the same result. No picture on two displays, with Boot screen and Bios viewable on the cheap TV.

So I guess I have three questions:
1 – What is happening?
2 – How can I stop it happening?
3 – How do I get my screen showing again with having to do a fresh install?

Thanks in advance

  1. Jan F.
    January 6, 2015 at 3:08 pm

    My guess would be that it's an issue with the resolution and/or refresh rate.

    When connected to the Home Theater your HTPC might not detect an actual monitor, get the proper EDID or DisplayID and default to something the Home Theater or the TV doesn't know how to or simply can't handle.

    Definitely make sure that your HTPC is set to 60 Hz refresh rate (flat) before connecting it to your Home Theater. Any deviation from that will most likely result in no image.

    • Fred Goodwin
      January 9, 2015 at 4:12 am

      Thanks Jan
      That has made progress of sorts.
      I managed to get the display up (had to use 50Hz (BRay had two options 50 and 24) might be an Oz/Pal thing). Was working with a second TV (Kogan) while plugged into the BRay. A few lingering problems:

      - While both plugged in sound pumps through the Kogan.
      - When I unplug the Kogan, Video disappears through the BRay, but sound is then going through the BRay.
      - Through the control panel the Identify Display option (where it puts a 1 or 2 up) is wrong. The photo I took with my phone (link below I hope) is of the Kogan Screen, which is Screen 2 on the drop down menu, but is being identified as 1.


      It is very close (I think) but I scrapped the bottom of the barrel for my knowledge a couple of days back.

      Where/what next?

    • Fred Goodwin
      January 11, 2015 at 10:39 pm

      More Info - An Intel NUC support forum suggested to do an USB boot with Ubuntu 14.1.

      So I set it up, booted to Ubuntu 14.10 had the BluRay connected at the same time as the Kogan. BluRay wasn't showing initially, but clicked something on the display settings and they both popped up - side note Ubuntu detected the BluRay as LG 32".

      I disconnected the Kogan, and the display stayed up on the BluRay output. I cued up a Youtube Video, but there was no sound. Clicked the sound settings link in the top menu bar, and screen immediately went blank but sound started.

      Rebooting couldn't get the display to show on the BluRay output.

  2. ha14
    January 6, 2015 at 9:29 am

    well can be compatibility problem,, driver problem, HDMI problem (1.2; 1.4). You can try this solution from this link: adaptor, a mini HDMI (male) to HDMI (female) connected to NUC then using a HDMI1.2 cable.

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