Why won’t my computer let me change folder names after installing Google Drive?

Katya S March 1, 2014
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I’ve always had one user account for my laptop — I think “administrator” or “owner” Don’t know if there’s a difference. So I never had a problem naming folders, moving things, etc. because I didn’t need permissions granted to make changes like you do when you have a bunch of people on a network. Then I installed Google Drive. Around the same time I also started using Windows “Libraries”. Ever since I’ve been saving files under the “Libraries” path. And ever since both of these changes I have had problems changing folder names. I also get messages that I need to be an Administrator when I try to do different things, which I never got before — i.e. download new programs, upgrades to hardware & software at times, etc. Could these problems be caused by either the Google Drive install or when I started working with the “Libraries” feature — which I shouldn’t have done because I don’t even know how files in “Libraries” differ from any other files?

I appreciate any help.

Thank you.


  1. Hovsep A
    March 1, 2014 at 8:15 pm

    Google Drives should not cause this problem, i doubt that using Library will prevent from hardware upgrades...
    maybe malware prevent you from normal use of windows.

    Libraries collect folders that are stored in different locations on your hard drives so that you can browse them in one place. Benefit of using libraries is that they are automatically indexed by Windows, so when performing searches results are returned very fast.

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