What wireless speakers will work with my home theater system?

Jeff January 10, 2015
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I listen to some of my music through a cable channel on TV. I want to add wireless speakers so I can listen to it on a 3 season room. Let’s say the speakers would be about 20-25 feet away at the farthest point.

I also listen to Pandora through the TV. My setup is this:

  • 37″ Panasonic HDTV;
  • Panasonic wireless Blu-Ray disc player;
  • Bose Cine Mate 2 Speakers;

I would like to use headphones at times. My main concern is actually listening to music or the TV when everyone else is sleeping or always having to be in the same room as the TV just so I don’t turn the volume sky high.

My Bose speakers are plugged into the digital optical slot and there’s is no headphone jack to use. I do have a set of the wireless headphones from RCA (about 10 years old) but they need an earphone jack.

  1. Kannon Y
    January 10, 2015 at 8:44 pm

    Hi Jeff, I assume you are asking what the best method of connecting wireless speakers to your Panasonic devices is.

    Regarding the specifications, it sounds as if you are looking for wireless speakers for the TV itself, which ALSO include a 3.5" jack for accepting headphones.

    From what I can tell, you are a Panasonic guy, so let's keep this simple: Go with a Panasonic SH-FX71, which supposedly includes a "speaker jack" -- which I would guess is 3.5", which should work with a headphone.


    The problem is that you might need to manually change the audio output from the Bose speakers to the jack on the TV.

    I hope someone can find a better solution as I do not regularly use wireless speakers.