Why can Windows not search for new updates and how can I find out what is taking up space on my hard drive?

vijay March 25, 2010
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I have a Toshiba and Lenovo laptop with Windows Home Premium Vista installed. Need help with the following issues. Any help is truly appreciated.

1. On both laptops the message is displayed. This is going on for more than 7 months. Error message started around August 09:
Code 80070424 Windows Update encountered an unknown error. Windows could not search for new updates.

2. For both these laptops they did not send me the recovery disc in case the operating system crashes. Spoke to customer service of both companies, they do not want to help.

3. Lenovo laptop Windows Media Player crashed. Still have warranty till May 2010. Customer service said software is not part of warranty

4. On Lenovo laptop the hard drive is 320gb, do not have too many programs installed, the space it shows is 188 gb.
On Toshiba the hard drive is 250gb, do not have too many programs installed, the space it shows is 98gb.

My computer knowledge is basic. I want to thank in advance to who ever helps me with this matter.

  1. Aibek
    March 27, 2010 at 12:51 pm

    To figure our where did you hard drive space go, check out following tools. Any of them should make it possible for you.

    - Visualize your Hard Drive Usage with WinDirStat
    - Recover Hard Drive Space with TreeSize [Windows]
    - See What Is Using Your Hard Drive’s Space (Windows)

  2. Anonymous
    March 25, 2010 at 3:33 pm

    As for the error message check this out:

    Click Start, select run, type: regsvr32 wuaueng.dll

    if that doesn't do the trick:-

    Verify that BITS is correctly configured and started:

    1. Click Start, click Run, type services.msc, and then click OK.
    2. Double-click Background Intelligent Transfer Service.
    3. In the Startup type box, click Manual, and then click Apply.
    4. Click the Log On tab, and then verify that the service is enabled in every hardware
    profile that is listed. If the service is disabled in one or more hardware profiles, click
    the hardware profile, click Enable, and then click Apply.
    5. Click the General tab, and then click Start.

    If that's all okay, then perhaps:-

    1. Click Start.
    2. Choose Run.
    3. In the Run box, type (pressing okay after the command) :-
    Regsvr32 QMGR.DLL

    As for the space issue do a windows search for * include hidden and system files then sort by file size and that is where your space went. you can also use windirstat.

  3. Steve Campbell
    March 25, 2010 at 3:02 pm


    A lot of times with laptops, you don't get a backup disc because they have the backup stored on a small partition of your hard drive. Check your hard drive to see if you have a secondary partition to backup from.

    Judging by the problems you're having, it probably would be a good idea to reformat and reinstall Windows to set it back to factory settings. You can find out how to do this online.

    Just look up how to reinstall windows for your computer models and you should be fine. I would call again and make sure they send you recovery discs. There's no reason they shouldn't be able to do that so maybe you just need to be up front with them a little bit :)