What can I do if my Windows computer won’t boot?

tracy November 18, 2011

I turn on my computer, it sounds like it’s going to boot up, lights go on, but nothing happens. My screen stays black with a blinking cursor in the upper left corner. When I control-alt-del it takes me to the Acer screen for a second and gives me the option to do F2.

    November 18, 2011 at 10:57 pm

    Hello, start your computer and choose F2 when given the choice.  Once in safemode turn your computer off normally.  Restart computer and see if problem is still there.  Check your cd/dvd drive for any media, if there is any media, remove it and restart.  Also make sure that there is no usb devices connected.  Maybe your bootup is set to start from cd/dvd and there is a disk in drive.  The disk is not bootable/recognized...that is way it is not starting.
    The same thing applies for usb devices.  Disconnect any usb device and start computer.  Best way to make sure your computer starts from hard drive, instead of cd/dvd, usb is to go into BIOS, and in the bootup option set your harddrive as first bootup entry.  Save the new settings and restart.

    Has there been any new software or hardware installed recently?  If after trying the above instructions, the problem is still there, startup in safemode and uninstall any new software.  If any hardware was installed, remove it and restart.  It cann be reinstall later once startup problem is solved.  If nothing else works, you could do a system repair...like I said, this should be the last option.