Why does Windows 7 require 1024 MB temporary file storage space to boot from DVD?

Harsimran singh November 1, 2010
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I am presently using Windows XP, but I want to use Windows 7.

I try to boot Windows 7 DVD, but it stops loading in the middle. After this I try a new idea. I change the TEMPORARY Files setting. Instead of giving arround 600 MB , I give 1000 MB space for temporary files, and boot the DVD again. In this attempt, the DVD boots till the end, but before the end of loading it stops.

After 10 minutes, I try to assign 1024 MB space for temporary files, which is the maximum limit of temporary files, and again boot the DVD  Now this time I get success in installing Windows 7.

I want to know why my first two attempts did not work and why the last attempt worked . I want to get some reasonable answer/knowledge about this. Thanks.

  1. Anonymous
    November 1, 2010 at 10:10 pm

    Every setup will create temp files so if there is no enough space then will fail. If you do a clean first instal of windows on an empty drive then windows will do the requirements but if there is already another windows then the new one will have to work with it.

    Are you doing an upgrade or a clean instal? because windows 7 will have to create a file called windows.old, and for other reasons to work then will need a temp space so if your system provide less then will not function.
    something similar like this

    something Microsoft could look at - deleting all the files in the temp directory it uses and changing the space to the required one before it starts