Why does Windows 7 hang at different steps during the boot process?

Sloan Thrasher January 14, 2011
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Every time I turn my computer on, it seems to hang either during the starting screen, just after signing in, and in a few cases, after the desktop is displayed, but not all services are started. I’m running Windows 7, 64-bit, on a Gateway computer with an Intel i5 processor.

  1. Anonymous
    January 15, 2011 at 10:03 am


    You have installed a new hardware, but not correctly or the hardware is faulty.
    A Windows driver or Windows is corrupted or outdated. This can occur because of a virus.
    Computer power supply is limited or faulty.
    Windows registry or registry hive is corrupted.
    BIOS or a motherboard chipset drive is conflicting with Windows component(s).
    One or more hardware components (including motherboard) are failing
    Hard drive is corrupt or failing

    Check your administrator logs under Event Viewer.There may be a service called Wlan auto-configure, when it is running it's checking every 60 seconds for a better wireless connection.

    Can be some memory issues.

    check for BiOS Updates or Flash it.

    Also uninstal your video card driver and instal a new one.

    boot to safe mode w/ command prompt (or autofix and choose command prompt)

    ran a "chkdsk /r" to find/repair any errors.
    Reboot. Windows updates will continue to install and configure.

    als a sfc /scannow
    go tu run type cmd and lauch with admin privilege the type sfc / scannow

    First go to control panel--system and security-Action center--Troubleshooting--system and security--power and then click next and then apply the fix in the 1st option it will show power plan set to high performance then close the trobleshooter. Now just make sure that your power plan set to High prformance. For that again go to control panel--system and security and if it is in balance set it to high performance due to administritive
    right it might not set to high performance for the first time.

    finally hope your pc is not infected with malware, you can boot to safe mode and scan with clamwin. Last resources will be to repair windows or to reinstal.

  2. Mike
    January 15, 2011 at 2:53 am

    Delays during the startup screen usually indicate either a reconfiguration duo to system updates, hardware changes or something driver related.
    Delays after logging in or when the Desktop is displayed are mostly related to Autostart and Services.

    At the very first you should disable/deactivate any AntiVirus software you are running and see if this improves your startup.

    After that enable the boot log:
    - click on Start > Run and enter "msconfig"
    - in the new System Configuration window click on the tab "Start" (http://bit.ly/gogASF)
    - select the box for "Boot log"

    On your next boot/restart Windows will log all driver activities during boot.
    The file is located at "%SYSTEMROOT%ntbtlog.txt" (mostly C:WINDOWSntbtlog.txt)
    Any line that says "Did not load driver" may indicate a problem or cause of delay.
    Post them here and maybe we can help you solving those.
    Don't be too worried about them now, some of those lines are quite normal.

    The next thing you should do is ~again in the System Configuration (msconfig)
    - click on the "Startup" tab (http://bit.ly/gtet6u)
    - deselect all startup items

    In addition to that go to Start > All Programs > Autostart and move all objects
    in there to a temporary directory (e.g. a folder on your Desktop)

    Now it's time to restart your Windows and see if anything has changed (for better or worse). Most likely some of your tray icons are missing and certain third party Software won't work as expected duo to background agents that are not started now.

    Please report back and update us on the issue.

    If deactivating the Startup and Autostart items helped you might as well start reactivating them (one by one or in batches, at best starting with things hardware related like nvidia, ATI or Intel related stuff).

  3. Hiwaarco
    January 15, 2011 at 12:55 am

    That is typical for windows7 as it depends of the amont of memory you have