Will a hard reset on my Android phone allow me to update the system?

Richard W January 17, 2014
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If I do a hard reset on my phone, will I be able get my system updated to a new version? My current system version is Android 4.0.3.

Please advise. Also, once I root the phone, what is the next step to restore the condition of the Phone. How can I install a custom ROM for my phone, etc?


  1. Dalsan M
    January 17, 2014 at 11:35 pm

    A hard reset most likely would not change anything about whether your phone would be able to receive updates or not. It is up to the manufacturer to have the updates, and if the phone can connect to the manufacturer's update servers. Major manufactures have made great strides to try to keep updates on a better schedule than in the past, but may be up to a few versions behind Google's most recent releases. Chinese and other low budget, lesser known brands may not see updates as often, if at all. The latter is especially true on much older devices.

    It is easier to find custom ROMs for popular phones and devices than it would be for low end, lesser used ones. Developers of custom ROMs do not always go for the most popular or high end phones; some developers want to have a bigger or different challenge than the average updates on popular phones. That said, you may have a difficult time finding a custom ROM for your device.

    There are many rooting methods, it just depends on the device, Android version, if it had a locked boot loader, and other security measures that may be implemented. There really isn't a one-size fits all method, and unless you know how to hack Android for rooting a device, it may be very difficult to root, especially without bricking your device.

    A custom recovery may be needed to install custom ROMs, especially if you want a safe method of flashing and a way to perform a NAND backup. Funding a proper custom recovery may be as difficult, if not more so on lesser known devices.

  2. Hovsep A
    January 17, 2014 at 2:18 pm

    Hard reset restore your phone to the factory settings, just like you purchased the phone, if you have important files then do backup first. If updates are available for the android phone then you will be prompted to do so. I think there is no universal custom ROM that works for every phone, you have to do some research and get the expertise from those who owned the same phone like yours and their success story, if you use a wrong custom ROM you will get troubles and perhaps your phone will not boot, before anything see if you can get the ROM image of your phone as backup in order to be able to flash it you the original ROM.