Why will my Windows 8 Mail app not start?

Anonymous September 19, 2013

My Windows 8 Mail app will not start. Tried to open for a few seconds then drop back. It won’t even get to the first base.

  1. Hovsep A
    September 19, 2013 at 6:32 pm

    1) it can be your antivirus apparently kaspersky 2013 can do this problem either uninstall or find Applications Activity -> Chose ALL from drop down menu -> Find the html/htm file -> Right click and change it to trusted.
    or avast either uninstall or disable Avast's shields
    2) it can be that User account control (UAC) is ON, disable it. or make it default
    •Click on Control Panel
    •Scroll down and click on “More Settings
    •Click on “User Accounts and Family Safety”
    •Click on User Accounts
    •Click on “Turn On or Off User Account Control“
    •set the settings to “Default”
    3) Third party applications can do this like Object Dock so uninstall third party applications untill to find the cause.
    4) Run Windows update and apply updates

    How To Set Up & Troubleshoot The Mail App In Windows 8

    run the Application troubleshooter