Why does Word slow down and stop working after printing a document on my Canon printer?

Holley J August 11, 2013
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I have a Canon printer which is great and an HP laptop which is great. I have been using them together for over a year. No problems. All of the sudden one day I was in Word which was working perfectly fine and printed a document. After that my cursor just continuously rolls and rolls in Word. I am able to get to my documents but typing and loading become nearly painstaking. If I print something, then I have to put the Office suite disc in the computer and “repair” it, then close everything down and restart my computer. After that, word goes right back to normal. I don’t get it. I have uninstalled Office suite and re-installed it but that didn’t help either. I am at a loss.

I have to have a word processing, Excel and PowerPoint type software as I am an online student. I have downloaded several freewares but none of them offer me the tools I need to write formal papers (not that I can find anyway). Please help with either the issue with Word or a substitute that allows me to plot graphs, generate APA format, include bibliography, etc. All the things one needs as a student.

Lastly, this problem only occurs in Word. PowerPoint and Excel are fine. I am at my wit’s end and a loss of where to go from here. I cannot afford to purchase the software again on my budget. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

  1. Susendeep D
    August 11, 2013 at 10:07 am

    Try reinstalling the printer driver as you have tried repairing your Office installation.You can visit your printer's site and enter the model number to find the latest driver which might had solved all bugs.

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