Why does my DVD player’s internet connection drop intermittently while watching Netflix?

Diana April 22, 2015
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My TV wireless connectivity abruptly stops. My laptops and pads still work wirelessly but not the TV. I have Netflix through my DVD player hooked to my TV. I will be watching Netflix and it just stops… It tells me the Ethernet connection is disconnected and it was never ever plugged in? I will go to reset and it tells me to manual or auto. It never finds it on auto so I will put it in manually and it will say – this will change all your previous settings are you sure you want to proceed? And the settings are exactly the same each time! It happens since December. Sometimes one a week sometimes more or less. Inconsistent.

I have reset the modem, reconfigured all the wireless stuff, unplugged and re-plugged TV and DVD player, yet I still get the message: “You have lost connectivity to the internet.”

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  1. ha14
    April 22, 2015 at 7:36 pm

    maybe you need to update firmware of the dvd player

  2. Bruce E
    April 22, 2015 at 3:31 pm

    So, from your description, it isn't the TV that loses its connectivity, but the DVD player. And without the make/model of the TV, DVD player, and router, I'm just gonna have to spitball here.

    I am assuming that "It never finds it on auto" to mean that your DVD player doesn't get assigned an IP address via DHCP. If this is the case, that begs the questions what IP address are you manually assigning? and is DHCP also assigning it to another device? Two devices with the same address is bad news and will cause unexpected behavior on the network.

    Make sure that the router's DHCP address pool does not use the entire address space and make the DVD player's address one of those outside of the DHCP pool. For example, set the DHCP address pool for the router to which would leave addresses for manual addressing when needed. In a home environment, this type of setup should not cause problems (unless you are allowing more than 200 devices to automatically connect to your network and allow long lease times or device-specific assignments).

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