Why does my computer freeze or shut down while ripping DVDs?

Matthew Ledbetter December 29, 2012
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OK, so I have an older AMD Phenom 9955BE. I’m running 4GB of Patriot DDR2800 RAM, and a WD Green 500GB HDD. I’ve been working recently rip the DVDs my 5yo got for xmas to MKV, so we can use the HTPC to watch them (as opposed to searching for often scratched discs). I’m using FairUse Wizard 2 to rip them.

I got through the first DVD of the He-man collection, and halfway through the second DVD, the 6th episode will hard freeze windows. I have to shut down holding the power button, and once had to go so far as switching off the PSU for a reboot. A few times, the system would full on shut down.

The process of ripping keeps all 4 cores pinged at about 95+% usage, with a decent bit of RAM used as well. after the first issue, I defragmented the temp partition I’m using to store the files for ripping (using Auslogic Disk Defrag), and ran the typical windows error-check on the partition as well. after one of the error cycles, i went into the system check in windows at bootup, and there was a RAM test i ran using the full battery of tests. all came back fine.

The conclusion I have come to is that my CPU is working fine for basic tasks, but isn’t up for the process of high usage and it is freezing up only on this processor taxing work. I can rip BluRay just fine, as it doesn’t use as much processor power (I’m using staxrip for that). If there is a better avenue or some way I can verify my CPU is working or not, I’d like to know, before spending 75-150 bucks on a new CPU.

Any other information you may need I’ll provide. thanks!

  1. ha14
    December 30, 2012 at 9:14 am

    perhaps to use another software that uses less cpu power try winxdvd ripper, Auto Gordian Knot,

    Handbrake Tutorial - Convert DVD/Video with Handbrake on Windows PC.

    you can get better quality if you have a better graphic card with CUDA enabled.

  2. Réy Aétar
    December 30, 2012 at 8:27 am

    might be a problem with your sata cables or sata controllers on your mb just check system error log for more details